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The alien

I had many misconceptions about the Chinese which were clarified very quickly.

1: The Chinese don’t bow!!! No, no, no please don’t bow at anyone because they will look at you as if you are stupid. 331 more words


Programming Misconceptions

Students often confuse assignment statements and comparison statements in Python.  (= verses ==). They often get variables and constants mixed up especially in languages that rely on convention to declare constants. 77 more words

Mental Illness Misconceptions

Mental Health Awareness is something that has been a public campaign in the last decade or so, but even with the increase in mental health awareness there are still many misconceptions, so here are just 10 common ones. 804 more words


5 Misconceptions of Social Media

We are in era; where businessmen are addressed as Entrepreneurs and New started businesses are addressed as startups. Where entrepreneurs & startups rarely go for print media, when it comes to market or promote their products. 721 more words


Vision - A Myrauf of  Questions

On Tuesday I headed over to my boyfriend’s after my shift to wait for him to finish work. As I waited for him in his kitchen filled with his roommates and their girlfriend, the familiar questions arose again. 442 more words

Living With An Eye Disease

Men and Feminism

I know a lot of my friends and every men will accept this fact; Men accepts Gender Equality but hate Feminism. Yes.. I sounded exactly what you read. 261 more words


"Catcalling is a compliment!"

Nope. Nope. Nope. Never, ever have I seen anyone respond to cat calling in a positive manner. There’s just something about the blatant objectification and sexualization accompanying cat calling that I just find a tad disgusting. 151 more words