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Crime lab scandals reach the UK - Two labbers arrested - 484 cases questioned

Police to review 484 cases after criminal probe launched at private forensics laboratory

This affects police work involving toxicology in the UK. The years since demobilization of the government owned Forensic Science Service have not been nice. 99 more words

Forensic Science

Emmett Till: A Tragedy in Race Relations in America

February is Black History Month, so it is appropriate for us to visit a grim episode in American race relations.

On August 19, 1955 Emmett Till went to Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market with a group of friends. 326 more words

#AAFS2017 Man Wrongfully Convicted Trashes Bitemarkers at Nat'l Convention

Keith Harward ‘lashes out” at bitemark dentists who mis-identified him from a bruise pattern on a rape and victim. He does this at the biggest forensic meeting held this year in New Orleans. 109 more words

American Academy Of Forensic Science

Awesome list of recent NY Times articles about forensic science and police #AAFS2017

All of this is newsworthy and bridges forensic science, enforcement and criminal justice. Includes multiple pages of archives.

Topics on page one:

Brave New World of Prosecutor Misconduct - Bitemarks and Melissa Mourges - #AAFS2017

In a show of force, collegial prosecutors combine efforts to influence judges to accept half-truths and fraud from the forensic ‘world’ of bitemark matching. Nothing says it better than this new article from the Washington Post. 74 more words

American Academy Of Forensic Science

A Monopoly Game of Rules: prosecutors, defense attorneys, forensic experts #AAFS2017

More Rules for those interested in how Ethics responsibilities appear in the US legal compendium. All the players are included.

Here (at the bottom) is the abstract of a future presentation by Mississippi Innocent Project’s founder and director, Tucker Carrington III (above), at the… 423 more words

Ishtiaq Ahmed - the 'bedsit murder'

Looking for work, five friends travelled down from Newcastle to Reading: Clive Scott, Mark Randle, Stephen Muir, Martin Hogg, and David Pickering. They found a house that had been converted to bedsits and each took a room. 2,171 more words