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Heads or Tails 

Oh Winona my sweet Suffolk rose, your wide toothed smile brightens my world. You bring me a joy I found hardest to express. But Winnie my dear do not force my love out of my body… It will come with time, let me be the man you deserve. 744 more words

Deep Thought

Appoggiatura and Logorrhea No. 338

Please note the following project: Reclaiming Native Truth: A Project to Dispel America’s Myths and Misconceptions:



Mr. I

Had you met Mr. I under normal circumstances, your perception regarding his personality would definitely have been influenced by that.
Had he been a work colleague, you would have perceived and cataloged him based on his behavior at work and automatically on the personality he would have projected during office times.
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Misconception : About Spinal Anaesthesia

“Doctor, is there any other option apart from giving injection in my back because I have “Heard” that there is long term pain in the back after receiving injection in the back during SPINAL ANAESTHESIA.” 542 more words



in Equality

of opportunity. 

I’ve just blitzed a news article on ‘education’. As most things academia-ic these days it’s heavily and unsubtly PC slanted.

“In a society committed to equity for all its citizens, education cannot allow itself to… 561 more words



Nothing is as disarming;

as an attack of unprecedented charming

for i wasn’t ready when i saw you smiling

slowly i felt the cracks spreading… 149 more words

White people + danger + Adam and Eve

An example of how criticizing white people can be funny (because it’s true), fine (because it’s put in a polite way) and not anti-white.

I’d argue that adventuring spirit is the reason we had Empires. 344 more words