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Time For Tide

Tide for time
Quarter ebb to salty wound
Running out
On the soles of necessity

A boundless leap
Before the endless black
And with Orion as my witness… 312 more words

Miscellaneous Poems

Three Months

how am I?
it’s been three months, and I don’t know what to say / yet words accidentally fall from my mouth to the page / not that you’d hear them screaming on the way down / to die their tiny deaths / I can’t believe it’s been three months since you sat across from me / on that bench by the lake / where we staked our claim / where you pulled the pin / and I watched it go off / the place you staked a hollow where my heart used to sing… 405 more words

Miscellaneous Poems


I live in a world without a sun
Perched on the outstretched arms of a cat and her cradle
I see only outlines of things… 66 more words

Miscellaneous Poems



Like a gravity bomb grounding levity


Scattered for angels to devour

Searching for survivors

The remnant nerve endings of burning feelings

Echoes of ghosts and shadowed spectres

Evidence of burdens beyond thought

Miscellaneous Poems