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1991 – The convictions of the Maguire Seven are quashed.

The Court of Appeal overturns the sentences on the Maguire Seven. In 2005, Prime Minister Tony Blair apologised unreservedly for what happened. “I am very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and such an injustice. 444 more words


The sometimes nasty world of forensic experts in the US

Here are 3 blogs created by David Averiil from Bitemarks.org which are about how some people will admit that justice eventually must be recognized, even after their fighting at-all-costs-to-win or maintain a conviction. 159 more words

Wrongful Convictions

Read why sanctions for prosecutorial misconduct are a sham | The Veritas Report

In continuing the theme of the US judicial system “healing itself,” this 19 page summary report (published in 2010 by the NorCal Innocence Project; funded by the Veritas Initiative ) on the 1997 to 2009 history of California’s feeble (actually its worse than that) recognition that prosecutorial injustice even exists, let alone deserving of punishment. 130 more words

Wrongful Convictions

Forensics: Prosecutor and crime lab workers not immune to civil rights suit: 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Nothing much more to say, than, OMG. Everyone expects this to get moved upstream to the US Supremes. They have said “nay nay” to these lawsuits since the… 175 more words

Criminal Justice

A California District Attorney Gets the Judicial Hammer for Misconduct

There are calls for DOJ to investigate this event. It’s a big scandal.

Here is a snippet about the Orange Co Prosecutor’s trail of bad faith actions in the court system. 97 more words

Criminal Justice

See the protectors of public safety who use the death penalty as a deterrent to crime.

These are not the only ones. Some seem to revel in it. Remember, prosecutors have absolute immunity for making mistakes or committing crimes within the court system. 104 more words

Making use of their personal experiences of multiple injustices, Exonerees now come to court as lawyers

From the ABA Journal magazine


Wrongly imprisoned, these men spent many years behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Plenty of convicted felons claim to be innocent; too many of them actually are. 352 more words

Criminal Justice