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I don’t always understand what I see
Sometimes what I see is just a
My eyes are old, worn and
My blurred past often comes into sight and clouds the… 9 more words

[Trailer] Follow five up-and-coming skiers in Perspective Studios’, “Misconceptions”

Perpective Studios plans to premiere its 2015 feature film, Mosconceptions at iF3 London, this fall. Featuring riding from skiers Callum Welch, Tyler Harding, Mike Rowlands, Hamish McDougall and friends, the film aims to portray the said team’s unique style in the mountains and dedication…

Recognizing & replacing false beliefs about God

On this talk show:  Identifying and changing your false beliefs about God…plus, dealing with guilt about not wanting to spend a lot of time with a friend who has a difficult personality…plus, how to avoid passing on a negative view of sex to your kids… 27 more words


10 Bible Facts Everybody Gets Wrong

While some verses have been drilled into us since our childhood Sunday-School days, a few of the facts and we think we know about the Bible can’t be any further from the truth. 1,859 more words

I Don't Hate You

I think one of the most common misconceptions is that if someone hurts you in some way, then you’re going to hate them. That’s not always the case. 446 more words


Peas don't grow on trees?!

A recent study of 2,000 Brits, by Whitby Seadoods found many to be clueless when it comes to food knowledge with a quarter of parents confessing they couldn’t explain to a child where a potato comes from! 90 more words


Biology Misconceptions

I thought I’d throw out a quick definition of evolution, since there are lots of misconceptions about it.

It’s really not hard. Evolution is simply biological change over time. 405 more words