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“Misinformation that is ‘merely’ implied is more difficult to eradicate than misinformation that is stated directly.”

Tom Jacobs included this in his Pacific Standard Magazine article, “ 110 more words


The Flag and The Parade

Misinformation, Social Media & Viralization:

The Flag and The Parade

Hey, did you hear about the Merdeka Day celebration incompetence?
Well my friend’s cousin’s uncle’s brother’s niece posted that the parade messed up and the flag was inverted?! 608 more words

Close To Home


I was at a meeting recently.. there does seem to be quite a rise in interest to learn ‘Te Reo Maori’ (NZ indigenous language), even amongst the ‘non-indigenous – Pakeha’ (like I&I). 222 more words

Spreading misinformation, intentional or not

Rick Santorum appeared on Bill Maher and, when asked about climate change, claimed that there was a recent survey showing that 57% of scientists don’t agree that CO2 is the main control knob for our climate. 599 more words

Climate Change

'New' Drugs policy

I read on another blog (Your NZ), the statements made by the current NZ Govt. minister, on the launch of : the ‘NEW National Drug Policy’ 659 more words

Science vs. Bikini model 

A Facebook acquaintance posted an antivax video, captioning it, “Watch this video … very interesting …” Why are so many people eager to ignore the vast collections of data, peer reviewed journals, medical researchers, and public health agencies, and flock to follow discredited attention whores?  763 more words