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Surimuchan's Updates | Contests! Live Videos! Mini Vlogs!

The first Surimu Story is already filmed (it’s only about a minute long XD) and the first Surimu Chance! contest is pretty much ready… keep an eye out for them! =D

~ Surimu-chan


1. I had a baby yesterday 

She said this is Clickbait. But I really did have a baby yesterday 17 years ago. And look at her now! Also, do you see that cake? 233 more words



I need to talk about beauty products again. As you may remember from my recent post concerning luxury soap, I’ve been working on commercial projects that involved gourmet soap and premium shower gel, body lotion, body butter and related categories such as shampoo. 1,162 more words


What does CauseHealth mean by N=1?

by Roger Kerry

N=1” is a slogan used to publicise a core purpose of the CauseHealth project. N=1 refers to a project which is focussed on understanding causally important variables which may exist at an individual level, but which are not necessarily represented or understood through scientific inquiry at a population level. 544 more words


The Phoenix Convention of States marches on

Since the States formed the federal government in 1787 there has been one national Convention of States, the Washington Peace Conference of 1861.  The Conventions held in Hartford in 1814 and Nashville in 1850 were sectional, not national meetings.   498 more words


June 24th Split Meet Info and Event File

Hi Barracudas! I’m excited for the meet tomorrow. Hoping it doesn’t get stormed out. The below is a note from the meet director. Please read for info about parking and warmups. 176 more words


Why we need to study history (Spanish)

Como una estudiante de la clase de la historia de los EEUU (AP), he pasado mucho tiempo en el año pasado, memorizando fechas, aprendiendo sobre unas relaciones de causa-efecto entre cientos de acontecimientos, y estudiando detalles sobre el impacto que individuos y líderes nacionales han tenido en las sociedades. 279 more words