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A “what if?” from 1985 Topps

When I was a high school kid opening Topps packs in 1985 there were two cards I wanted most.

Because almost all I did in 1985 was think about Dwight Gooden cards, it was only natural that I spent many hours pondering how cool it would have been if the Record Breaker shot had been used on the rookie card. 107 more words


Something Completely Different: Ice Cream

In an attempt to both kick-start myself back into writing/blogging and to try to take some time off from work-related  stuff, I thought I’d write about something completely different. 1,425 more words


Going for a Curry - Khadim Hussain

I’ve recently re-discovered this this lovely book written by Khadim Hussain, published in 2006. It is both a personal history and the history of a Middlesbrough community. 8 more words


The Ring (NuvaRing)

Finally we’ve reached the end of my birth control journey and are onto my currently used hormonal birth control method: the ring. The NuvaRing is a small flexible ring that is placed inside your vagina every month to steadily release hormones and prevent pregnancy. 903 more words

Birth Control

The Shot (Depo-Provera)

After hearing my concerns regarding better prevention for pregnancy, my doctor recommended I try the birth control shot, known as Depo-Provera. The shot contains the hormone progestin and does not use estrogen. 576 more words

Birth Control

A New Look

Yes, Artistcoveries looks a little different. I’m not happy about it, but apparently the theme I was using was “retired” and no longer available. I switched over to one that is similar, and I’ve done a little “tweaking” to make it feel more like my old blog site. 153 more words