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Bored and Brilliant

“Saturdays, holidays, easy afternoons, lazy days, sunny days, nothing much to do.”

Our individual creativity is under attack from our hyper-connected, over-scheduled, over-stimulated way of life. 591 more words


Why Do You Hate Me?

Why do you hate me so much? Why are you using me and hurting me?


Memetic Tyrrany, Rhetorical Nihilism

In the early days of his campaign, it was conceivable to read Donald Trump like a book with an unreliable narrator. The content was absurd & offensive, but the absurdity was strangely calculated so that the  1,525 more words


Opening Credits

Movies are everywhere. For someone not in the cinematic industry in any way, shape, or form, a scarily large amount of my time goes towards thinking about movies. 454 more words


The Rhythm That Stands

by J.L. Benítez

“Everything is rhythm”

This is a common saying in the Angolan tradition, and it’s a quite true. When you go to a different city, one of the first steps of entering and knowing that city is getting inside the rhythm. 571 more words

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