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I knew this was home

When you knocked on my door, shy smile on your face, my heart skipped a beat, and it must have known before I though it even possible. 183 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry


Coconut tanning lotion filled my nose

As I laid on towel on hot lounge chair

Sun rays came down hot (too hot) on my skin… 174 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry


He said: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Damn right, it’s you. It was always you.

You were the first and I thought you would be the last, and it certainly felt like I was your only. 259 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

Your name is poison

Your name is the assassin and the poison both, like Claudius to Hamlet Senior, you have poured liquid death into my ears and taken away my hearing and my happiness and every aspect of life, and I am left haunted, haunting, nothing but a specter of myself, and all I can do is scream into silence because no one will hear that it was you and your name. 420 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

Hey love

Hey love, do you remember when we were young? Even before we had met, we were already saying the same words and feeling the same emotions, and we just did not know it. 623 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

The love I got instead

I wanted love.

I wanted the perfect fairy-tale, storybook fantasy of love.

I wanted the midnight serenades, the breakfast made in bed, the dinner served with wine, the red rose bouquets, the love poem notes. 352 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

You and I fit

You look at me with a smile, and I can’t help but smile back.

You smile with eyes crinkled, lip corners upturned, the barest hint of teeth. 287 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry