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Vaccinating Your Child: Look for Evidence, not Middle Ground

Sometimes anti-vaccine fallacies make their way to people who are sincerely trying to figure out how best to protect their children. In fact, most parents who refuse all or some vaccines are simply good-intentioned people who pick up misinformation that is blasted out by the very loud voices of the anti-vaccine movement. 1,535 more words

Vaccine Refusal


THE MEDIA AND THE SECRET STATE | Richard Keeble – Academia.edu


I just watched a ‘breaking news story’ ; NZ Police have today raided a major Gang HQ (‘Head-Hunters’). The police spokesman stated (paraphrased) ‘we are about… 193 more words

Spingola and Friends, #80

Deanna presented more information about the Sandy Hook incident, the Damage Control Operation and other related topics.
Please read Deanna’s Sandy Hook Research and Notes… 19 more words


John Cook undermining democracy through misinformation

It seems that John Cook was posting comments in 2011 under the pseudonym Lubos Motl. The year before physicist and blogger LuboŇ° Motl had posted a… 385 more words

Science & Non-science

Is it more dangerous to know all, nothing, or just enough to think you know?

One of my favorite philosophical questions is which is more powerful, the truth, or what one wrongfully believes to be the truth?

With that question in our noggins, classmates, colleagues, friends, please lend me your ears (well eyes) for a friendly, non-credit, journey to discover how any and all can engage in a combination of basic political history, political science, and statistics in the legislative area.  2,997 more words

General Commentaries Regarding The State Of Education And Government

Ends and Means

In the wake of two videos released by a national anti-choice activist group, politicians in DC and across red states are stretching the limits of the legal tools at their disposal to harass and defund the women’s health organization Planned Parenthood. 965 more words