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Before the cock crows thrice

Shorter nut picked at the Gates of Vienna Wieners [h/t Bob Stanley]:

No one could have possibly foreseen that Al Qaida would build a neo-con wet dream in their secret lab and unleash him on Norway!

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Misguided Self-justification

"You couldn't spare I 10,000 dollars for a small mansion, could you?"

The only thing better than a cobra on Les Twits is a group of Democrats avec Le Snark:

The impetus for this moment of perfection [ 205 more words

Misguided Self-justification

It's getting so you need a scorecard to tell the Jihadists from the Teahadists

ReaLAMErican Mike pHuckabee knows what’s best for America. And what’s best for America involves members of the Jesus Jihad forcing you to listen to some other lying hack : 142 more words

Misguided Self-justification

Army backs soldiers who resisted aural assault

Apparently a staff sergeant didn’t get the memo about Christian “Rock.” The only time it should be used by the military is to flush the enemy out of hiding : 148 more words

Misguided Self-justification

Lame Du Jour

From now on the League of Cool will determine how you spell your name :

Before becoming the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt led the First U.S.

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Misguided Self-justification

Bomb planted along MLK Day Parade Route [Updated]

Please send your condolences to the real intended victims :

The Spokane office of the FBI confirmed late Tuesday morning that a suspicious package found along the route of the Unity Parade on Monday morning was a credible threat that had the potential to cause “multiple casualties.”

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Misguided Self-justification