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Veneration for the improbable one who can transform this conception

That a mind obeys some diktats of nebulous images of figureheads

Shrouded in mysterious senses, with many faces in banal masks… 44 more words




Region of origin: “Africa and India”

A large rodent described as featuring a chimeric combination of animal parts, the rompo is said to come out at night and feed off dead human bodies it finds. 64 more words

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Inside an introverted mind

She’s quite reserved and eccentric;

habitually exists in her mind.

Few can claim to know her; an introvert she is.

An extreme thinker.

Trust her to be logical. 114 more words

3D Kanojo 1 + 2 - Brick by Brick

3D Kanojo, on the surface, isn’t exactly a show we haven’t seen before. At first glance, it appears to follow the archetypical show/book/etc. formula of “nerdy boy finds love through beautiful girl”, a trope which, obviously, is fairly problematic. 1,883 more words


Outwardly Cheerful, Inwardly Neutral


Last week, I cried heavily twice in the space of two hours, probably for a total of about forty-five minutes. But today, I’m absolutely fine. 686 more words


The Ghostly Scarecrow

The “Ghostly Scarecrow”

Region of origin: Huay Nam Rak, Chaing Rai, Thailand

Over the course of a few hours on the morning August 31st, 2005, in a small farming village in Thailand, several eyewitnesses observed a strange yellow creature hovering over a rice field. 99 more words

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Mistakes: It's the response that counts.

An important part of being a languages teacher is dealing with the mistakes students make regularly. We used to have a poster with the quote: “the only normal way to begin speaking in a new language is to begin speaking it badly”. 472 more words