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What is Jihad?

The term Jihad has been subject to much controversy and misunderstandings in recent years. While some people are genuinely unaware of what it really means, others have deliberately misrepresented and manipulated this term to achieve their ulterior motives. 1,142 more words


Living in Spain, many friends suppose that I spend my days asleep and my nights drinking sangria and dancing the flamenco.  Sadly, my response would be a definite ‘No way’ rather than ‘Olay!’  In fact, many Spanish stereotypes are about as true as the idea that all Scots wear kilts and drink whisky – i.e. 494 more words


Busting scholarship myths

“I won’t qualify.”

That’s the No. 1 reason students don’t apply for scholarships—and they’re often very wrong. Today we’re going to bust some common myths. 344 more words

College And Career Planning

Finding My Way

Webinars have become my new form of downtime. I have watched them on almost any topic you can imagine. Personally, I think I’ve gained a lot from them. 1,349 more words

Self Awareness

Journal Entry 9: Misconceptions

Everyone knows what Misconceptions are correct?

For those that are confused, Misconceptions is when someone perceives something and it doesn’t turn out to be that way. 370 more words

Pregnancy misconceptions

It wasnt till I told everyone I was pregnant again that I realised how many people think things about pregnancy that aren’t true. So I did a search and found a few things that people are told that aren’t actually true about pregnancy! 271 more words


“You’re Definitely Going to Get Caned!” and Other Misconceptions I’d Like to Clear Up

Monday, January 15, 2018

“You’re going where?  Portugal?” people would ask.  This was often accompanied by that nose wrinkle and slight falsetto indicating that they knew they were wrong, but where again? 1,056 more words