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Man's World: The Normalisation of Misogynistic Attitudes in Music

Following on from my last post, I got thinking about the reception of women in music, rather than just their representation. Now, this is something that encapsulates the world of music as a whole entity, in that… 1,132 more words


Action Day 20: Do (half of) what Alexis Lieberman does (and a bonus!!)

Alexis Lieberman is a citizen-activist force to be reckoned with. I am a just-keeping-up working mother lady who often skips days of activism because I Just Can’t Do Something Else on That Day. 445 more words

My Journey Through Internalised Misogyny

By Molly Thompson

Looking back on my beliefs as a child/early teen, I see a lot of internalised misogyny. For anyone who is unaware, this is defined as an ‘’involuntary internalisation by a woman of sexist messages that are present in their societies and culture.’’ In simpler terms, a woman can be surrounded by sexist messages in the society that she is living in and can then internalise these views and take them on as her own through socialisation. 744 more words


Underneath your vitriol

You who judges me are more affected by the judgement you pass, than I am by being judged. The shadow you wish to cast over me with your invalidating remarks aren’t going to last an afternoon, but the darkness that expelled such shadows is engraved in you. 139 more words

Prose Poetry

Fantasy Misogyny

It seems like every book I pick up lately has a protagonist struggling against a supremely patriarchal, sexist, oppressive society. And I’m absolutely not saying we shouldn’t be writing and reading about these issues, be they incorporated into fantasy worlds or not–but lord am I getting a little exhausted of being surrounded by a society that hates and enacts violence against women, especially when I’m reading to get a bit of a break from it. 77 more words

Presidential Role Reversal - Essay

Presidential Role Reversal

Men. You have to treat them like shit. They always get carried away by their own testosterone. I keep a really ugly unflattering picture of my male employees around so that whenever they do something I don’t like I can remind them that they’re just a male bimbo to me. 373 more words