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Let's talk about hard things!

It is going to take me a minute to get to my point so hang in there, there’s gonna be period talk first but not like gross-gross period talk. 1,215 more words

Miscarriage, the reality.

Miscarriage. It’s something that you hear of but never think will happen to you, but, life goes unexpectedly sometimes and you just never expect it to happen. 1,161 more words

18 june 2019

i am still trying to grasp how i could possibly grieve someone i didn’t know about. maybe it’s just the hormones, still elevated and unstable from the months my body was tricked into thinking you were still alive inside me. 387 more words

Rainbows are beautiful, in the sky

I get it, rainbows are the beauty after the storm. The healthy baby after the loss of another. But respectfully, it’s not for me.

I’m not at all trying to disrespect those who use the term or find comfort in it. 967 more words


Into the eye

And there she went.

Into the eye of another storm. She stumbled , she fell , she crawled and she was swept away like the lightest feather. 399 more words


The guilt of life going back to ‘normal’

Things seem to be going back to normal and it makes me feel sad, I’m starting uni this September which was my original plan before getting pregnant. 581 more words


Introduction to my blog

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog!

I’m currently in the middle of putting my first blog up covering the things I’ve talked about below. I’ll be covering women’s health specifically at first… 247 more words