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MissUnderstood: A Tale of Ignorance and Song Lyrics

Do you ever think about the first songs you knew all the lyrics to as a kid? One of my earliest memories is singing along to… 1,307 more words


Stop Looking At Other People's Grass Already And Plant Your Own Garden

I love connecting with people. I enjoy the stimulation of reading the articles my friends post, seeing what others are up to and laughing at the brilliant silliness that can be found online. 771 more words


A summer with Robertson Davies

I don’t know what happened this summer, but I have totally neglected my blog. To my followers … my apologies. Suddenly September … and a whole new frame of thought. 282 more words


August 2015 Report

So, here’s what happened here in August.

Books Read:

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Still Reading:

Reviews Posted:


Piece of the Day #2535

Just a snapshot, because dim dinner photos didn’t quite work out: the last piece, which we discovered was missing just before bed tonight. We don’t get the finality of a completed puzzle, but the scene we put together is still lovely; you need to look close to see that something is amiss. 37 more words

Photo Of The Day


What is larger
than life?
Stranger than fiction?

I know I can
and do
I can’t just go
to the Emergency
and see someone in handcuffs. 116 more words


Post 868: obsessively, I try to catch Dougy with his eyes open...!

I almost photographed Dougy with his eyes open today. Look closely and you can see a hint of his eyes. A sliver. A glint.

His eyes aren’t quite that orange in real life, just in that particular artificial light. 34 more words