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When Grandad was a Penguin / Snip Snap Croc

When Grandad Was a Penguin
Morag Hood
Two Hoots
When is a Grandad not a Grandad? That’s the dilemma facing a little girl when she goes to visit her Grandad. 429 more words

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It All Began With A PAMPHLET Which Not Only Became A Trending Topic On Social Media Outrage Industry With Incessant Rants But Also Created Storm In News Portals,The Exaggeration & Hype Was Such That It Drew Attention Of National Media Like Never Before,They Furthur Sensationalized It To The Extent… 575 more words


WHAT IS "FATE KARMA"...and can you beat it?

Or…are we human beings born with certain “obligations” we have to meet, but then we also have the opportunity of substantially altering our lives ? 618 more words

Special Education


I perched there – my hands,
my words, undelivered,
on the edge of the porch –

I could not be otherwise,
though you were a hand’s-breadth, 39 more words



I have been thinking a lot…

Some would say too much…

I have discovered the fact that the hardest part about growing up is figuring out your own faults and owning them. 862 more words

​Misinterpretation in Social Media

Nowadays, people are using a set of new terms that came concurrently with the emergence of the social networking sites, for example, meme, viral, blogging, tagging and tweeting. 158 more words

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