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Silent Conversation.

Flash Fiction Exercise written for Professor Krys Lee’s Fiction Workshop class, 2014

Silent Conversation

Dingdong. It was table four. “Love, won’t you bring us two more soju bottles here?” the middle-aged man grinned at her with his red, half-closed eyes. 567 more words


Into the Unknown

Eunjin Lee

Professor Dustin Hellberg

Novel Writing

April 17, 2013

Into the Unknown

Sarah awoke, eyes wide, sweating and blinking into the pitch-black, looming darkness that weighed down the air. 5,952 more words


Sometimes initialisms get too long

An acronym/initialism that gets too long becomes a barrier, rather than aid, to communication. It almost becomes encryption rather than a concise summary of what is being discussed. 173 more words


Self-Created Experience?

The earth-shattering experience I had on October 7th continues to shake me to the core. I am still processing it, trying hard to fill in the huge gaps in my memory and seeking answers from my Team of assistants. 946 more words


It's Final

It’s official. My last day of work is October 19th.

While I am relieved to be leaving behind me the parts of my job that were less than ideal, I will miss the parts that I loved. 492 more words


Things to Know Before Installing a Fence

Fences are generally used for the practical purpose of setting up a perimeter around a property. But there are certain inconspicuous benefits which they offer as well, such as making the yard seem like an extension of the house itself, creating a space for organising special events with friends and family, or showing off one’s gardening and landscaping efforts. 358 more words


Public Meeting: 1st November 2015

Author: Cyril Richert

The Clapham Junction Action Group is organising a public meeting on

Sunday 1st November 2015

Venue: York Gardens Library 34 Lavender Road SW11 2UG 143 more words