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HOOP SCOOP column - Kohama-Casey friendship endures | The Japan Times

A few days before the Rio Olympics kicked off, Mototaka Kohama, the godfather of Japanese basketball, reunited with one of his closest friends. Toronto Rap… 7 more words


Update to the update

Sorry for going quiet. It happens sometimes.

I’m still here.

I just had to stop and think for a while.

I’m nearly better. I appreciate your patience.


TGI... something something

We had an exceptionally challenging day yesterday. So, we’re making up for it with a selection of gifs celebrating the fact that it’s finally Friday and, as luck would have it… 88 more words


A Time to Live - part six #shortstory #serial

It’s been a while, sorry. Here’s the next installment.

In the story so far, Jim has lost his girlfriend Saz and Martin his wife Marian in a clearing in the woods near the village of Normanton. 457 more words


Fresh Produce, But Rotten Typography

Far too common a sight in rural eastern North Carolina…

Graphic Design Projects

Ending the Debate on Debate

Debate and discourse are important in a republic such as ours. I’d never want to squelch it.

But on a personal, individual level of argument, I wonder if it ever makes any sense. 519 more words


At the heart of it all; the one-roomed school house in rural Ireland (Heritage Week 2016 Series)

This week (August 20th – 28th) marks National Heritage Week in Ireland. It is a multifaceted event coordinated by The Heritage Council that aims to aid awareness and education about our heritage, and thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation. 812 more words

Disused School Houses