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On dogs and books

Getting purebred dogs from a breeder is a lot like buying a book in hardcover. You pretty much know what you’re getting, and you are buying it because you love the genre (breed) or the author (lines of the breeding/breeder) and therefore are willing to invest in the money with the hopes that it turns out as awesomely as you hope it to be, and intend to keep it for a long, long time. 519 more words


Ancient Buddhist Sensual Love Song

There is a love song in the Sakkapanha Sutta! I’ve noticed that this piece is missing from the translation of the Sakkapanha Sutta at accesstoinsight.org. (There are actually a few pieces missing.) Bummer. 1,583 more words

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Levels of Understanding

First, I’m going to share a poem. Then, I’m going to share chapter 5 of the Lotus Sutra. 2,312 more words


Update to Date

I finally bit the bullet and moved my domain to WordPress. Here I can put my blog and my website together and not need to maintain two separate sites. 256 more words

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Welcome to my NEW Blog

I am in the process of consolidating my blog and my website. I’ve imported all my Blogger posts so that you can find them here. 17 more words

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Me , myself & I ... all over again . 

It wasn’t easy . It still isn’t . But I’m doing it , and There’s nothing that’s gonna stop me now .

Within less then a months time I’ve managed to change my attitude about Every . 545 more words

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More about Ananda's Intoxication.

I’ve been exploring DN 10. “To Subha”. A Brahmin named Subha wants to see Ananda. Buddha just died. Ananda is old. There is a passage that seems to imply that Ananda was taking some sort of intoxicant. 423 more words