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I don’t blame you for not loving me anymore. It never made sense for you to in the first place. I’m so terrified that it doesn’t hurt too badly yet though. 47 more words


What If This Was The Answer

As I was browsing Tumblr, I ran across something which completely blew my mind.

But how can it be? If this is the answer, it could explain a… 12 more words


GPS Tracking is a Search!

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today (3/30/2015) that if the government puts a GPS tracker in any of your personal effects, it constitutes a search and is governed by the 4th amendment. 58 more words


A Little Happiness For Everyone

Hey guys! I just finished my last science lab of the year and I’m probably in the happiest mood ever! :)

Speaking of happy moods, I decided to dedicate this blog post to sharing a few happy-related lists. 173 more words


spring break

It’s spring break week! Although I’m not teaching full time this year, I still get a week off from meetings and photos and school. I hope to spend some time on the couch watching television with the dogs and also enjoy any sunshine we may get. 331 more words


OT - Online Dating in Europe

Off topic, I know, but…it needed to be said.

So, being the travel geek that I am I joined the big European online dating site to meet men who might actually be interested (I have much better luck meeting potential men in…anywhere but the U.S.).   248 more words