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The Mess and the Masterpiece

There are times when the church and those within its walls are considered to be hypocrites, which turns many off to the church experience. The reality is that every human being in existence is a hypocrite, whether they acknowledge it or not (only Christ walked the line of pure truth and never came close to being hypocritical).   336 more words


Well-meaning is the opposite of good

Yesterday I talked to some well-meaning elderly lady at an event and it made me so angry that I have to write about it. We were talking about interfaith discussions where she is involved and at some point she asked me: 353 more words


A Jobber in the Jungle, not Danny

And here I thought, Jumanji was “just” a pop cultural yardstone in our collective memory backlog..

As much as I’d like to be a translator to the cult following of late impro-forming genious, Robin Williams, I simply don’t think I have what it takes. 14 more words


Interpret This!

It’s always interesting to me how people can interpret the same thing so differently. It could be the meaning of a song. It could be the plot of a television show. 1,192 more words


How to turn Negative Emotions into Powerful Allies

Allow every emotion.

They dont have to be bad just because others say so.

They can be wonderful, fun, and exhilirating.

I am afraid to get hurt right now, and I love it. 732 more words


Yes, I'm single

There are two things you should know about me and romance. First, I’m only nineteen years old. Second, despite cultural expectations, I’ve never been romantically affiliated with anyone. 215 more words


10 Common Misspelled Words Quiz

Take a quiz and test your knowledge about 10 commonly used but misspelled words. 62 more words