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Clear message

I watched a documentary last evening, titled: ‘How to make money selling Drugs’ (made in USA).. it highlighted the majority of issues around the WAR on Drugs & all the… 431 more words

Coffee, Mira, misinformation, Hell's Angels

This has turned into a rather sprawling network of interconnected coincidences with no one unifying theme. I present them more or less in chronological order, so some bits may seem like non-sequiturs at first, until you’ve read further. 1,359 more words


I just watched a couple of brief TV stories, about Medicinal Cannabis. One was about the first ‘legal cannabis’ brought into NZ, the other seemed to contradict this : 361 more words

Threat to leave UN

I watched a brief news item on Al Jazeera (Int’ news).. the new President of the Philippines is apparently threatening to leave the United Nations (UN) after reports of negative comments about the approach he (& his police/military) have now taken in the… 114 more words

other voices

Whilst I feel there is a rising level of voices calling for reform (in Aotearoa/NZ & around the world).. there are still quite a chorus of ‘Status Quo’ ONLY… 539 more words

misinformed chatter

I listened to Talk-back radio last night.. they were discussing the latest, NZ Drug Foundation researched ‘cannabis law’ poll: 64% support personal use (decrim. or legal) & about 80% say ‘YES’ to Med-use. 324 more words

Poll response from PM

I see on the TV news that our Prime Minister, has effectively dismissed the finding in this latest poll. ‘NO LAW REFORM on the agenda !!” 429 more words