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Pitchers: Don't turn a 'Like' into No Love

As the Twitter pitching season goes into high gear, I felt it might be a good time to share some hard lessons from my own experience. 529 more words

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Defeating Enemy[Trump]: PsychoSpiritual Poetry

“..love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..Easy to say. 593 more words

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Mix it up Monday: Teaching flow phonation with a straw and a water bottle

Straw phonation is all the rage right now in the vocal pedagogy world. Today I want to talk about a variation that I like to use to improve flow phonation. 415 more words

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Nietzsche and Buddhism

Nihilism? Decadence? Will to power? Superman? True World? Eternal Recurrence? Nietzsche was a complex guy. Read this to learn more about how his ideas stood in comparison to those commonly put forward by Buddhist traditions. 1,687 more words


February 17th 2017

My worst fear is my little brother harming himself.

If only he’d listen, I’d tell him:

His friends aren’t friends – they’re jerks. He needs to be a kinder person, the kind little kid he used to be when he was in diapers. 264 more words

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Overcoming Fashion Doubt

One day last week I woke up and looked at emails on my phone. (Nothing like doing things like this in the morning to totally distract me and make me get to work later than intended.) Anyway, there was an ad from one of the shoe stores, and on it they were talking about Valentine’s Day, and how you… 652 more words


A bit behind...

So I’ve neglected this for a bit. It was a bit of a fear of mine…  I’d try so hard to get it going, then just forget about it, or run out of time, or something. 114 more words

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