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“When you mix police work and science, they don’t always speak the same language,"

Nothing but the facts in this one. Other than to remind you all that the Feds want to monitor their own forensic science commission. 

“In fact, the auditing agencies designated to watch the lab in the past missed the warning signs for almost a decade. 48 more words

Forensic Science

Forensics: Why criminal courts allow use of experts where civil courts would exclude

Two experienced legal commentators take a comparative look at expert witness presenting science in both civil and criminal proceedings. No surprise they pick on the bitemarkers. 175 more words

Forensic Science

Episode 109: The Confessions Of Thomas Quick

Sture Ragnar Bergwell, more commonly known as Thomas Quick, gained the reputation of being one of the most prolific serial killers to haunt Sweden and its surrounding countries. 44 more words


Jeff Sessions' DoJ Will Not Investigate IRS Suppression of Tea Party Groups - Breitbart

Another example of the gross abuse of justice and double standards in America – Mongoose

Republicans slammed the Friday announcement by President Donald Trump’s justice department that it will not investigate the official who allegedly oversaw the IRS’ secret sabotage of Americans’ civic groups before the 2012 election. 663 more words

Double Standard

Despite false convictions - Alford appeals used to preserve DA conviction stats

Would you choose: 1) immediate freedom as a murderer, or 2) call the DA’s bluff, refuse the deal, and pray for DNA? In this one, the DNA was already on the table when the DA threatened a retrial. 24 more words

Forensic Science

Speaking of Error in Forensic Science - adversarial system quashes honesty

Very short but profound talk about the differences between real science and ‘police-forensic science.” From a NIST meeting on Forensic Error. Lynn Garcia from the Texas Forensic Commission sums up the organic differences: … 43 more words

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