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“She would be the perfect wife,” he said as I held his pint in front of him, his eyes fixed to the right of me as she stacked half empty glasses precariously on top of each other. 77 more words


Growing Hatred Of Privileged White Males

I know this isn’t exactly my normal type of post since it doesn’t have anything to do with being transgender. At least not directly. But to say I am beyond pissed off would be the understatement of the century. 1,100 more words


Sherlock finale

You’d have to be blind not to notice that Sherlock is a white man’s show, but Steven Moffat’s brand of misogyny has become extremely tedious. 412 more words

The Silence of Women

While I’ve never come across commentary on the topic — though there must be some — nor heard any sermons preached on it, I’m always struck by the repeated command of Jesus to his followers not to tell the world about the miracles he performs. 286 more words

The dehumanization of sexism

the edgelords going round saying women aren’t human beings and shouldn’t vote because Vox Day was kidding about it (he couldn’t apply it to his own wife, she owns his balls) should probably look at the type of person who takes this seriously… this is your Spartacus… 914 more words

White Women: Come Get Your People

It’s no secret that white women fucked up this election. Not to say they don’t fuck up regularly, but 2016 was an especially disturbing case, with 53% of white women voting for an egomaniacal cheeto who’s now busy… 1,633 more words