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Life Crisis, abortion

I had already gone insane of the last disturbance from my mother in my life that I could tolerate.  That’s it, I said.  That’s the final straw.   172 more words

The First Night...

Now that I was alone, it just got real. 

My adventure had started earlier that day, and now I was alone and in unfamiliar territory. I embraced the moment and had to smile that my mishaps for the day wasn’t over… 186 more words

One Canadian's Journey

Day 1 - The First Paddle Stroke

The day of the launch was indescribable because it was filled with so many amazing people who came out to show their support. I tried to meet as many people as I could, as well as answer any questions as time permitted. 323 more words



The gates would open, if you had a sensor key. I had not applied for it then. I have it now, it’s a breakthrough for me. 156 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Falcon 9 mishap update: helium tank rupture was part of the accident

SpaceX is far from completing their investigation, but they already have an intriguing piece of information to share with the public.  Although this is not the root cause, they have determined that the helium tank in the upper stage’s liquid oxygen tank ruptured violently, leading to the loss of vehicle.   296 more words


Trouble With Trekking Poles...

What am I doing with my trekking poles in this picture?  Ohh just weighing them to see how much it would be to FedEx them back to home…. 643 more words