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Meditation – 3 biggest misconceptions about meditating that prevent you from daily meditation

Enjoy the following video in which you will learn the three biggest misconceptions about meditating that might have stopped you from daily meditation in the past, but no longer! 114 more words


Some misnomers.

1. Arabic Numerals
Originated in India.
2. Tin Can, Tin Foil
Made of Aluminum, not Tin.
3. Peanut
Is a legume, not a nut.
4. Madison Square Guarden… 52 more words


The electron always waves at you

This post has reference to Aatish Bhatia’s post on the subject matter bearing the title: “Hey There Little Electron, Why Won’t You Tell Me Where You Came From?” dated 27th September 2014 and published at the “Empirical Zeal” blog [ 2,010 more words

I'm a feminist because...

Hi everyone!

So recently I have researched a lot around the subject of feminism and I am proud to say that I am a feminist. 604 more words


She Hasn't Learned to Love Herself (G-uno)

She is intelligent, beautiful, kind, and all of her wonderful qualities are negated by the fact that she has not learned to love herself. Somewhere along her journey she told herself that she wasn’t enough, and she has spent every single day since then embracing that lie. 302 more words

Inner Demons

What We Do and Why We Do It

It seems that we cannot get over the Covenant of Works. Whether we are clinging to century-old traditions based on conservatism, or standing up for vague, modern-day definitions of good people just “loving” each other, humanity wants to do enough, do it right, make a difference, and just be good enough. 306 more words


Putting Those Misconceptions to Rest

There was an interview in The Guardian the other day about Jamie Dornan, that touched upon some common misconceptions about him. I’d like to share it here along with my own thoughts (colored type=the interview, black type=my thoughts). 2,124 more words

Jamie Dornan