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Pretty In Pink, đź’…

“Why is the color pink associated with femininity?”

When I was in the eight grade, I participated in an Orator’s Challenge; a part of the competition was the…

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Internalized Misogyny

I’m a liberal feminist in Texas, so I hear a lot of sexist crap. And I expect it from conservatives. It needs to be challenged and fought against, however, it’s not surprising or disappointing when conservatives engage in sexist behavior. 1,115 more words

Beauty pageant 'scandal'. I disagree with the opinion that Machado was treated unfairly.

There are many who I am sure will disagree with me here and I don’t usually enter the political fray but I just have to say one thing: 344 more words

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The One Foot Fellow

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — Naked, as a man I shame to write to you as I here with a heavy heart at how some of us men treat women…yea women does do we some fu**ery but then pun the other hand we does f**k up women. 296 more words


Monstrous: Queer Men, Feminine Icons, and Misogyny

By Devon Chodzin ’19

People have known it as a sort of “fact of life” for some time now – that many gay men idolize prominent female entertainers in music and film. 668 more words


Hillary Owned It

I haven’t read a word of what the pundits have said about the first Presidential debate last night. I am sure they are spinning and parsing and fact-checking, and I will read their commentary later. 951 more words


Donald Trump would like to be congratulated for all the times he wasn’t racist or sexist

It’s no secret that US presidential candidate Donald Trump engages in misogyny and racism on the regular. But during the presidential debate on Sept. 26, he revealed that his behavior could be even worse. 448 more words