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Sex in the Weinstein Age

Note: The only people responsible for sexual assaults are attackers. Their exertion of power over their victims is reprehensible, and we all need to stand up against all sexual abuses, of all kinds, against all people: female, male, cis, trans: every single point on the spectrum of human existence. 1,055 more words



I’ve been thinking about power a lot lately.  The topic seems to be everywhere.

The pastor saying, “The problems you see in politics is caused by the church reaching for power.  618 more words

If true.

If true. If true. If true. In one way, certainly, it’s a fitting refrain for the America of 2017, with all its concessions to the conditional tense: alternative facts, siloed reality, a political moment that has summoned and witnessed a resurgence of…

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"This too is a war about stories"

Who would we be if our epics and myths, our directors and media moguls, our presidents, congressmen, chief executive officers, billionaires were not so often white and male?

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Stories & Storytelling

Internalized misogyny.

I’ve spent the past six weeks archiving 10 years of fanfiction to AO3 and let me confess here and now, 2008 Max was a full blown misogynist. 669 more words

Joburg's new 'lady of the Orient' Saigon Suzy is just as racist and sexist as #Misohawni

A couple of white bro former night club owners caused quite the stir on social media this week when it was revealed that their Asian mishmash restaurant in Melville was billed with the classy name: Misohawni. 1,024 more words


You Too, Al Franken? Woman Claims Politician Sexually Assaulted Her

I’m not happy about this wave of sexual harassment claims for two reasons: One, some of the people accused are ones I actually looked up to at one point. 632 more words