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Fuck all of you I give up

Now even the gay guys are turning on women to suck fake MGTOW dick and stroke their egos – at the expense of women. And worst of all, they’re twisting science to do it, like the Cultural Marxists. 385 more words

Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Pedophile

The Beastie Boys once sang (sic): “If I played guitar I’d be Jimmy Page/The girlies I like are underage.” As far as I know, they’ve gotten a free pass for such a debased endorsement but there’s no question as to their lyrical veracity. 210 more words

NEW COMIC- fuck YOU Facebook

You’ve probably come across something on Facebook that’s sexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic or other horrible things, and, unless you’re a bit numb, you’ve probably reported it to Facebook. 28 more words


Let's Have Another Chat About the Perception of Women in Sport

So today I heard something that properly got my hackles up. I know what you’re thinking – “it doesn’t really take much does it?” I have a bit of a reputation of being loud and opinionated (and probably not always right) about matters that affect women so sometimes I worry I come across a bit “crying wolf-y”. 666 more words

Whorus Justifyus

The Manosphere talks about hamstering. A woman’s effort to make her behavior acceptable to you and herself. Rationalization is actually an established phenomenon in the sphere of psychology. 359 more words


As a professor in America, I could be gunned down for teaching Shakespeare

With every instance of mass murder on a school campus, it becomes more and more challenging for teachers to continue to walk into their classroom. … 752 more words