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10 Common Misconceptions About Marketing On The Internet

1. You will get rich quick. Marketing on the internet takes a​ lot of​ work. This is​ not a​ get rich quick scheme. it​ takes much time learning and failing before you will succeed. 535 more words


As many footsteps are wasted when they are do not tread the intended path

Many words are wasted while translating borrowed feelings that aren’t friendly to the tongue… 51 more words


3 Common Misconceptions That Are Preventing Your Blog From Growing

What else can I do?

Readers, I have recently been thinking about blogging and realized that there are many misconceptions bloggers have that could be ruining their success. 1,047 more words


You Don’t Find Your Purpose — You Build It

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We’re all looking for purpose. Most of us feel that we’ve never found it, we’ve lost it, or in some way we’re falling short. 1,080 more words

Money Matters

The machine demystified: misconceptions about autonomous vehicles

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The machine demystified: misconceptions about autonomous vehicles

Oct 17, 2017

Autonomous cars are becoming a reality faster than we realise. Earlier this year, the Audi A8 was the first production car to be released with Level 3 autonomous driving capability. 798 more words

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Pink can be a nasty color

By Kali Nelson 

There has been enough done to raise awareness of breast cancer. The month of October has been overwhelmed with pink, no matter where you look there is a pink ribbon slapped on everything, from the NFL to my cup of coffee. 795 more words


The Friend Zone

Welcome to my blog… :-D

I laugh, because we’re about a dozen posts in to it by now, but this was the very first post I started writing when I decided to recreate this blog after having thrown its predecessor into some abyss or another. 750 more words