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Europe: Muslim Atrocities against Women? So What!

Recently, a judge in Germany acquitted a Turkish drug dealer of raping one of his customers last August. He had forced himself on her for four hours and left her incapacitated for weeks. 156 more words


Although at times Aristotle was a precise observer of the natural world – his descriptions of various species impressed Charles Darwin – his observations of women were decidedly warped.

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Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch

Murder… 136 more words


A critique of Complementarianism

John Piper, Advocate of Complementarianism through The Gospel Coalition

One of my theology professors, Dr. Daniel Castelo, once said “Theology dies in abstraction”. Practical theology, literally theology in practice, is one of the most important aspects of sound theology. 875 more words


Trump's Support of Islamophobia and Violence Strikes Again

Three men were stabbed and two had their throats cut on a Train in Portland today. Their mistake was coming to the defense of two Muslim women who were being harassed by Jeremy Joseph Christian. 587 more words

Growing Up Patriarchy 

The first time I came face to face with my personal male privilege, I was only maybe nine or ten years old. I was at home with my four sisters, who mind you were all three, six, eight and nine years older than me. 690 more words