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15 Misconceptions About Independent Women That All Strong Females Know Are Wrong

Independent women are always getting a bad rap and I don’t mean the over-priced one on your lunch break. Somehow women always manage to get a negative backlash when paired to an empowering adjective like independent. 1,904 more words

Why More People Don't Write: Conquering Misconceptions

Too many times, I have been writing something in a public place, or talking about writing outside of my regular conversation groups and someone asks a question that makes me cringe. 1,302 more words


Misconceptions about Christians

Do any of the following misconceptions describe either how you feel about Christians, or about how you (as a Christian) think people feel about you? 1,437 more words


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The content you’re learning now is probably not as true as it seems. Chemistry is a set of models that explain the macro level sometimes at the expense of detail. 121 more words


Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women

“Women’s health became synonymous with reproduction: breasts, ovaries, uterus, pregnancy. It’s this term we now refer to as “bikini medicine.” And this stayed this way until about the 1980s, when this concept was challenged by the medical community and by the public health policymakers when they realized that by excluding women from all medical research studies we actually did them a disservice, in that apart from reproductive issues, virtually nothing was known about the unique needs of the female patient.” 193 more words

So what exactly is high-functioning depression?

There are tons of stereotypes and misconceptions about people who struggle with mental illness that attempt to paint them into an easily categorized, but ultimately narrow box. 353 more words