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Leadership Series: Crashing Through the Silicon Ceiling

Last summer, the Washington Post printed an article to confirm what Latinos in Silicon Valley already knew to be true – Latinos and other people of color are grossly underrepresented in the valley’s workforce, especially in management.  1,130 more words

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Are You Having a Case of the Mondays? Here's 7 Movies That Will Make You Laugh

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to zone out and laugh at anything other than what’s irritating you? My job is unbelievably frustrating on so many levels. 1,368 more words

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MarPar Feature: Enteroxenos parastichopoli

Here’s the first marine parasite feature!

As I learn more about marine parasites, I’ll be adding “MarPar Features” to highlight the awesome organisms they are! 409 more words

MarPar Features

If It's Free, It's For Me: Blogiversary + Giveaway

Today is my two month blogiversary! You’re shocked, I know. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? This week is what I’m calling blogger appreciation week, which started with… 817 more words

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Miscellaneous Post: Batman v Superman v Captain America

****Spoilers for both Dawn of Justice and Civil War below!***

I love Batman and the Bat-family.

Let me clarify that at the beginning of this little essay. 2,005 more words

Why My Mom Is Da Bomb: A Shout Out To All The Mama Bears

I’m well aware no one has used the phrase “that’s da bomb” in at least ten years, maybe even more. I was kidding around with my mom, who secretly stalks all of my blog posts, and I told her that I was thinking about doing a post called My Mom Is Da Bomb. 883 more words

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It's Friday!

Yay everybody, it’s Friday again! And after a 4 day week too for a lot of people :)

I will be starting to plan out issue 2 of the magazine tomorrow so I won’t be online much until the magazine comes out on Friday 1st July, so I hope you all have a fab May and June! :) x

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