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Read PCAST's forensic response to outpouring of resistance by prosecutors and labs

Newly published, it is clear that PCAST on forensic ‘science’ is taking a serious stance to much of the mis-information presented by the host of it’s deniers in the US criminal justice system. 161 more words

Narrative on forensics NAS/PCAST vs the world of law enforcement

This look hits most of the highs and lows of contentious statements from law enforcement after the President’s Council took on their established police forensic turf. 202 more words

Forensic Science

Once again its kitty litter that's putting citizens in jail

So-called field ‘testing’ of suspicious substances by police runs afoul of their false positives.

As Loretta Lynch said, “all is well in criminal justice” right? 44 more words

Forensic Science

The Playlist #003: Rillington Place

Framed by the police for a serial killer’s crimes, Timothy Evans was one of the last men in Britain to be hanged. Although authorities now accept that he did not carry out those crimes, they still refuse to quash his conviction. 1,452 more words


The occasionally bizarre world of forensics in 2016 - Its a parallel universe

  1. Since bitemarks don’t work, let’s use them for exonerations. Some prosecutors are just beyond funny. This NDAA president’s recent illogical support saying bitemarks in criminal investigations and court are capable of determining whether a person is NOT guilty of violent crime is shockingly stupid.
  2. 119 more words
Wrongful Convictions

Prosecutors started to look at Austin PD DNA analyst 6 years ago

Its better late than never, I guess. Good example on how DA CIUs (conviction integrity units) get a bad rap. This Cleveland DA says some of them are just ‘news releases.’ 78 more words

Wrongful Convictions

The Guildford Four files

Unfortunately the Government has refused to release more than 700 files relating to the Guildford Four case, BBC news has reported on the 5th of December. 420 more words