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Rarest vinyl - Johanna Martzy playing Chamber Music

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“Rarest Johanna Martzy playing Chamber Music with Jorgen Schmidt-Voigt on German Pallas ST700 Original Stereo Label. Early made in Germany real “Stereo” pressing made by Palass. ”


Out On My Own

I forgot to mention that the vet told me to give Loke a few days of rest from going out with the trike. Just slow walks of moderate length. 6,525 more words

Day Rides

A Bakelite plug

Most folks wouldn’t think of an electric plug as being interesting but this archaeological find certainly pleases me.

This might look ordinary enough except that its past ‘in the soil’ life means that mud is spilling out of it. 146 more words


Face book diet... :)

I’ve cut back to twice a day and I find it refreshing. I find that I don’t miss spending time on Face book.

Although, it still hasn’t helped me get more things done around here, it has knocked down my stress levels a bit. 17 more words


Body Glide: The Perfect Cure For "Chub Rub."

As somebody who is a bit more on the “chubbier side,” I’ve run into the inevitable. As I walk through aisles at work, my thighs will  begin to rub against each other, while subjected to the wrath of the fabric of my leggings working their painful magic; as I grit down on my teeth to the burning sensation known as “chub rub.” 1,052 more words


Changing the Interface

Hi all,

I just got into WordAds, so you will probably see me making lots of changes to the interface. Until I get content with it, you will likely see that the site looks different every time. 53 more words


Electric Pole

Captured one electric pole and thought to make it different.

This one is Original scene.

Quiet Ambience