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Mix it up Monday: A few thoughts from Cornelius Reid on designing vocal exercises

In chapter 7 of “The Free voice: A guide to natural singing,” Cornelius Reid discusses his views on vocal exercises. Reid says that all exercises must be “constructed with four main purposes in mind: 1) to reestablish basic functional principles, 2) to reduce complex problems to simpler and more manageable components, 3) to correct errors of technique, and 4) to exercise the voice” (Reid, p.127). 1,090 more words

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Which comes first? The Title or The Post

I always struggle with what to write first. If I write the title first, I then have trouble writing the post. If I write the post first, I can’t come up with a good title. 83 more words


In-Depth Bible Study

Someone raised a question about doing in-depth Bible study in a forum I frequent occasionally. I liked this answer in particular….

Bootstrap wrote:A few thoughts on method. 668 more words

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The Flash - A Thought for Thanksgiving

It was a sweet ride. A 1981 fifth generation Pontiac Lemans, the last year for the old storied name that first appeared in 1962. It became a popular model with NASCAR and won the Daytona 500 and Pocono 500 in 1983. 858 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Empowering students to find their own musical theatre rep

Finding repertoire is one of the biggest challenges for voice teachers who train musical theatre performers. In the classical world, teachers are often expected to be the ones who find repertoire for the student. 884 more words

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Are You Communicating?


How long should it take you to make three points to an audience that is more or less acquainted with your subject matter? Three minutes? 1,181 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Thinking about body type and age when teaching breath management

In Your Voice: An Inside View, Dr. Scott McCoy identifies three types of inhalation patterns: clavicular, thoracic, and abdominal. In a clavicular breath, the singer elevates the upper chest by lifting the shoulders and clavicles. 1,447 more words

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