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A Game of Both

“Let me feel your breasts,” he said to her, and the very brazen formality with which he said it was, itself, a kind of violation. 653 more words


Killer Trip

The phone rings unheeded, while across the room Diern lolls his head, eyes closed, tripping out to Miles Davis radiating from a pair of speakers. A stranger creeps in silently through the open balcony. 804 more words



Rice was invented in 4E-17x, the Year of the Noneger, by the late scientographer Maxillimus Magoo, whose prowess with a replicator exonat pen was unmatched in the fourteen megaspheres of Earth-Like for the duration of his life-term. 143 more words


Tim Hecker's Ravedeath: How Music and the Curse

This manuscript was found attached with scotch tape to a bloated body that washed up from the river wearing a pair of headphones connected to an mp3 player in a waterproof bag that played… 793 more words


Shinganga (Part 3)

Parts 1 and 2 are here and here, respectively.

Sunlight creeps over Alice’s face. A beam wends its way up her jawline, over her cheekbones. 5,261 more words


Shinganga (Part 2)

Part 1 here.

Strange pictograms are there and gone, blinking past with whispers of rivers and mountains and temples. They squiggle and twist as Alice looks at them, squirming away when she tries. 3,835 more words


Shinganga (Part 1)

She arrives.

She is ensnared.

The city sprawls, lazily, negligently, lounging over the broad sweeping bush, a great eagle fanning its wings. Buildings have two stories, tall, to tell. 6,398 more words

Self Indulgence