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The Misconceptions People Have About Pigs

I grew up in the country side where we had many pets growing up. Growing up on the farm there were cows, sheep, horses and the very dear animal I wanted most was a pig! 1,006 more words

Daily Thoughts

What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

I did a yoga retreat about a year ago and one of the the things we focused on was called bullshit stories. These are the stories we tell ourselves to feed our own narrative or sometimes to make us feel more powerful or even victimized. 361 more words


Big Changes.

This summer, both Jenny and myself, have experienced some exponential changes. Since getting back from my first year at University, my home life has morphed into something very different to what it was before, and the changes I saw erupting around me scared me a little. 1,539 more words


10 Misconceptions about Girls

Keeping with my prior post theme because I think it’s an interesting post and I feel as if i didn’t touch on many subjects in my last one. 1,193 more words


How To Actually Lose Weight

How to lose weight safely and effectively, striving for long-term success. 556 more words


4 Major Misconceptions Singaporeans Have About Their Critical Illness Insurance Plan

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

Critical Illnesses (CI) are getting more and more prevalent in Singapore due to our ageing population. Under the standard definition, there are 37 CIs, of which includes major cancers, stroke, and kidney failure. 655 more words

Money Matters

The Accident 

As anyone who knows me will testify, I have always had a reputation for being a wee bit accident prone. As if to prove this I had a pretty bad fall at the end of April which had a catastrophic impact on my social life. 449 more words

Skirting Round My Life