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North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Loses Job in Misconduct Case

LAS VEGAS (AP) The first female North Las Vegas judge in city history has lost her job after admitting she engaged in professional misconduct.

Catherine Ramsey’s removal after five years on the bench came in a settlement of a state Commission on Judicial Discipline a complaint. 96 more words


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Ghosting. If you thought dating at 18 was an exercise in the absurd, you should really try dating at 38. I don’t do it often, which is a testament more to my incredible shrinking tolerance to people than it is the number of opportunities available. 565 more words


Employer UI taxes declining because more UI claims being denied

Wisconsin employers are having their unemployment tax rates slashed in 2017 because the fund from which unemployment benefits is reaching ever higher solvency metrics. The Walker administration is heralding this news… 1,025 more words


Not so Unlawful

Not so unlawful

Actionable : कारवाईयोग्य : Kaaravaaee.yogya

Barred : अवरुद्ध : Avaruddha

Dishonest : अप्रामाणिक : Apraamaanik

Erroneous : चुकीचा, प्रामादिक, प्रमादजन्य : Chukeecha, praamaadik, pramaad.janya… 79 more words


Maria Fousteri, the ERC-funded western blot cheater

Maria Fousteri is a highly successful Greek molecular cell biologist who studies the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage repair in human cells and their protective roles “against mental dysfunction or cancer”. 2,116 more words

Research Integrity

FINALLY! New LOTG in Action at Rio 2016

With changes in law like “Ball can be kicked in any direction at kick-off”, “Offside FK always taken where offence occurs (even in own half)” 674 more words

Incapacity vs Misconduct

paciryThere is a serious difference between incapacity and misconduct that employers need to be aware of. Incapacity relates to the employee’s ability to do their job: if they are unable to do their job through no fault of their own, for example they are mentally ill or hurt, you are looking at incapacity. 164 more words