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The Beginning of a Book a Day

Hiya! My name is Lula Darling, and this is my very first blog- which means I’m a beginner. I don’t know much about reeling in likes, follows, and all that jazz, but I do know I love to read, and I love to write: isn’t that really all that matters? 89 more words

Miscellaneous Posts

A thing to remember

Sometimes in life, people like to cause trouble for others. It’s tempting to react, but the adult thing is to rise above it and just continue with your life.

Miscellaneous Posts


I had some posts scheduled for the coming weeks, but I’ve moved them into March owing to a great personal shock. I think it’s human to retreat inward at times like these, but I’m thankful I have a wonderful group of friends to hold me together and family that have stepped up more than I expected.

Back soon.


The Road to Faith: Part 2 - More on Gratitude

The other day, Sandra and I were talking about the biblical story of Job. It’s a tale of a man who literally had everything. Faith, integrity, good health, vast wealth, and a loving family brought him joy and happiness. 1,134 more words

Miscellaneous Posts

Musings of an occupational therapist fiber artist

After inadvertently taking a (two-month!) blogging hiatus, I am itching to be back at it. In the neuro-rehab world where I do occupational therapy, I often tell post-concussion patients, who are discouraged by their deep need for naps, sometimes… 559 more words

Miscellaneous Posts

About the Author

About me? I’m flattered that you’d ask.

I know nobody actually asked. I feel the need to explain myself, and I wanted to try and be humorous about it. 207 more words

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