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Morrill's Law

You may have heard of Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. It might take a while, especially for rarer events, but any disaster that potentially… 786 more words


Tikkun or fixing... happiness or misery... the invisible dynamic

Tikkun is a Hebrew word, means correction.

I am yet to hear a Westerner, or an Easterner use the word: correction. The world, nowadays, is into “fixing”. 165 more words

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Tikkun entails more than putting something right what was wrong. We should look more at it as a word presenting the healing factor or bringing something in a good or healthy state. In Europe we still speak about correcting or reacting in the good sense to something to repair it. Some may use the word to fix something, but we doubt this word would be used in our regions in the sense of tikkun.


I am asking for direction
Not your disregarded rejection;
I thought we had a connection
A relationship of perfection;
Mistaken identity collection
A total missed selection.


Wellness cynics and setting intentions

There’s something about the word ‘manifestation’ or ‘manifest’ that has me furrowing my brows and more than willing to roll my eyeballs the whole 360. I began to notice the word around the time when everyone got into that book ‘The Secret’ and the law of attraction. 291 more words

Misinterpreting The Thief: John 10:10


You’ve said it, Marcuss has said it, Preachers say it all the time.  The devil, satan, the enemy, the father of lies all around.  This is the one out to steal, kill and destroy you just as Jesus Himself said, right?  55 more words

Rethinking: How We Read The Bible


If we are going to understand the Bible in order to Rethink many things we have been taught, we must have some understanding of Hermeneutics.  65 more words

"Born In The U.S.A." (2. analysis)

“Born in the U.S.A.” was to be the title of a Paul Schrader movie talking about a rock band struggling with life and religion and Springsteen was asked to write its title song. 1,180 more words