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colorful bergisel

At the start of my vacation and roundtrip in Tyrol & Bavaria, I visited the Bergisel ski jumping hill and stadium in Innsbruck, Austria.

In the mostly empty stadium the colorful patterns immediately appealed to me and I enjoyed trying out various angles and compositions with only one available focal length. 30 more words


IT Job Profiles With Increasing Demand in the Market

India is developing rapidly and if the reports of the IMF are to be believed, the increasing rate of economic development of India will surpass China’s in a couple of years. 874 more words


The Lag

My copy of Putting Music in its Place box set doubles as a “catch-all” for all my Lagwagon schwag. Well, to be honest, the only element NOT from the 519 releases of the colored, 10x vinyl box set that IS “personally” original is the printed ticket from the only Lagwagon show I’ve ever witnessed (January 17, 2015 at The Fonda here in LA). 25 more words



It’s grown to six poems completed, and another dozen or so in progress. It snuck up on me. And I am sneaking up on it.


Fertility indicators in men rapidly falling and is not slowing down

We review the research from Hebrew University issuing an alarming warning in regard to male fertility factors over the past 40 years, and the decline is not slowing down. 15 more words


Tiny Mixtape for a Raincloud, and a Drop in Temperature

At 4 p.m. today, an AmerenUE bill slipped into my mailbox. I opened it, and what happened? I frowned. I might’ve cried a little. It’s been… 99 more words