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Hostel Life and the Misconceptions Involved!!

Hostel term itself is quite extravagant and sounds catchy enough to bring all sorts of notions of untidiness and haphazardousness in mind at once! Predicament is, students who live in hostels are either considered to be great drunkards or else ferocious animals, having supernatural fighting skills- they are seldom regarded as humans! 682 more words


Misconceptions Of The Church From Within, Pt. 1

Misconceptions about the what the church should be like and the work it should be doing find their origin within none other than the church itself. 280 more words

Love Actually (It's Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight)

If anyone ever tells you that falling love is this magical feeling where the planets align and you’re in this blissful mood where everything is awesome or that falling in love is like a Disney movie where all the animals start singing and everything is colorful and shit then they lied man, they lied. 1,814 more words

Autism Awareness

Debunking Four Common Misconceptions about Mexican Food in Visalia, CA

Mexican cuisine, known for its unique signature of spiciness, enticing presentation and diverse range of flavors and textures, is one of America’s favorites. In fact, ABC News says that there are more Mexican restaurants than Chinese kitchens and Italian bistros in the country—reaching up to 38,000 as of 2011 alone. 60 more words

Protesting Property Values

It is the time of year where we get to open our mailboxes and see the dreaded appraisal value for our homes.  Since January of 2013, the Austin area has experienced a rapid increase in property values due to a hot real estate market.   269 more words


Tiny Tale #24

Her lips didn’t speak,
But were strong to argue much,
Neither did her eyes wandered about,
But she knew how to hold a being with her gaze, 17 more words