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Cash. Get it. Use it.

“That will be $2.50.”  The person on the other side of the counter proffers a credit card. “Do you possibly have cash?” I ask.  “No, sorry.”  “That’s fine. 378 more words


I don’t generally ask for advice, so there isn’t really something I wish I’d been told.

This, then, becomes the advice I would give anyone in this boat.

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Libraries: The Best of the Best in Europe

Today, I present to you some pictures, displaying some of the most amazing libraries across Europe. Some are modern, some are old, but all of them look absolutely incredible, and I want to visit every single on them! 483 more words


Fight for Fifteen: National Walk Out at University of Maryland

The University of Maryland, College Park, is holding a National Walk out Wednesday, April 15 at 11:45 AM. This is part of the Studen Labor Action Project as they fight for an array of causes. 20 more words


Huffington Post discusses poverty and job loss.

An interesting article that discusses people rising out of poverty and the jobs that will be cut. It may be an article that will appeal to both sides. 80 more words


A political comic to lighten the mood

Raising the wage in a corporate setting only hurts the pockets of the higher ups in the company who make up to 200 times more than their bottom workers. 48 more words