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Fast or accurate? A trade off for news medium Nu.nl

Nu.nl, a Dutch news website which is a part of the Sanoma Media Netherlands Group, is one of the most well-known news media in the Netherlands. 583 more words

Washington Post: Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Burma

Washington Post: Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Burma. “Burma was long closed off by a military regime, with centuries-old tensions between its Budd­hist and Muslim communities leashed by strict control over traditional media.As the country transitions into democracy, those constraints have loosened and access to the Internet has expanded rapidly, most notably through a Facebook program called Free Basics that has catapulted the platform into prominence as a major source of news in Burma. 36 more words

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Dangerous Misperceptions...

Read Joshua 22
Focus on verse 12

There was a time in this nation when a person was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 441 more words

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Reefer Madness echoes

I read in a major NZ newspaper (online) a published story from overseas; highlighting what sounds like ‘Reefer Madness echoes’. Here are some extracts, from the ‘report’: 404 more words

Tell the DEP: Sunoco’s report is flawed

You have just a week to respond to the Sunoco’s latest plan for HDD (horizontal directional drilling) at the border of Delaware and Chester Counties. The deadline to respond to the DEP is December 11, and it’s important to have your voice heard because there is a fundamental flaw in this plan and others like it. 614 more words


HS2 'is not controlled by Whitehall'

“Ownership of HS2 is very much controlled by the regions, it’s no longer a Whitehall-dominated or controlled project”, according to HS2 Ltd chairman David Higgins (sound recording… 13 more words