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October 24th 2016

Lizard. Snake. Reptile.

I am a very dry girl. I love my body, don’t get me wrong. I have all of my limbs and they work, my face is proportionate. 122 more words

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Mix it up Monday: 10 Steps for Phrasing a Song

This blog typically discusses the technical aspects of singing, however the artistic side of performance is just as important. It is not unusual for a student who is struggling with technical issues to have a major breakthrough by focusing on telling the story behind the lyrics. 918 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Phrase Weighting

In conversational speech we emphasize specific words to help add clarity to what we are saying. For instance let’s use the phrase “I like green peppers.” This could be used in multiple situations. 390 more words

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October 16th 2016

Today, I cried over cabbage.

Yes, I mean the green leafy orb.

No, it didn’t break up with me or call me ugly.

I was bottling up all this stress over the course of a month and because I quit band… 281 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Using Primal Sound to Find the Belt Voice

Oren L. Brown taught at Juilliard for nineteen years and is considered to be one of the pioneers of voice therapy. The first chapter of his book… 522 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Finding “twang”

“Twang” is a term that can stir up heated conversation in some circles. There are those who say it is a made-up term, others say it belongs only in country music. 430 more words

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September 28th 2016

Ich bin sehr gestresst.

I tell my German teacher.

How easy it was to balance school, work, and band in theory. In practice? I have not been as successful.

220 more words
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