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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I, amongst many, many, many other people find your crude and frankly disgusting comments not only disgusting but offensive, shameful and misogynistic. The video that was released of you over the weekend making said comments in 2005 does not represent a “one-time thing”. 729 more words

What to do About Rape Culture

The legal system is in disarray: how often is it now that reports of rape cloud the news, reporters clamouring outside court houses for the latest update or the newest quote from the accused? 789 more words

Social Justice

I'm Scared of Men

I’m scared of men.

I know, not all men.

But I’m scared of men. The vast majority of girls I know and have spoken to are also scared of men (or at least have been given cause to be scared of men at least once in their lives.) Like most of my friends, I am 17. 567 more words

Social Justice

Donald Trump Misogynism versus his Pro-gay Islamophobia is straight out of the European right-wing playbook

Donald Trump has a big problem: Women don’t just dislike him — they actually detest him

It shouldn’t surprise that an unreconstructed misogynist has trouble with women voters.

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The Burnt Faces

By: Urooj Alnoor

Women who try to speak up, for themselves, are forced to keep quiet, which is the only reason why Pakistan is this far from providing women their rights.” 861 more words

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