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YOUR Body, YOUR Mind

Why every student should be a health science student in some way, shape or form.

What if I told you that I could prove to you that apples were bad for you? 751 more words

Mental Health

'You Are a Herd of Donkeys because...'

Immediately after Fajr (morning prayers) the Imam (one who leads the Muslim congregational prayers in a mosque) stood up to address the restless souls heading back to cover their sleep before starting of the long day while fasting. 409 more words

Self Management

Snippet 145

Day 145

You have a habit of falling in love with the next guy in your dream, of looking at the real one like he felt for you the same way your dream guy did. 67 more words

The Unsealed Journal

This Isn't What I Wrote

A couple years ago I was accused of anti-Semitism. Anyone who knows me will realize how ludicrous such an accusation is. Several people to whom I’ve related this story actually laughed out loud. 835 more words


Misinterpretation: Stereotypes and Judging other people

We all are guilty of judging a person based on looks or behaviour. This is almost a survival instinct that we humans have, but does it do more harm than good? 1,151 more words

Confidence - Emotional Well Being

Why Have We Changed the Narrative of the Book of Ruth? 

There are so many pages, ministries, YouTube channels, Instagram pages, etc. surrounding the topic of relationships. Many of them focus so much on the relationship itself and not the author of it. 873 more words


An update on my Dad's love life

This site may as well be called Dad’s love life, as majority of what I’ve written is about it.

I was taking in the bins, and he pulled out of the driveway with a new woman I’ve never seen. 105 more words