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Food Trucks Missing From Boston As Told By Local Foodies

Food trucks are what the cool kids in Boston are eating from these days. With the warm weather upon us, our attention turns to the box-shaped vehicles parked along the streets with a side of curbside seating. 669 more words

Boston Food Scene

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Time for some links that I forgot to share!

While I was in Calgary in April, I preached at GraceLife Church in Calgary.  The pastor… 222 more words

Misc Thoughts

DJ Sets Are Stupid

I haven’t been in the electronic music scene long enough to really know if this is a new thing or not, but in the last year or so I’ve seen a pretty big uptick in the concept of the “DJ set.” You know, where an artist gets on a computer and plays you whatever songs they feel like playing you. 477 more words

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The Screen Door 

Sitting on the back porch this morning drinking my big girl morning juice (coffee), I look at this screen door and think of way back when… 392 more words

Misc Thoughts


I’m such an observer. Today, while at Dollywood I got to see a lot of things. I feel so blessed!
I saw a leader– a brother giving another brother some good advice …he asked his other sibling if he wanted to be the bigger guy or always be the one arguing with their sister. 135 more words

Misc Thoughts

Mysteryland: A PLUR Story

The concept of PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect – in the electronic music/rave community is a concept woven throughout the culture and that sums up a general philosophy of how to behave and treat other people. 504 more words

Misc. Thoughts

I Hate You State Farm

You Kept Me Up All Night Laughing!


State Farm and Laughing?    Huh??  

Normally insurance companies might make you cry but laugh?  Never mind keeping me up all night chuckling. 314 more words