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Death By Awkward Metro Mishaps

I know it´s been awhile since anyone has heard from me. The backlash of the whole ridiculous situation that is the US right now left me speechless for a while. 805 more words


I wasn’t going to share this…

For personal reasons I wasn’t going to publicly share the following incident – I have to share at least a portion of it to further prove my point… 223 more words

One Canadian's Journey

Hope It'll Never Be

​Sitting on a corner, dripped on the black-painted loneliness, I found myself mesmerized by those thoughts. I didn’t got them so far. I didn’t fully understand every leap of the words. 243 more words


Nutella Mug Mishap!

Occasionally in my free time I’ll bake something, usually cupcakes since they’re the easiest to make, and you can never go wrong. But on this one occasion I decided to try something new and make a microwave mug cake which I saw on pinterest. 220 more words

Ever witnessed a road-side mishap where you hesitated to assist the victim fearing police/law scenes or prosecution? If yes, then its time to change your mind about rescuing for ever now! 142 more words


Lipsticks vs water

I stupidly left the faucet on in the bathroom while I took a shower. Well, it overflowed and seeped down into the cupboard below that held my storage box of lipsticks. 22 more words


Life Crisis, abortion

I had already gone insane of the last disturbance from my mother in my life that I could tolerate.  That’s it, I said.  That’s the final straw.   172 more words