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Cancer Resources: Fighting Myths and Misinformation

Cancer sucks!

We’ve all probably had someone close deal with cancer, or we know someone who has. There are some issues and myths around cancer, and I’ve compiled some sources to help fight misinformation. 583 more words

Some call it 'marijuana'..

I wrote a post a while ago, about the numerous names that the ‘demon weed’ goes by. The most common is probably ‘Marijuana’. BUT the actually name for this plant/drug is CANNABIS. 442 more words

How Matt lies

This is what Matthew Berdyck does. He lies. Right here he has an exact quote from someone, namely Marylin. She says please and thank you. As moderator of a forum, she is correct in that she is not responsible for people’s posts or comments. 85 more words

Matthew Berdyck

Misinformation: Social Media's Vaccination Pandemic

“Knowledge is power.”

We’ve all heard it…but let’s dissect that quote for a second.

Per Merriam-Webster:
Knowledge =¬†information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education… 883 more words

Square 1

Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision Rant

There’s just no telling some people, I’ll tell you what.

First of all, I am completely ecstatic over the Supreme Court’s ruling to nationally legalize same-sex marriage. ¬† 834 more words

Book Of Shadows

a few thoughts..

In light of recent issues in Aotearoa/NZ around Medicinal Cannabis: (really going nowhere, FAST)

1) The NZ Law Commission released a report into the ‘Misuse of drugs act 1975′ (current legislation) a few years ago. 266 more words

Keith Johnson

In the first hour today Deanna talked a bit about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the aftermath that followed including but not limited to the deluge of so called evidence. 67 more words