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Singing the same old song...

Well not an actual song…. depression and anxiety is what I’m actually referring to. I have dealt with depression and anxiety since my early teens. If you have depression or anxiety or know anyone that does you know how debilitating it can be sometimes. 622 more words

Marked by Miscarriage.

I am Marked by miscarriage. Sadly, I am not alone with this mark. So many women and families share this mark. This mark causes grief… 883 more words



Last time I wrote, I did so with the conviction that I needed to speak in the very midst of the worst pain. I wanted to publicly choose Jesus before time had dulled the sharp edges of grief or granted me perspective, and so I did. 2,185 more words

I have exciting plans!

A couple of months ago I decided I was going to try and launch my own business. The keyword here is ‘try’. Business isn’t always straight forward and there are ups, downs and obstacles that can get in the way. 331 more words


The Wait

Hi Ladies!!!

Hope your Friday is going well! It’s pretty much raining cats and dogs over here which is bringing on a strong urge to lay down and nap! 274 more words


It's pretty lonely over here

Miscarriage, the secret club no one wants to be in and no one wants to openly admit to being in until someone else brave enough raises their hand to show they’re in the shit club too. 763 more words

Mourning and Miscarriages.

I had this fun post about the new season and the new year that some cultures celebrate… but then tragedy struck our family.

We had our 20 week prenatal appointment, not much was thought to happen, we’d go and hear the heartbeat, talk about the dreaded glucose test and I waited to chat with her before I called in my 19 week ultrasound. 1,101 more words

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