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Native-speakerism and the complexity of personal experience: A duoethnographic study

‘Native speakers’ are better at teaching speaking and should be given conversational and high level classes, right? They can’t tell a verb from a noun, though, so don’t ask them to teach any grammar. 321 more words

Non-Native Speaker

Common Misconceptions That I Have Come Across In My Learning of a Second Language + Super Long German Word (Brace Yourselves)

People have misunderstandings about the German language all of the time. And today, I’m going to be talking about a few of those. These aren’t even the misunderstandings that people have about Deutschland (Germany) as a country or the German people as well… people. 804 more words

Myth busting misinterpretations of ASD behaviours

Many of the behaviours associated with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are perceived as rude, unacceptable, or impolite in society. Thus, there are many misconceptions about what these behaviours mean. 677 more words


Disclaimer: This post is going to be unavoidably redundant. It’s out of obligation. The hijab debate has gone on for so long, there’s little to no point in my continuing it. 1,523 more words


The point of rebutting objections to rejuvenation

If you’ve hung around here long enough, you probably know I have two pet peeves: ageing and money. If we assume the saying ‘Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes’ is true, then we’re forced to conclude that I advocate for the (indirect) elimination of the only two certainties in life. 598 more words


Successful Despite Introversion

The other day I did an internet search for prominent introverts. Just curious. No particular reason. The results surprised me. Not the introverts themselves, but the slant of so many of the articles. 56 more words


Most Common Home Buying Misconceptions

Home buying, having the utter challenge of decisions and searching, is often partnered with uncertainty, stress and anxiety. A lot of questions will be raised in the process, raising the spectre of doubt and room for facts before beginning property hunting. 497 more words

Selling Ohio