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How can I self hypnotise to stop chronic neuropathic pain?

Question above from Quora

Answer by T.G. Ape:

I know I’m courting downvotes here, but I have this honesty thing that just won’t let me pass this question by. 272 more words

Chronic Pain

True Blue...

Got your calamine?

You will see this one on nearly every “Home Hacks” and “Tips to save money” blog and website. Everyone, that is, except for Proctor & Gamble’s own site.  648 more words


Be Afraid of the Many, Many Vaccines

Dr. Bob Sears wants you to believe he is a vaccine supporter. He so supports vaccines that once, while in the midst of lobbying against the elimination of vaccine exemptions in California, … 792 more words



“Rise above the strife and stay above it.”- a U.S. Police officer’s wife said in response to Beyonce’s controversial performance at Super Bowl 50 last night. 344 more words


The World is round – it’s a sphere

Actually it’s an oblate spheroid to be precise

The internet is full of rubbish about the earth being flat, I’ve never seen so much of it in great detail. 96 more words



One of my favorite pastimes is looking up stuff on the internet. I have been “googling” since before there was a Google. I research questions as part of my real-life job.   418 more words