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[Music] Byte-sized music scraps (part 1)

Here’s a short track made entirely out of the Halo Reach “Deliver Hope” trailer.


This is a variant of the previous track. The tempo is slower and it includes Donkey Kong Country instruments. 116 more words


How many minimum wage hours does it take to afford a two-bedroom apartment?

Here is an info-graph that shows you how many hours you would have to work on minimum wage to pay off that two bedroom apartment you’re living in. 11 more words


Just a quick update...

…of what is to come this week. There is a lot I want to write about; Insurgent movie (which I have just got back seeing), Me Before You Review (which I have just finished reading) and a Weekly Wednesday Update (as always). 35 more words



‘Input’ was the last C02 space project of the semester.

East Village Explosion Leads to Internet Explosion Over Selfies

An explosion last week in NYC’s East Village leveled out two buildings and killed serval people. While many bystanders took to helping the injured people and cleaning out rubble, other people took a different approach and used the crime scene as a backdrop for you guessed it: selfies, selfies, and more selfies. 120 more words