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“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” ― Kahlil Gibran

The last couple of months I haven’t dated as I have had no time.  1,209 more words

Daily Life

Creating Better Misunderstandings in Dialogue!

Enough of black, I decided. It’s spring – time to jazz up my workout gear.

Off I sallied to my workout feeling upbeat and energized – and more than a little conspicuous – in a fun new bright ( 491 more words


Making Myself Not Understood

I was at Taco Bell, which is a tiny bit interesting because until about two years ago I’d never eaten at one. It isn’t like I have anything particular against Taco Bell, even though their corporate overlords used to have the supervillain-corporate name of Tricon Global, and now have the faintly-Orwellian menace name of Yum! 705 more words


Some clearing up we did.

Last night, when husband came home from work, I could tell he was not in a good place mentally. He was upset. I was upset (see previous post) and things were not looking good. 1,038 more words

Open Marriage



Sevens when given usually turn to fourteen,
So I gave mine but you didn’t now what does that mean?

Cause I’m even the type to step first if you had, 14 more words


Life Passages XII - Revelation

Madeleine wonders aimlessly through the halls of her high school. She thought she had finally met someone who is more like herself, and unlike the “fake friends” she’d made previously. 556 more words

Creative Writing

Conscious Arguing #2: How to Open Your Heart In a Fight

Have you ever had an argument with someone? An argument where your full warrior-self came out and felt desperate to have this person see your point and hear where you’re coming from, because you knew if they did, then you’d feel so much better and could just relax?   846 more words

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