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After Three Grim Accidents in a Week, Is It Even Safe to Ride on a Chinese Escalator?

A 35-year-old employee of a shopping mall in Shanghai had to have his left leg amputated on Saturday after a part of the escalator he was cleaning… 362 more words

Motorcycle river flood

An unidentified man riding a motorbike in India attempts to travel down a road inundated by a swollen river. Just when he seemingly makes it, the river decides otherwise and sends him, bike and all, for a quick drenching in some tastefull muddy floodwater. 7 more words

Not For All the Tea in China

As I write this, I’m sitting on the drawbridge where I work, gazing out the window at the much, much, MUCH higher fixed bridge next door. 275 more words


Up the Down Staircase

It was bound to happen – eventually. It was inevitable.

I just didn’t expect it to happen to me!

With three little ones in tow, it was a big deal to ride the escalator. 593 more words


Ants Misbehavin'

Life in the Boomer Lane is well aware that the planet contains countless species that all have a right to live. She is also aware that many of them choose to inhabit the same spaces as humans do. 699 more words


How To Get Your Engagement Ring Repaired

Getting your engagement ring repaired after a mishap should not be taken lightly. Its sentimental values and financial worth requires precautions to assure proper mending. Your engagement ring should be ideally repaired by the same jeweler who made it since they are familiar with the ring’s metal and design. 117 more words

A job! Or fake gold part one

So I get a call about a week ago from the Temp Agency. I’m skeptical cause, ya know, the agency and I have history. But the job sounds okay-it’s only a couple miles from my apartment, and hello desperate for money. 560 more words