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The Truth about Trying Tuesday: Multiple Miscarriages

“Experiencing a miscarriage is a tremendous shock. Infertility is defined as 2 or more consecutive miscarriages. The joyful feelings resulting from a positive pregnancy test give way to feelings of disappointment and sadness. 215 more words

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The Thursday Thinker: Multiple Miscarriages

It is advised to see an infertility specialst if you have had 2 or more miscarriages. Do you think women should be tested routinely after one miscarriage to prevent the heartache of a second one?



Remembering James

Today is my son’s birthday.  James.  He would have been 11 this year.  He was born 19 weeks premature, and died during the delivery.  You would think that after 11 years you “get over it” but the sadness is still there.  240 more words

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Miracle Monday: "Hannah's Hope": Put Yourself in my Shoes

Chapter 5 of “Hannah’s Hope” by Jennifer Saake discusses how to cope with other people’s’ comments during infertility or after a loss of a baby at any stage: 399 more words

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While you Wait Wednesdays

Recently I read a post that asked “How long do I have to wait to try to get pregnant after I had a miscarriage?”  You have to consider both your physical and emotional readiness but this article helps: 91 more words

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The Thursday Thinker

It’s summer and that means family reunion time.  How do you handle family reunions?  Especially if you have recently suffered a loss?

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The Truth about Trying Tuesdays

From the time you wake up this morning until you go to bed tonight this is what will happen:


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