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See how long it takes to shutdown junk "science." A century in some cases.

The Washington Post’s ongoing series about forensic experts’ decades of conniving within the state of Mississippi’s death investigation industry should be considered for a collective Pulitzer Prize. 347 more words

The dregs of forensic "science" living and doing well in Mississippi : Mirrors Donald Trump insults.

I can’t add much to this, other than I’ve seen this guy at work for 23 years. Somehow, in 2012, he couldn’t remember my name isn’t Mike “Collins.” He did get it right this May in a Columbus, Mississippi courtroom. 128 more words

Bitemark cases have become prime exoneration target as DNA cases nearly exhausted @CA_Innocence

As the article states, post conviction DNA availability (numbers) have declined significantly. There are hundreds of “historic” bitemark aided convictions since 1975 which are potentially a rich resource of evidence necessary to overturned those decisions. 144 more words

Forensics: What recanting bitemark experts tell us.

I haven’t been the only veteran bitemark expert to have debunked the rationale of matching bruises to human front teeth. There are a few others (not the guy in the pic holding the water bottle). 554 more words

Here we go again. New appeal case. Waukegan. Dead baby. "Missed evidence." Kathleen Zellner

Another example how weak physical evidence relating to COD, the baby’s prior medical history, the DA and Def atty’s fumblings, a courthouse with cops’ history of witness coercion with wrongful convictions, and a “new statement” from the DA’s pathologist, brings a new look to a post conviction hearing demanding a reversal. 57 more words

Forensic Science

Linda Carty - a victim of US justice

If you haven’t already heard of the case of Linda Carty, the British/ American Grandmother currently sitting on Texas’s Death Row, you should have.  Since her conviction for murder in 2002, Linda has been on Death Row – after a series of errors resulted in her being denied adequate legal representation.   545 more words

True Crime Documentaries

If you are a fan of true crime documentaries, here are some good ones I recently watched: 

You have most likely heard of this one – I remember watching when originally aired on HBO in the 90s. 228 more words
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