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Hà Nội thì vẫn tiếp tục mưa và mình làm việc vẫn chưa năng suất lắm. Ngoài việc mình đã nghĩ xong idea cho phim ngắn sắp tới (mà không biết bao giờ mới có thể quay), edit xong cái proposal, thì các thứ vẫn dậm chăn tại chỗ cả. 398 more words


Time and time again

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Well, this will be my third post in a row about time. I think I’ll discuss something else next week!

As I’ve said before, the path of a particle as it travels through space in the usual way can be represented as a line in a four-dimensional space-time system. 1,158 more words


using the brother in law as a model…for multiple exposures


A victim mentality..

The victim mentality.I don’t deny it, I have the tendency to play the victim card. I do it because it’s easy, because it’s expedient, perhaps because the only way I can sort of push myself to go forward is to have collect the sympathy I receive and use it as some kind of force to propel me forward, as though sympathy is some kind of battery for me. 640 more words

This Is Your Life.. Or My Life Really. Whatever, Pedants.

You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down- Alice Walker

The more I learn about black-, especially African-American history and culture, the more I understand how great Walker’s writing is and how well she uses her fiction to impart knowledge. 866 more words

Book Reviews

Folklorefest in Krefeld, 07.+08.08.2015

This fest is for everyone who loves world music and world food. Take a look at the programme and make sure to enjoy yourself in Krefeld: 127 more words