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Atheism is a Religion?

Yeah, judging by the chart above, atheism is totally a religion, like some people (or Fox News) think. Of course, anyone can make a chart say anything (ahem), so let’s dive in! 2,343 more words


The Parable of the Samaritan: Part 1

Today and next week we talk about a parable. Merriam-Webster defines “parable” as, “a short story that teaches a moral or spiritual lesson; especially: one of the stories told by Jesus Christ and recorded in the Bible.” 781 more words


#GettingPersonal The epilepsy in me

I wrote a couple of months ago a post regarding what people with chronic illnesses hate most (see HERE). To the pity looks I mentioned there, I have to add the annoyance of medication. 165 more words


Teachers and Teaching: Common Misconceptions

Oh to be a teacher. It’s both a bane and boon. There are people who tell me that they can’t teach because they can’t bear to be with children all the time and it’s too difficult to teach, yet there are also those who say teaching is the easiest job there is and is for backpackers who just want to finance their travels. 697 more words


Do You See What I See? (Perceptions and Misconceptions)

Last night my husband and I went to a new restaurant that opened last week.  We sat at the bar to have a drink and a few appetizers.   1,200 more words

Filling The Glass

Label Makers

Well, here we are, talking about labels and identity. Again.

Among those who think people shouldn’t describe themselves as ‘gay’, the most common objection is that it intrinsically compromises one’s core identity as a Christian (or, in some cases, as a man or woman). 1,330 more words


Unveiling Virginity

By Corrin Bond

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of what it means to be pure is to be “unmixed with any other matter” or to be “clean and not harmful in any way”–– while there is slight variation between definitions, the root of the word remains the same. 839 more words