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Stellar and Lunar: 11 February

It’s the weekend! Also, it isn’t. We had another long weekend this past week, so my mind’s gone a bit strange. I’m seeing timetables where they aren’t. 194 more words



elegance is your favourite;
intelligence is mine, on permanent loan.
grace is what you gifted me (not-so charitably). i repaid it with
humility, hid in silence and  18 more words


a countdown (150)

turn around, don’t watch me walk away this time. i don’t think i could stand the pressure. instead, turn away, let’s both be ignorant of the other for this moment. 128 more words




is a big number.

There are more

than 101 days in a year.

In spring, 101 flowers

are guaranteed to bloom.

In a year, 101 clouds… 124 more words

#creative Writing

states of denial

Observing human behavior indicates that it is easier to choose to remain in a state of denial than to confront an unpleasant truth.  This appears to be true for the individual and for groups of people. 548 more words


La Cremeria

Food picture of the day

Brownie with vanilla ice cream at La Cremeria, York

Perfect dessert to satisfy your chocolate cravings ;)


poetry 101 rehab: paper

you should know this:
i don’t come with a
storm warning.

don’t think i haven’t
seen you,
hunched over papers.
i’ve watched you
draft me… 49 more words