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See the protectors of public safety who use the death penalty as a deterrent to crime.

These are not the only ones. Some seem to revel in it. Remember, prosecutors have absolute immunity for making mistakes or committing crimes within the court system. 104 more words

Making use of their personal experiences of multiple injustices, Exonerees now come to court as lawyers

From the ABA Journal magazine


Wrongly imprisoned, these men spent many years behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Plenty of convicted felons claim to be innocent; too many of them actually are. 352 more words

Criminal Justice

Forensic Fallacies: pattern matching 'science' experts sounding convincing but hide a long history of faking what they say

This article is about how forensic experts who sound convincing to juries shape their images as ‘scientific’ by misinformation and resorting to desperate measures to mislead the US judicial system. 109 more words

Wrongful Convictions

A Watcher at the Royal Courts of Justice

September 2003

12 years ago while researching RUTH ELLIS MY SISTER’S SECRET LIFE I accompanied Muriel Jakubait, Ruth Ellis’s sister, to the Royal Courts of Justice for the Appeal being brought by her legal team – they hoped to get Ruth’s 1955 murder verdict reduced to manslaughter. 492 more words

Lies, More Lies and Desmond Cussen's Taxi

Why didn’t the police check everything Desmond Cussen said in his statement?

Why didn’t Ruth Ellis’s solicitor check everything Cussen said in his statement?

Why didn’t the defence counsel (Stevenson and co) check everything Cussen said in court? 704 more words

Forensic evidence offers only probabilities, not guarantees that justice will be served

The Conversation Paul Roberts 2 April 2015

Scientific evidence and expert witness testimony are integral to criminal trials worldwide. Yet while we live in a scientific age of increasingly specialised expert knowledge, a growing reliance on forensic evidence is a double-edged sword. 29 more words

Forensic Pathology

The Dreyfus affair from a different angle

I’ve enjoyed several of Robert Harris‘ historical thrillers and An Officer and a Spy was no exception. His stories take place over a wide range of space, time and subject: this one is… 275 more words