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Memoir: Alarmed!

“Low Battery!”

Approximately ten minutes after having placed my bookmark where I left off reading Zombie Outbreak Survival: Zombie Hive Incident #83-2005 by Van Allen, and arriving at the outermost fringe of falling asleep, I heard it! 463 more words

Eva Pasco

Adventures of the Meschy Kind: Instalment #1

I mentioned in my introduction that my family is known for having misadventures when we travel, right? Well, I thought I’d share them with you in my installments of “Adventures of the Meschy Sort” (and yeah, I’m sticking with that pun). 509 more words


Brooklyn Park Live Burn Training Damages Adjacent Homes

Two homes in Brooklyn Park sustained minor damage during a fire training exercise on Monday.

Firefighter Video


What is the tried and tested, perfect response to a stressful time? An impulsive hair decision, of course! However, after ruling out several other options – slashing my waist-length hair into a pixie cut, dyeing the whole lot pastel pink at home – I decided to take a more sensible approach to the impulsiveness; the next week, I was booked for a hair consultation. 778 more words


Comically Large Neckties

I had to do a bit of shopping the other day because SOMEBODY used all of our cooking spray to lube up their roller skate wheels. 513 more words

Second Life


(not my sister but you get the idea)

my sister, p.

recently shared the following story

about her hair misadventure

and as sympathetic as i was… 296 more words