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Outside of the light of the street lantern

Madeleine looked hesitant when she opened the door. She had never hesitated before, no matter what he did. Adalbert made sure the coat was covering his knife. 1,768 more words

Creative Writing

Still alive

Hi all – haven’t been on here for a while! It wasn’t due to me being busy though, I’m too lazy to be busy. In fact, I’ve been too lazy to update this blog for the past month, so I’ve been procrastinating from carry on my other source of procrastination (wow). 143 more words



editor wields his axe
bloodied words fly here and there
novel shavings


To film or not to film at concerts????

I know this is a hot potato with some artists in the music industry, as some object to people using their phones as it can be distracting it also depends on the venue as well. 185 more words


My Suggestions for Facebook Use that You Can Totally Ignore. Or Not.

1. Understand that people use Facebook for different purposes. If you understand Facebook for a place to have fun, hang out with your friends, and catch up with them, that’s fine. 604 more words


Hearing a great eulogy makes you want to be a better person

I recently listened to an awesome eulogy for a man I hardly knew and came away wanting to be a better person.  I was at the funeral for the father of my husband’s close friend.  175 more words


Decluttering March: the buy nothing year - how two roommates saved more than $55,000

Original post taken from Forbes.

A little over a year ago, Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz, a 31-year-old accountant in Calgary, began analyzing his monthly spending. What he saw, he says, was eye-opening: “I was spending so much every month, no matter how much I made it never seemed like I was getting ahead. 2,511 more words

Better 2015