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A Mother's Day Mishap

This happened on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015, at approximately 17:00-17:50 on the sidewalk along The Beacon/Makati Cinema Square in front of two unoccupied silver/grey-painted stalls facing the wall of Sinangag Express. 836 more words


Well, I have in a way hit a detour, delaying any short-term posting opportunities.

I am one who loves to jot down their ideas with ink and paper and continue the process along the drafting process. 101 more words


Five years and a half I’ve been driving to and from work in my car on a national highway, one hour or more each way. Indian highways and known for the sheer daredevilry of the people who cruise on it. 259 more words


#NepalEarthquake - Wound To Haul A Perpetual Scar

It was all just some fragment of seconds. Yes, just seconds and it took it all. Took what we had, took us our pride, our property, the one and only true thing that we ever possessed. 1,461 more words


The first time I ever did laundry

In the experiments, bedbugs survived four months of isolation on a table in a sea of kerosene without food, they came through a deep freeze lasting 244 hours without being harmed, and were able to remain alive underwater for an indefinite period of time.

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…he made famous the saying,

kids say the darndest things

Art Linkletter was a good, generous man who lived life well… 411 more words

Bonum Publicum

We Get Around

My friend Francie and I decided to go to Formentera, a small island just off Ibiza, for a relaxing weekend retreat. Formentera was one of the filming locations for my favorite Spanish movie, Lucía y el Sexo, and it’s been a dream of mine to see it. 397 more words