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Misconceptions you've probably had about Godly Relationships.

To be totally honest, before I decided to be a true Christian and work in truth and faith, I had always wondered about pastors and their wives, ‘sisters & brothers in the Lord what exactly do they do?,  how do they behave sexually! 605 more words

Mythbusting The Florist Industry

Oh you have such a lovely job, playing with flowers must be so pretty and relaxing!” is a statement all florists have heard. The frustrating truth about this beautiful industry is that its filled with a lot of ugly. 596 more words


On Beach Walk No. 17

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I like walking the beach as it is good for the body, mind, and soul – and refreshing on my feet. 512 more words


Six common misconceptions about meditation

There is more to meditation than you think. In this article six common misconceptions about meditation are put to rest.

As the article states…

Meditation has been hailed as a way to boost mental health, help chronic pain, reduce stress and build a new appreciation for the world around us.

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Deeply superficial thoughts

Accepting yourself fully is not easy. I can count at least five reasons on the top of my head to hate myself. To get caught up in insecurities. 864 more words

Should Mental Health be Taught in Schools?

Before I start this blog post, remember this is just my opinion, you are more than welcome to leave a comment and share your thoughts. I would love that. 927 more words

Mental Health Awareness

It's Not About the Gym or the Equipment, It's About You.

I’ve recently come across a few posts on social media advertising local gyms. In particular, the gyms claimed to be the best in town and to have the best equipment a customer could ever dream of. 500 more words