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Why We Need to End Internalized Misogyny

“I love having guy friends. Girls cause too much drama.”

“She is such a slut.”

“Why are you so moody? Is it that time of the month again?” 472 more words

Self Love

Inside Roosh Valizadeh's Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference

Following the implosion of Roosh Valizadeh’s Return of Kings international meetup, the pickup guru and “neomasculinist” cult leader staged a press conference to chastise the media for what he deemed to be lies about himself and the gatherings. 665 more words


Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, & The Demise Of The Two-Party System

I think it’s a worthwhile question to wonder why Hillary’s efforts to run for president are always threatened by someone with far more left-leaning, progressive ideas than her. 876 more words


Soccer only for Men?

The wage gap between genders is a problem in every industry. But between male and female professional athletes it’s especially disturbing. While the U.S. women’s soccer team that won the World Cup took home $2 million as a team, the German male team who took home the World Cup pocketed $35 million in total. 16 more words


Colony Club Hotel in Barbados

Hi Naked I was dismissed wrongfully from the Colony Club Hotel in Porters, St. James.  I won’t say much but I will be very direct.  The management is awful and deplorable not to mentioned very naive and one sided.   846 more words


Ryan Reid of Options Beauty

Naked I had this story for you and the people of Barbados since last year but I just got round to it.  The young girls of Barbados need to beware of geriatric Ryan Reid of Options Beauty.   597 more words


Tyson Gittens

Tyson Gittens who drives a white Toyota Corolla is a two-legged dog, a manipulator, liar, user and womanizer.  Naked I have learnt that this man has a woman whom he had for about two years and some now.   581 more words