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It’s. Not. Flattery.

Increasingly the flirtations of older men are making me feel uncomfortable – unsafe, even – in the world.

The assumption that younger women were more likely to attract unwanted attention appears to be misguided. 157 more words

Shedding the Fear Exoskeleton

As I sat to write this letter to the editor, I consciously asked to channel Nancy, Aunt Jewy, and the Gladys’. I needed their strength and wisdom to craft my response. 937 more words

Accidental Goodness

Nasty little man, I thank you!
So grateful for the misfortune
of meeting your mind.

You didn’t enhance my life.
Funny how it was enriched anyway, 71 more words


Zero trust for Antifa

Communes, The NSW Greens, Spanish anarchists, and a plethora of other groups have adopted grass-roots, informal organizing structures on some level, often with the same results: accountability suffers and power differentials go unchecked. 2,100 more words


Trauma Porn: How the Courts Fail Jurors.

By: Lessa Leigh

I got called for jury duty this week. It had been several decades since I’d participated in our grand American system of citizen jurors, and this was the first time I had been summoned in Ohio. 2,357 more words