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The Immortal Planet Conspiracy: Fake Endings, Duplicitous Devs, and How to Erode Consumer Trust

I have a confession to make: I did not achieve 100% completion before reviewing Immortal Planet.

Now, for anyone well-versed in the practice of games journalism, that should come as no surprise. 315 more words

Immortal Planet

Fake News

I find this term, strange. For time immemorial, people in power have always strived for propaganda and promotional material to portray themselves into the best position. 150 more words

Like-Farming on Facebook

I see this a lot on my Facebook feed–people sharing heartrending photos with “like and share for a prayer”…etc. Or “My dad said he would do this great thing if you share my photo! 135 more words

Social Media

Platitudes and Pablum

Platitudes and Pablum are for dinner,
these two are what we routinely eat.
Fill our bellies with misinformation;
none of the three should be considered treats. 234 more words


Fake News II – It's only the tip of the iceberg

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘tip of the iceberg’ exists. A study shows that for every ten people, six of them don’t read beyond the headlines. 464 more words