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Up in the Air

I’m not sure how I feel about segregation, personally.

– Conservative Milo Yyiannopoulos, June, 2015, on segregating men and women in the sciences


The Handmaid's Tale Premieres

The television adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s iconic and disturbing futuristic novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, is due out in the United States today. It is relevant to now, dealing with a society where women have had all their power taken away from them in a police state.


What does femininity mean to you?

Is it dancing red dresses, pink sashes and strong hands sweeping you off your feet?
is it false eyelashes, fake boobs or padded push-up bras made to deceive how you once believed? 206 more words

An extract from a Journal of a misogynist

I hate women. I am subdued at the presence of fellow men and strong women. I shrink at anyone that I think is better than me.   541 more words


Again, Blame Yourself

This one goes out to feminists and women in general. With any segment of feminism, I’ll gladly admit men share a portion of the blame, and perhaps an even larger portion is typically to be holstered upon the back of the elite capitalists who’ve devised it all to the detriment of men and women. 1,022 more words



I am an object.

At least, this is how I feel when I’m ranked and pitted against my fellow females. In high school, men are boys. 1,196 more words

Societal Crisis

Sansa is important. Get with the program.

This article popped up on my Twitter feed today: Strong As Sansa

I LOVE THIS. So glad that Sansa is getting some love. I have talked about Sansa… 3,730 more words

Character Analysis