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Shot in the Foot

In response to the Izzy May I the Write: Shot in the Foot blog event: As a writer have you ever shot yourself in the foot, and what advice would you give to avoid it? 112 more words


Deck standing stacked against me:


One mishap after the other circumstantially occurring claiming five deaths of near and dear ones in the family within a short span of merely about eight months shattered my physical faculties to the core pinning me to bed with some vague sort of an ailment or the other. 149 more words


If You Could Cough Poetry

I’m sitting in a subway car, minding my own business. It’s just like any other day, the weather was fine, I tripped up the stairs twice this morning, and my brain shut off in the last period of school. 410 more words


Jackfruit Calamity

My devotion to the jackfruit, which reached almost mystical proportions, has diminished somewhat of late. There I was munching a seed when something gritty crunched between my teeth. 297 more words


Snip snip

Well, well. I cast off Smithfield last night and as I feared a little bit during it’s creation, the collar was not as loose as I really wanted. 252 more words


Embarrassment twinned with hell

Okay that might be over exaggerating, but it’s not my finest hour. The day started innocuously enough, a 6am start and falling asleep on the various forms of public transport required for me to arrive at work, probably annoying people with my grotesque face with mouth agape. 521 more words