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Sunday morning run ramblings: who said anything about asking for it?

I’ve been taking a little blog hiatus since my work (which is usually pretty low maintenance as it’s only one weekend a month) recently became a lot more time-consuming.  1,827 more words


Culture Shift?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the #metoo thing.

At first, it seemed like it would just be another meaningless internet fad, rife with vague half-tellings and moral highground. 474 more words


Femme Fatale – A.G. Diedericks

Entropy in her bones

massaged by misogyny

radiance in her indignance

a cause to emancipate

before it exacerbate


an untenable logic

a cauldron ajar… 49 more words

The mess over Clive Lewis is how we know you see misogyny as a game

If you were a Tory and you wanted to give the impression that you, and your political colleagues, take misogyny very seriously, you might think that taking a stand over an MP’s… 1,114 more words

The Child-Killing Lamia: What's Really Scary on Halloween is Misogyny

This is the second post about ancient Greek Vampires. The first looked at the Empousa. 

Lucian, Lover of Lies 2

“…these are various and disturbing tales, able to rattle the minds of children who still fear Mormo and Lamia.” 1,039 more words