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Reworking The Schedule, Part 17

Okay, maybe not necessarily 17 parts… maybe four. I’m given to hyperbole.

Last week I banged on about how I was streamlining my Stellar and Lunar… 138 more words


Word Crush Wednesday: Aeschylus

So today I got to thinking about predictability. I thought of another novel idea (taking the tally up to four, and ensuring that I’ll probably still be writing just these four in 2017) and a genre, and genre subversion. 171 more words


In the Weeds

Now that our offer has been accepted, we are deep in the weeds of the loan application process and my brain already feels fried. Escrow has been set up, earnest money deposited, and we got pre-approved for the loan. 133 more words



Flangiprop, noun. From Latin “flange” and combined with “prop” . First use of the word occurred in 20th century English theatre*. 362 more words


Well done Plympton Gardeners' Association!

Grateful thanks to Plympton Gardeners’ Association, who dress out Ridgeway’s six concrete tubs (they’ve even painted them white). City parks department could learn a thing or two from this dedicated group, who even do what parks never did… keep it going throughout winter. 21 more words



storm in one – only
happens if you allow it
to begin at first.


purely white, soft cream
becoming stained dull over
a span of some years. 23 more words


Farm to table, part 2

It’s Saturday morning and I’m not at the Naperville farmer’s market.  In fact, as this posts, I’m hopefully fast asleep.  Later today, I hope to be visiting a farmer’s market in Philadelphia, but in the meantime, here are the rest of the photos I promised on… 76 more words