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Why you need to network at conferences

I’m going to take a minute to move away from the awards and the nominations and talk blog business.

Who out there would like to blog or write full-time? 527 more words



We all wanted to touch the hotplate at one point in our lives. Whether a real hotplate or a metaphorical one. To do something, even though other people tell us not to because they know it will hurt. 625 more words


Word of the day - 126

Yellowhammer – a small bird with a yellow head and throat.

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On Vikings and Greeks

CS Lewis called it “Northernness,” that special adventurous quality present in Wagner’s Hammer of the Gods, Beowulf, and Norse mythology that captured his imagination so thoroughly. 402 more words


Have you had your quickie fix yet?


Fancy a quickie??

Get your minds out of the gutters! What are you like?

Just need some input here for something l am working on …. 43 more words


The Tiny Red Flower of a Cactus

Photograph captured with a mirrorless Fuji X-30 camera handheld and natural light from our front garden.  Slightly edited with Affinity Photo and The Nik Collection plugin.

Good Day!


1498 Great principle of life

Life with Principles will
be great and valuable,
happy & peaceful life
otherwise unhappy &
unpeaceful life.
* Follow the truth & love
share and care for all. 84 more words