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Misconduct in the Scottish charity sector: The signal and the noise

Charities are under increasing pressure to be accountable for their conduct. This is an issue for both regulators concerned about supporting a healthy sector, and charities concerned about maintaining public trust. 870 more words

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The Voinnet investigator and the tricky issue of conflict of interests

Great scientists never have any conflicts of interests, and in the case of the investigation of the research misconduct by the plant scientist Olivier Voinnet… 1,354 more words

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Extracts from Kirk Nurmi's book

Some extracts from Kirk Nurmi’s book:


She would call her mother stupid and/ or guilt her into sending her money because she was starving. Ms. Arias would get angry with her mother for not sending her money or a book in a timely fashion. 254 more words


16 Officers Unlawfully Detain Black Trans Woman

UPDATE: 3:35am, Thursday, 17th; Lourdes Ashley Hunter was returned home safely. .bmp

WASHINGTON D.C. – Late Wednesday night, 16 police officers illegally entered the home of black trans woman activist and organizer, … 212 more words


When Companies or Directors Break The Law

Who do I report company or director misconduct to?

Who you should report to depends on what the misconduct is about:

  1. If a company has…
  2. 181 more words
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Unveiling the mystery of fallen microbiologist Robert Ryan

The young star of microbiology Robert Ryan, rose to great heights only to be publicly shot down, without much of an explanation. Instead, newspapers were tipped-off underhand and internal emails discretely forwarded; the only half-way solid information we have is the evidence of image duplications in his papers as… 975 more words

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What Will a Trump Justice Dept. Do?

What President Trump’s Justice Department is likely to look like.

  • More scrutiny of Muslims.
  • More pressure on black protesters.
  • Less scrutiny of police misconduct.
  • Fewer civil rights investigations.
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