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And then you're on your OWNNNNNN

If you caught a little snippet of American Idol the other night, you know exactly what I just gut laughed at.

Just a little ditty by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban on a break between contestants. 15 more words

Monday things...

Monday and hanging out with my girlfriend G. Next time I will get to spend some time with her is the upcoming weekend when she not is a meat with work. 57 more words

English Blogg

The Truth

What is the truth to you? How do you see it working in the world in which you live? No matter what you believe just make sure you tell the truth. 232 more words


Late Night Thoughts 

There’s so much to do, but so little time in which to do it. I get overwhelmed and panicked when I think of how much there is to do and how little time there is to do it. 96 more words

Sam Smith: Spektor At Number One

In my opinion, ‘Nobody Does It Better’ than Carly Simon, her bright white teeth glittering in the dark. It has everything you want from a bond theme: a string section humming away in the background, a memorable lyric, a strong vocal part and drama. 598 more words



uroš i i sedmorica huligana sa fantomkama,savršeno ime za bajku. ili pornić,pretpostvljam,zavisi od mašte čitaoca. :D http://t.co/isQMRoI0EP
AstroG (@Astr0G) September 20, 2015