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Inside Menophilia's Universe: A Tawdry Tuesday Classic (NSFW)

Last year, I was alerted to this poem by a friend. I won’t out him to the world. This is some tasteless stuff.

Greek Anthology… 249 more words




(said in a slow, almost inaudible gasp)
Did you say to me?
(turned tight with the strength of a tigress about to pounce) 45 more words


Not all Men and Recipe Books

Put the potatoes into a pan of boiling water.

Not all potatoes should be boiled.

Yes, but this dish is too rich for roast potatoes.

236 more words

Mansplaining and Apples

Every time I write about mansplaining, a handful of men tell me the word is sexist, but I think what they mean is that mansplaining doesn’t happen much at all. 452 more words


Critical Conditioning.

“Yeah! I’m a victim of 400 years of conditioning.  The man has programmed my conditioning.  Even my conditioning has been conditioned.”

Aggressive Sexism

My friend and I had a fun, successful day shopping in Park City and drove back down to the SLC for drinks and an early dinner. 1,073 more words