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Drew Curtis of Fark.com is running for governor of Kentucky. How a TED Talk inspired his campaign—and why he hopes it’ll inspire you too

Drew Curtis is not a politician. The curator of Fark.com, the legendary online community of news jokes and funny Photoshops, he proudly proclaims this fact on homepage of his… 2,039 more words


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Focus on research: Bywaters Special Collections

The Bywaters Special Collections at Hamon is an excellent resource for those interested in Texas visual and performing arts. In addition to photographs, sketchbooks, and works of art on paper, Bywaters holds smaller treasures that offer an historical glimpse into Dallas’ art and business communities. 147 more words


The Literary Icebreaker Complex and Ben Lerner

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to live in a much earlier time. However, for the same reasons that living in an earlier time would have been simpler, it would also have been far more difficult. 496 more words

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“Look at me everyone! I’m a ballerina!” says the Liverpool player as he gracefully flies through the air.



Time, as it passes, really is the best panacea for the various emotional ills. With the passage of time comes perspective. And with that perspective, what seemed so large in magnitude, a gap so unbridgeable becomes less so; the pain becomes old, familiar even, bearable… 1,124 more words

This Is Your Life.. Or My Life Really. Whatever, Pedants.

David Stockman hates Tesla

The points he makes are correct, though.  Posted at burning platform.

The Wall Street casino is now festooned with giant deadweight losses waiting to happen.

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