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And as the world turns, so do the days of our lives...

So yesterday, (7/19/2017) at about 4:15 PM, I pretty much totaled my damn vehicle.  Le sigh!

I had this general idea of how low key I planed to live life for these next 6 months.  640 more words

"The Way He Was Whippin That Paddle Tho!" (Feat. Hess & Ashli Polanco)

Miscommunication is joined by young married couple, Hess and Ashli Polanco, creators of Positive vIBS. Discussion ranges from R. Kelly, to OJ, to Chester Bennington and the importance of mental health, and ways to build a strong, lasting marriage in today’s generation. 16 more words


Like in some twisted fate,

They rolled it. Like in some sick way, they both kept testing each other’s reaction. Waiting for some signs, the green light to just go ahead and speed up.. 41 more words

Failure to Launch

I held your gaze for just a moment longer this time
Held my inhale for an extra second
While our souls connected
I felt warmth in your gaze… 170 more words


Ease Between the Sexes - Jul 19/20

Snapshot: Tuesday afternoon brings a wonderful ease between our relating and our communication. Evening brings a subconscious adjustment that results in ease of passionate action. 392 more words

5D Astrology

"Pregnant Women Are Like Buddhas"

Is chivalry just sexism in disguise? The group examines the correlation between chivalry and sexism, how it’s evolved with society, and if women want true equality. 23 more words


Stop pretending you're listening to me

My mom gets distracted easily. Because of this, I have a foolproof way to tell if my mom is listening to me. I start by saying, “You aren’t listening, are you?” Whether or not she really is, she says, “Yes, I am!” Then is ask her to repeat the general idea of what I stated or asked. 307 more words

Bad Habits