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Talking As Friends

You and I talk too fast
The clatter of tongues, the notes
Consonants that shape the point, not just our quotes
The interruptions interweave and overflow… 53 more words


The Parties End

In the cold of the morning, the dark and the damp

I sit by the bank with that brash coloured lamp

You are my muse and you know you’re a tramp… 185 more words


Goodbye For Now

It’s all bout time,
I can’t seem to get out of this bind,
The only thing I can’t find,
Is a way to calm my mind, 167 more words


Follow Me Today

I don’t want to say goodbye,
I don’t want to be strangled by a tie,
What was I like at the age of five,
All I want is the truth, 479 more words


English Class Poem

I’m sitting on my porch,
With a torch,
I’m waiting on my brother so I can go to work,
With the dork,
Then I hear a gun, 32 more words


Declaration Of My Identity

This poem was written, during the 2012-2013 school year as part of a project for my AVID class.

I am unique in my lifestyle, writing style, and what happens in my mind. 61 more words


Saying Goodbye to My Worries

This was written, not because someone broke my heart, but because it expresses the fact that worrying can hurt you, and I am trying to fix my own problems by taking the pain that worrying causes me and flushing it down the drain. 146 more words