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Just Read About A Grave Miscarriage Of Justice Yesterday

I read yesterday through Facebook in The Independent about a man that got his probation revoked just for being suspected of a crime. Even after he was found not guilty of the crime the revocation of his probation was upheld because the judge didn’t like the verdict. 723 more words


Crime labber 'scientist' hides DNA specimens for years - Other news too

This new case indicates a total failure of in-house management regarding what comes into and out of their police owned crime lab.

Abject proof that criminal… 136 more words

Forensic Science

When defendants have to do their own evidence collection: in the police lab.

All of this is going on within an ASCLD certified police crime lab.  In Louisiana,of course.

The Innocence Project and the Baton Rouge District Attorney battle over how far the Innocence Project can go to locate evidence that may exonerate a man.  108 more words

Junk Forensic Science

It is not enough to show that the officer made a mistake, acted negligently, acted by accident or mistake, or even exercised bad judgment.

The rarified federal rules that protect police involved in shooting citizens. Negligence or possible use-of-force alternatives to killing are not controlling. Lying helps some. Prosecutorial misconduct runs rampant. 55 more words

Forensic Science

Why miscarriages of justice matter

Why miscarriages of justice when there are so many things going wrong in the world? Why trust somebody who is convicted of a crime and has to spend years or decades in prison? 657 more words