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I don't care about your views.

A poem
spoken in the early morning forest
to all of humanity. 151 more words


Mix it up Monday: Mapping the Lips

I frequently encounter students who have no control over their lips. These are students that are otherwise able to respond to what I ask of them. 464 more words

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The Loneliness of the Last

The Loneliness of the Last

Always exposed, never sharing the comfort
of between, you see only the departed

diminishing with each second’s passage, blurring,
shrinking, and finally blinking out, all points… 90 more words


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What lies ahead is not yours to embrace. A dark silo appears, behind it, the sun's ablaze. I close my eyes, then squint to let the rays be my light, leave behind a shadow to be caressed by the luminous stardust. *** Artist Statement: The last line in the original poem by robert okagi left me with a wrenching ache. Ah, that pain, that loneliness, that helplessness—I blindly dove into the desolate pool, until I opened my eyes and saw the waves shimmering in maya. If an inspiration from a train could illicit this much attachment, then what of the relationships with our loved ones! This chain of thought led me to think about the nature of attachment, of clinging and grasping. What lies ahead? What exactly am I holding onto? We can't see the silhouette, or anything, without light; therefore, what we're seeing is like a shadow, a trick played by Light. The object of our attachment is nothing but a show of illusion—Reality is not what appears to the eyes. What lies ahead—illusion—is not to be embraced, for, when the curtain veils, Cosmos takes it with her.

Mix it up Monday: A three step approach for strengthening head-mix in females

It is very common for women to struggle with excessive airiness on their journey towards finding a solid head-mix. There is no silver bullet for this issue and it is important to note that age can have a significant impact on the development of this part of the voice. 432 more words

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Instructions to Anathapindika

Reading the Anathapindikovada Sutta for you. I have also seen this Sutta called, ‘Teachings to be Given to the Sick.” 32 more words


Did You Place That Eclipse Order?

People talk about the eclipse.

The excitement is in the air. Expectations are floating in the atmosphere.

Some want to see it because it’s a not-so-common phenomenon. 100 more words

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The End Times

The news is not looking so good lately.

Earthquake. Hurricanes. Fires. North Korea stuff. Nazis. 1,148 more words

Misc. Thoughts