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Hey love

Hey love, do you remember when we were young? Even before we had met, we were already saying the same words and feeling the same emotions, and we just did not know it. 623 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

The love I got instead

I wanted love.

I wanted the perfect fairy-tale, storybook fantasy of love.

I wanted the midnight serenades, the breakfast made in bed, the dinner served with wine, the red rose bouquets, the love poem notes. 352 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

You and I fit

You look at me with a smile, and I can’t help but smile back.

You smile with eyes crinkled, lip corners upturned, the barest hint of teeth. 287 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

How do I flirt?

Try: Hey, you’re cute

(Think: Wait no, that makes me sound like I’m 12 with a puppy crush.)

Try: Hey, you’re pretty attractive.

(Think: Pretty attractive? 108 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry

Are scary movies scary?

I don’t understand. Why would a horror movie scare me?

Why would blood and gore and the soft steps of a silent murderer scare me? 393 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry


I can’t sing, at least not well.

And you say you can’t either.

But that doesn’t stop us from singing along to every song that comes on the radio, even if we don’t know the words, when we’re driving with the sunroof open and not a care in the world beyond what food adventure we’re having next. 228 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry


You make me want to be an artist, or at least learn how.

You make me want to learn how to use those small, soft sticks of charcoal and that thick, ridged paper so that I may capture the lines of your face in perfect black and white detail.  581 more words

Miscellaneous Poetry