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Advance Review - Transference #1 (Black Mask Studios)

Publisher: Black Mask Studios
Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Ron Salas
Release Date: 24th June, 2015 523 more words


Advance Review - Surface Tension #1 (Titan Comics)

Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer/Artist: Jay Gunn
Release Date: 27th May, 2015

 The first thing that strikes you about Surface Tension, the brand new post-apocalyptic-series-with-a-twist from creator Jay Gunn, is just how… 550 more words


Review - A Town Called Dragon TP (Legendary/Turnaround)

Publisher: Legendary
Writer: Judd Winick
Artist: Geoff Shaw
Colourist: Jamie Grant
Release Date: 23rd April, 2015 575 more words


Review - Space Riders #2 (of 4) (Black Mask)

Publisher: Black Mask
Writer(s): Fabien Rangel Jr.
Artist: Alexis Ziritt
Release Date: 13th May, 2015 321 more words


Moi, un Noir

★★★★ 4/4

“Life is sacks” says young Nigerien immigrant Oumarou Ganda in Jean Rouch’s most controversial scene from his 1958 ethnofiction film Moi, un noir. Oumarou — who under his pseudonym Edward G. 323 more words



★★★½ 3.5/4

The subject of winning and losing big has been a mainstay in American cinema since at least the 1920s. But I imagine even the most jaded viewer, after taking note of the direction Nebraska seemed to be headed toward, would have let its elderly, barely sane protagonist, Woody (a terrific Bruce Dern, worthy of the Best Actor award at Cannes), get what he wanted with the help of a miracle. 530 more words