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We Get Around

My friend Francie and I decided to go to Formentera, a small island just off Ibiza, for a relaxing weekend retreat. Formentera was one of the filming locations for my favorite Spanish movie, Lucía y el Sexo, and it’s been a dream of mine to see it. 397 more words

Flying Away


As the April,2015 marks the beginning of A to Z Challenge 2015…here goes my thirteenth post for the letter:M :D
For M, I’ve chosen MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by Nicholas Sparks! 58 more words


My little hair removal mishap - Depil Pads Motion

Hija everyone :)

Last week was really the week of experiments and trying out new things and when testing things, you can have things go wrong. 410 more words


Missing Keys = Humility Lesson

Sometime, somewhere Saturday night I lost my car keys. Which normally wouldn’t be that awful of an issue, just go grab my spare key and keep on trucking. 200 more words


Mishap#3: Friendly Cheating

This is my biggest mishaps in my 6 years relationship with you. It never occurred to me that this will happen to us. And so it hurts. 127 more words


The Boomer and the Law

This year, Life in the Boomer Lane submitted her taxes and subsequently had a call from her tax guru. “I was looking at your personal property statement for your car, and there was an inspection sticker attached to it,” she said. 483 more words


There Was a Crooked Man...

Life in the Boomer Lane, discarding any number of current world atrocities she could wax poetic about, has instead chosen to entertain readers with her current kitchen improvement project. 586 more words