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more from frontlines

I read the following news snippets from the ‘frontlines’ of the Drug war :

1) Florida is set to commence the operation of a medicinal cannabis… 238 more words

Maintaining the myths

I read that a previously unreleased report has been obtained through an ‘Official Information act’ request from NZ Govt. The person receiving the report (a Lawyer) made the following observations/comments: 549 more words

A PMS-fueled PSA

Since I don’t have the guts to post this on Facebook, here it goes:

Before  reposting or sharing an article, may I suggest something?  Perform a Google search with the article title plus either peer review or snopes. 68 more words


Drug Testing

I read that a contracted NZ Truck driver, has won $32k in compensation for unjustified dismissal.. after a ‘work place drug test’ came back positive for Cannabis. 241 more words

Cornerstone of Harm

I read there are questions being asked about a Police report, from 2007 titled: ‘New Cannabis, the cornerstone of illicit drug harm in NZ’ which states; cannabis costs the country over $30million & has resulted in over… 308 more words

effects of 'marijuana' ?

I’ve heard so much misinformation on the supposed effects of ‘marijuana’ (aka Cannabis).. I thought I’d list a few or more:

In the bad old days (1940 onward): 206 more words

Support Your Local Law Enforcement

Whether from the president or throwback activists of the 1960’s, people need to be aware of false narratives driving propaganda through news to promote social change; in particular, the perpetuation of… 197 more words