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A Bit of Russian Humor to Provide Perspective

As an American, I am envious of the Russian sense of humor that culminates in the ubiquitous anecdote.  No matter what the event or the occasion, the anecdote is up to the task.   540 more words


#NoMorePageThree: Continuing the Fight

Nearly 3 years ago, Lucy-Anne Holmes started a petition with the sole aim to make The Sun drop the Page 3 feature from the paper. Page 3 has, since the 1970’s – shortly after Rupert Murdoch took charge of the paper – featured topless women accompanied by a short bio about the model in question, much to the detriment of women everywhere. 455 more words


The filthy truth about women

In my ongoing evaluation of my failed marriage, when I take a break from beating myself up I engage in occasional analysis of my estranged husband’s attitudes and behaviors, and his very obvious disappointment in me as a woman, wife and Christian. 855 more words

Rants And Venting

The bizarro world of menstrual shame

If I were an astrologer or a mentalist eking out a living, partnering people to planets and constellations, I would want to examine the moon-woman connection. 689 more words


17 things I'm tired of as an Indian Woman (or general comments on my beloved misogynistic society)

  1. Madamji, aapka  bra strap  dikh raha hai.
  2. Oye tota !  Hello. Frenship Bootyful?
  3. “I have to reach home by 9 because unka call aayega / I have alcoholic drinks only 
  4. 384 more words

Review of The Crucible from Flick Philosopher

This review addresses one of the questions I’ve had about this production — which is how all of the flickering movement of Richard Armitage’s face, seen in closeup, works on the stage. 175 more words

Richard Armitage

Why I'm a Misanthrope:

The latest and greatest example:

This Story.

Now…the initial reaction to this post may be to assume that, as a feminist, I am disgusted by the ‘politician’s’ comments. 375 more words