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Common Misconceptions of the Single Life

If you are single, or have ever been single, you probably have been made aware of the misconceptions that go along with it. Living a single life is not always a choice for some people, but regardless, those who are single should not be scrutinized under the thumb of society’s demands to have a partner.   352 more words

History, Bible, Relevance, and Reader's Narcissism

Having been reading a lot of N. T. Wright lately, as well as studying with the NIV Application Commentary set, I’m frequently struck by the wide gap between what Biblical scholars present as the meaning of most texts, and what I’ve been taught in sermons, Sunday school, and Bible studies. 859 more words


Misconceptions about Modern Feminism

Feminism is the radical notion that women are men

No, wrong! Feminism is the radical notion that women are people too. Feminist women don’t want to be men.

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Evolution : A rundown of the most common misconception.

Everything needs a little debunking it seems and there certainly hasn’t been a lack of debunkers (if that is a word) for the theory of evolution. 2,197 more words


Why Forgiveness? (Part I): The Command to Forgive

My next series, “Why Forgiveness?,  is a difficult topic for many, primarily because it’s a topic we don’t often understand.  I will spend my next three posts shedding some light on this subject that cuts deep to our soul and well-being. 446 more words


God Told Me To Marry You (2)

It is common belief that God leads a man to be married to a woman, sometimes because of their related purposes or destinies. The proponents of such view believe that to be married, two people should have the similar callings or assignments in life. 893 more words


True or False?

My grades throughout high school & college were extremely misleading. See, they made it seem as though school came easy for me. Truth be told, I was one of those nerds that worked myself to death in order to get good grades. 480 more words