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Having BPD does NOT make you a bully, narcissist, or psychopath 

I love to read and happen to be going through a great leadership book right now. It dawned on me though that there are no leadership books (that I’m aware of) specific to success in business for people with mental illness. 352 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

How I became a Muslim (Part 1)

It is late at night here, and I am currently sitting with my laptop, looking up a few things and jumping from one link to another. 560 more words


Hvordan jeg ble Muslim (del 1)

Det er sent på natten her og jeg sitter med PC-en på fanget og klikker meg fra den ene til den andre linken. Jeg er i Nord-Norge og i natt blir det ikke helt mørkt ute. 567 more words


Misconceptions: OCD "doesn’t involve lack of faith"

Misconceptions: OCD doesn’t involve lack of faith

Warning: the next article is not meant to attack ERP therapy in it’s total context or to mark all therapists as liars, but to study on some aspects related with faith and OCD that usually are being ignored due to the spiritual nature it involves (and not so seen in the world of psychology, which usually focuses on the mental nature but not in the spiritual one) This article doesn’t encourage people to leave their ERP or CBT therapy, it encourages to people suffering OCD to pay attention to their spiritual lives through the times of suffering the mental illness. 5,656 more words

Messianic Judaism

What's in a Name?

When I was a kid growing up on a farm in southwestern Ontario, sumac seemed to be everywhere, with its long, spindly stems, big, spreading compound leaves, and fuzzy red berries. 915 more words


(Never) Good Intentions

So you know those days where something just clicks and your  life is forever changed? Yea that feeling, that wonderful feeling,it happened to me today. 345 more words

Tonight, at the airport’s immigration and customs check, I was chatting casually with the girl working my counter. When my passport scanned, and my picture appeared on the screen, she commented that I had had short hair back then, and, after a comment from me, she asked about the reasoning behind the short hair.

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