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Why "We Are [NOT] All Just a Little OCD"

These phrases seem to be commonly used today:

“We are all just a little OCD.”

“She’s/He’s so OCD.”: Said when someone straightens cards while playing a game, showcases efficient or potentially odd organizational skills, or is blessed with great attention to detail. 1,539 more words

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

March Milestones

It’s March. Spring has sprung, the tiny bean is now allegedly the size of an axolotl and is very much making it’s presence known! As of today, the beastie is 20 weeks old. 1,308 more words


Travel Misconceptions: What Is Travel?

There are so many things out there encouraging people to “travel.” What does travel even mean? Heck some people consider a trip to the local grocery traveling, and some people think traveling means going somewhere exotic (and expensive!) Here’s Dictionary.com’s… 603 more words


GMO's and the Global Panic Attack

It’s very difficult to filter through the nonsense that the global media presents us with especially when many news outlets are jumping at the same opportunities to create mass reader engagement. 2,211 more words

Tackling Change


Cover story published in Shifa News, September 2016 edition

Power your life: save your heart

Pakistanis are a strange nation. People are fond of giving opinion about everything, even on matters as serious as health. 1,402 more words

Non Fiction

A bitter diabetic...

So here’s what happened at my new job, as promised.

Well within the first 30 min I would say, she started making comments about my weight and how I need to lose “at least 3 kg”. 763 more words