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Event: MisinfoCon, A Summit on Misinformation, Feb 24–26, at MIT Media Lab & The Nieman Foundation for Journalism

By Jeanne Brooks, James Geary, Burt Herman, Jenny 8. Lee, Phillip Smith, and Claire Wardle

Misinformation, and increasingly disinformation, is distorting the public’s ability to make sense of the world around them, threatening the democratic process around the globe. 365 more words

Information Operations

Opioid explosion USA

I saw on TV news, over the last weeks.. several news items about the explosion of Opioids in USA; spec. ‘Fentanyl’ (a ‘big-pharma’ prescription drug). 254 more words

OIA data

I recently downloaded data released, under the OIA (Official Information act) about Cannabis convictions (over 10 years) in Aotearoa/NZ, that resulted in imprisonment or home detention… 251 more words

US News & World Report: Sharers Rather Than Authors More Important on Social Media

US News & World Report: Sharers Rather Than Authors More Important on Social Media. “The person who shares a news story on social media is more important than the story’s actual source in determining whether readers believe it, a study by the Media Insight Project has found. 44 more words

Research & Opinion

Haiku Quartet, Trump Terrorism


1. “Under a perfect – storm of misinformation – Trump stole the White House”

2. “Republicans shit – on the poor, blow the rich and – screw the rest of us” 21 more words

more from the frontlines

I just watched 3 TV news items, all drug related.. from the frontlines of the Drug War:

1) a young man died at an ‘ayahuasca’ retreat in Sth America. 204 more words