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The Underground Black Stock Market

I invest money on the side casually, outside of my retirement accounts, because it’s fun and generally profitable. I buy and hold because I don’t have time for day trading. 544 more words


Sorry, You're What? Lip-reading Fails

Mishearing conversation is a regular occurrence for me and always has been, but after losing all of my hearing in my right ear I began mishearing words and sentences on a daily basis and the words became more and more obscure or just downright stupid. 478 more words

Tips & Tricks

They Said/I Heard

This post was inspired by the post¬†Sexual Purity: What They Said vs. What We Learned. That post is about how the lessons about sex learned by children of Evangelical parents don’t necessarily match the intentions of their parents. 472 more words


Seen but Not Heard

Hey everyone! I’m back. I will get to why I was away at some point but to ease you back in…it is the year 1864. You are not reading this online. 1,151 more words


Why "Talking Things Through" Is not Always Going to Work

“Although we speak the same language, we are using different tongues.”¬†


Avoiding 'No Good Shit' Syndrome - Seeking Higher Self Worth

Seeking Higher Self Worth
Through Better Communication
George Carlin once wrote or said. That one of the primary things that motivates people is the desire not to be labeled a ‘No Good Shit!’ He’s a major influence on me in terms of using humor to help people see new truths. 1,671 more words


Did you get the message?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and later on it dawned on me (in horror!) that what I said might have been taken as a criticism of her opinion, when nothing could be further from the truth. 292 more words