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Snopes Has a Section Specifically for Fake News

Reddit tipped me to the fact that Snopes has a section specifically for fake news. I’m not sure how new this is. The first page of it goes all the way back to November 24th, however, so don’t look to this as comprehensive.

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Loop / GIF

For this brief I was asked to create a loop or GIF which would reflect something politically or culturally relevant.

I chose to look at the media. 142 more words

University Projects

Misinformation, confrontation and the internet

I’m not a confrontational kind of person. Having to tell someone they are wrong about something usually leads to a kind of sick feeling in my stomach and anxiety that plagues me for days. 550 more words

Moral Dilemmas

Post-truth, propaganda, and bullshit: a glossary

I’ve seen a lot of comments saying something to the effect of, “post-truth isn’t anything new; call it what it is: propaganda!” Or, “post-truth is just a bullshit buzzword for disinformation!” While I understand the impetus behind the “post-truth = propaganda” line of thought, as a librarian interested in how people interact with information, I think it’s important to clarify that they do not actually describe the same phenomena. 1,686 more words


Loophole in the Loophole

In response to an apparent ‘loophole’ in section 8, of the current NZ Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, that for a short while, has seen a number of kiwis bringing medicinal cannabis in from states in USA.. 245 more words

Facebook is asking users to identify "misleading language" in posts to curb fake news and clickbait

To combat its “fake news” problem, Facebook is turning to the very people that consume it—its users.

The social network is testing a new feature that lets users rank a news article based on whether it contains deceptive phrasing. 336 more words

The Weather Channel Enters the Fray... Yes, The Weather Channel

James Delingpole of Breitbart.com, the conservative news and opinion site, cherry-picked facts and developed a misleading analysis on climate change from reports and video published by… 268 more words

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