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Crack is Whack

By Niyah Murphy

As reported by the Quad City Times on March 19, 2017 → In Davenport, Iowa, a 28 year-old Davenport man named Corey Anthony Jones went to prison for 15 years and 8 months for selling crack cocaine. 249 more words


12 Poems from Around the World

Travel is a surefire way to dispel myths about others.  I’ve learned again and again that all people are more alike than different.  But the big similarities in people around the globe rarely make the news the way even our smallest differences can define us and tear us apart.  761 more words

Circuit Bending(?) and Controller Repair Being Livestreamed!

Some internet funnypeople I really like, LoadingReadyRun, are currently streaming on Twitch (doing creative), one of them is about to take apart a keyboard of some sort (and possibly do some circuitbending, it was mentioned, but it’ll depend on how far he gets). 100 more words


Existential Crisis 

I cannot recall a single day over the last six years, in which I would not mind if I were struck by some unlucky fate that resulted in my demise. 207 more words


Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my new blog!! I have had a blog in the past but over the past few years it has fallen into ruin so I decided to start fresh with this one! 268 more words