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Scott Weems Quote.

Weems, S. (2014). Ha!: The science of when we laugh and why.



If only we could raid a home for
Whatever the misinformation
as determined by the largely
misinformed masses
who feel fully informed based on their consumption… 27 more words


Maskirovka and Misinformation – A Dystopian Reality

A few weeks ago I heard a BBC documentary about a Russian military strategy called Maskirovka. Essentially this is the art of disinformation, about engineering truth to distract or mislead your enemies. 592 more words


Virtual Revolution

We are at point in our collective story where the walls of the old paradigm are tumbling down and in the chaos a gold rush of new age ideas, stories and analysis abound. 611 more words


Hypermasculinity: Society's Misinformed View of Black Males

Black Males. Where do I start? Where CAN I start?

This post topic has been weighing on my heart and soul since the summer George Zimmerman was acquitted. 1,797 more words


The Walter Scott Shoot: What We Know

Almost as sure as the month of April brings taxes, the full effect of the Black Grievance Industry and their sub-constructs are slobbering over themselves in an effort to disprove what we know about the Walter Scott (to be referred to as the “Fleeing Felon” from here on). 437 more words


Is Monsanto creating a genetically modified marijuana strain?

As an exploration of misinformation flow on social media, I’ve decided to focus on a topic of interest both to me and my audience. I am tuning in to articles, videos and news about marijuana in attempt to debunk misinformation and use media literacy strategies to otherwise verify the articles I encounter on my own social media. 1,019 more words