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Band recording day 1: Relearning audio techniques. 

Well day one has finally come and gone and what a long one it was. I always forget how exhausting the tediousness of recording can be and by the end of the day I feel like I never get enough done. 136 more words


Simón Díaz.

Decir Simón Díaz es cantar automáticamente caballo viejo, 

Es acordarme de la sabana y la vaca mariposa,

Es ver un cuatro e imaginarlo en su corazón, … 103 more words

Y.O.U. Music

Good day, good day, good day!It’s your main man RoD here with good news! The time has come for Y.O.U. Music to reach critical mass, and we plan to get there with your help. 234 more words

And then you're on your OWNNNNNN

If you caught a little snippet of American Idol the other night, you know exactly what I just gut laughed at.

Just a little ditty by Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban on a break between contestants. 15 more words

Monday things...

Monday and hanging out with my girlfriend G. Next time I will get to spend some time with her is the upcoming weekend when she not is a meat with work. 57 more words

English Blogg

The Truth

What is the truth to you? How do you see it working in the world in which you live? No matter what you believe just make sure you tell the truth. 232 more words