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Is the Moral Spine of America Broken?

A perusal of information on the internet reveals a mountain of hate disguised as news, history, and current events. Unchecked misinformation runs rampant across our social media but viewers and readers alike seem to accept deceit as a tolerable manner of discourse. 310 more words

Social/political Commentary

Misinformed on 'Marijuana'

I often hear the use of this word ‘Marijuana’.. which seems to be adopted as an ‘official name’ for the Cannabis plant & the drugs from it. 447 more words

Hard habit to break

For transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, talking nonsense seems to be a hard habit to break.

According to Mr McLoughlin, GB railways have grown overcrowded as the country slipped down the global infrastructure league table (whatever that is). 38 more words


Still NO changes

I read that the NZ Ministry of Health has issued a statement on Cannabis policy. The minister said he will continue to take a ‘robust & scientific’ approach. 573 more words

Alternative point of view

I watched a follow-up ‘Story’ (current affairs) program on TV this evening. They interviewed a young man, (22 yrs) who grew up in a small town… 165 more words

How ridiculous

Watching the TV news item yesterday (my last post) & others.. I hear that terminally ill patients in Aotearoa/NZ can get prescription opiates/morphine (as they require), BUT unless they jump through several hoops.. 290 more words

An Introductory Practice

Now that I have given a little bit of light concerning how The history of meditation and the current practices can seem as if they are truly useful and yet be so vague, I’m going to give an example of a simple practice technique that give you a little understanding of how older methods can not compare to the simplicity of my newly developed techniques. 570 more words