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Retrieving Grid Logs

As M3 has evolved it has become more complex. There are more components to monitor and though the grid has improved and provides easy ways to look at the logs there are a lot of logs to look at and a lot of information to digest. 1,403 more words

M3 / MoveX

You like Castlevania, don't you? Part IV

Symphony of the Night is not just hands-down the greatest Castlevania game of all time, but I also consider it one of the top 5 greatest video games of all time. 1,149 more words

Video Games

Existential Crisis In Campus Martius

Today I went to an organized gathering called “Have an Existential Crisis in Campus Martius.” Though it seemed like a silly Facebook event, I wanted to have a communal crisis, dammit! 231 more words


[P@D] 4everfreebrony - Silhouette (feat. Black Gryph0n) | Pop Rock

Did someone say big collab time? Even though my tastes primarily lie in electronic and alt rock, this kind of guitar-based pop stuff is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. 68 more words

Solo Post

Computer Science

Science 22 Sep 1967:Vol. 157, Issue 3795, pp. 1373-1374

Allen Newell

Alan J. Perlis

Herbert A. Simon

“Professors of computer science are often asked: “Is there such a thing as computer science, and if there is, what is it?” The questions have a simple answer: 605 more words


The News

Last night, I reached the … Hang on, would this be a spoiler? Thinking about it … no. Because if you’re reading my stuff and  266 more words