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Walmart Told a Customer It Wouldn’t Make Him a Confederate Cake But Accepted His Request for an ISIS One

A Louisiana man was unable to buy a cake with a confederate flag on it from his local Walmart, but had no trouble getting a cake decorated with an ISIS flag instead, according to ABC News. 149 more words

Watermelon & Black Salt Sorbet

About this dish

As the temperature is heating up here in the north-west, a nice cold sorbet is a perfect way to cool down. Watermelon sorbet is one of my favorites and I usually add a slight twist of black salt to it to add a simple counterpoint to the natural sweetness of the Watermelon. 231 more words


The Bakcheion Fundraiser

I know there are a few fundraisers going to get members of the polytheist community to the Many Gods West conference. It’s so awesome that we can all contribute to these and somehow be part of the conference even if it’s impossible for ourselves to get there. 83 more words


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Getting the word out there. I am all for intense devotional opportunities and experience that honor the gods...and any fundraiser designed to further this goal is wonderful. So I encourage my readers to donate what few dollars you can spare and get the word at this fundraiser is winding down for a great Bakcheion celebration at Many Gods West.

Cycling through obsessions like a broken washing machine


Yesterday Forrest and I took the train downtown. ’twas fun.

Life’s good. It’s really nice being home. And I’m glad I was able to finally open up about last year and how it, in retrospect, had been…a whole ‘lotta going through-a-whole-‘lotta. 348 more words


RIP Larry Rose

The Mayor and the Town Manager waved as their next victim approached.

True story (which I cannot contain in 150 words, as MFtS prompt requests, but I want to share anyway): … 612 more words

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