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Dirty Prosecutorial Tricks revealed in multiple cases : But aren't they immune according to Connick??

Leaking prosecutors seem to be getting some attention from the FEDS. But they ultimately get slapped on the pinky finger. As in prosecutor Mike Nifong in the Duke rape railroad case getting one day in jail. 33 more words

Criminal Justice

PRADE: Ohio defendant gets a 2d evidentiary hearing regarding DNA from coat sleeve over a bitemark

Douglas Prade was previously considered for release in 2013,  “….. based on advanced DNA testing that excluded Prade from crucial crime-scene evidence — a bite mark under a lab coat worn by Dr. 177 more words

Special Report (Wrongful Convictions): Time to shine a light on the innocent

From the Irish Examiner:

Anne Driscoll, Innocence Project

I know a man named Angel who spent 21 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. 835 more words

Western Europe

Forensics: Another case of a "recaptured" bitemark showing "unique" features matching one man in the world.

This comes in three parts:

Part One

This is the long range photo of a bitemark determined so by two ABFO bitemark dentists Michael Sobel and Tom David. 606 more words