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Strange dayz

I used to think that most people who used illegal drugs (esp. Cannabis) were of like mind, in support of law reform.. BUT over time I have come to the conclusion, this is untrue; if truth be known some/perhaps many, actually seem to be totally caught up in the… 296 more words

Final episode

I watched the final episode of: ‘Back Benches’ (NZ politics in the pub) for 2016. The host made it sound unclear, as to whether the show would continue in 2017 ? 150 more words

So Much to Share...So Little Time to Check Facts

I vividly remember the first email I received that made me both scared and skeptical at the same time. It was many years ago, and it was a forward (always a forward!) that said that licking envelopes can result in spiders growing inside your mouth.  867 more words


Link into Jim (again)

The High speed Rail Industry Leaders Group has released an ‘independent report‘ claiming that Britain will forgo nearly 27,000 jobs by the end of the decade if it does not press ahead with the HS2 rail project, The Times reported (19 September 2016). 120 more words


Take off, but take out first

So, I’ve been on my holidays again, and this time I’m not going to be talking about the holiday itself, but the travel experience. Sadly it wasn’t the most edifying one. 626 more words


Leading the way in misinformation

One of the most active purveyors of HS2 misinformation is the ‘High Speed Rail Industry Leaders Group’, which was set up by Greengauge 21. A recent example of HSRILG nonsense was: ‘British companies won 95% of contracts on Crossrail, the same can happen with HS2.’ 159 more words


An Taisce's Dahr Jamail timeline : source comparison

This is a short comparison of the “timeline” published by An Taisce in its January 2014 ezine with the sources claimed for these “timeline” items. For a more exhaustive (and exhausting!) treatment of this “timeline” see… 1,181 more words