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Misconceptions of Ravencalws

The Hogwarts’ houses come with stereotypes, and thus some misconceptions and generalizations of the students. As a Ravenclaw myself, I decided to set some things straight when it comes to my house. 218 more words

Harry Potter

National Wear Red Day®: Join The #HeartChat

“Our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends are at risk. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined.” … 1,064 more words

Positive Advice

Podcast Post - 003 - Locked Doors, Gospel Misconceptions and Church Branding

Alright Restless Roots! After an accidental week off, we are back with our latest podcast! If you are not a subscriber on iTunes or an android podcast library, you can find the Soundcloud link below! 11 more words

Restless Roots

Misconceptions about psychology: dreams, lie detectors & hypnosis

In Psychology there are many interesting theories and pieces of research that have been conducted to understand the human mind and behaviour. However, sometimes these can be overemphasised and end up as myths.  402 more words


Come for the cat video, stay for the science...

This showed up in my Facebook feed the other day.

As I watched this video about six or seven times in a row, you know I couldn’t help but consider the physics behind the poor kitty’s plight. 354 more words


Taking the Leap

No one ever tells you college is rough.

All the anticipation of elementary, middle, and high school leads up to this one shining period of your youth; this singular moment in time when you’re still essentially a child, but have the power to do whatever you wish. 880 more words


Healing = medical care + will power ?

Or why everyone should stop using the expression « to beat cancer »!

This is such a big misconception about cancer and about illness in general. 649 more words

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