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The curse of pre-conceived ideas

I’ve always heard of “don’t judge a book by its cover” but practically I did not apply this.Through pre-conceived ideas I’ve lost opportunities to build beautiful,meaningful,and lasting relationships.I’ve missed on learning from others and leading others to Christ.As I look back,I wish I can turn things around. 350 more words


Hometown Glory

I write with a heavier heart than most nights.

(And I am always writing with a heavy heart.)

“I’m not ready to let go, because then I’ll never know what I’ve been missing… But I’m missing way too much, so when do I give up?” 759 more words


Why Would You Ever Go to India?

I find this is the most common question I get asked when people find out about my travels, and will add that it is only for India specifically that I get asked this question.  833 more words


Free Your Mind

Walking as if he owns the streets. Dressed to kill. The sharp suit and jazzy shoes has some people thinking that he’s a playboy. Well, they just don’t know. 69 more words


We have been taught various things in our schools which are incomplete or incorrect and have been stuck ever since. In this article I’ll state 20 general misconceptions that I have come across and try to rectify them. 2,047 more words


May is Mental Health Month Part II

by Laura Lynch, LCSW, Life Coach

An Additional Burden: Stigma and Misconceptions

When illness is mysterious or poorly understood, physical or mental, additional burdens are brought on to a person who is living with the illness, and often family or friends. 788 more words