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fractilx - [S06E17 SPOILERS] | Jazz Fusion

It’s kinda minor spoilers, but spoilers nonetheless. Get the song after the break. 36 more words

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Catholic Crusader KO's Muslim Insulter

A Catholic movement dedicated to reconquering secular France for Christ.

Published by Walid Shoebat

It was first reported the man is as Muslim. Some sources have said the man was an alcoholic. 356 more words


Sassy Dames Coloring Book

Warning! This a shameless plug post for the artist who created the art for A Psycho Babbles. I have received so many compliments on my header that I just had to promote her art here. 173 more words

A Gift and a Curse: A Look at the New Deathwatch


Good morning everyone!

Today’s post is a little different than most, because Games Workshop’s most recent release is a little different from most. It’s sort of a “State of the Union” address about my Inquisition army. 1,249 more words

First time experience with Analogue Photography

I was shooting in DSLR and mobile phone for quiet a long time, I started with D40 and some years ago moved to D7100. Photography is my hobby and I am not a pro. 899 more words