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bullfighting, masculinity and other thoughts

Recently, I read that the only 2 species that play with, or torment their prey prior to killing them are cats and humans.  At this blog, we give a pass to the felines, but we expect more from the humans. 768 more words


emails, laziness, quick thoughts

Writing email isn’t difficult, we live in a time where a majority of the people are lazy and with a short attention span. Thanks to the crappy education in the Western world. 102 more words


There is always a cute animal around the corner in rural Australia

As I was mango pruning (with Honey, the dog in my last post) a colleague noticed what we assumed was a Frilled- Necked Lizard in a tree. 182 more words


Back once again

Okay, with the internet still down, you will have to forgive my grammars errors along with other things. I am unable to use my prowritingaid online editor. 139 more words


Internet problems and other things and update

All right here’s the deal. My internet is unstable, according to my internet provider Xittel, the connectivity and capping problems. That they could either upgrade the main antenna or construct another Tower so to stabilize the internet. 384 more words


when hope fails, duty persists

When hope at last fails (and fades), it is only our sense of duty that keeps us going.

This is something I wrote down some years back.  137 more words


animal welfare versus animal rights

Many people have seen the moving late night television commercials put on by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  The serious plight of abandoned and mistreated animals is on poignant display and is coupled with a request for new donations ostensibly to help these poor animals in need.  355 more words