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Cat Calls and Compliments

I think one of the biggest problems with the criticism of cat-calling is that people who tell us, “It’s just a compliment, you should be flattered, get over it,” don’t know the difference between a cat-call and a compliment.  1,031 more words


You can't handle the truth

When you live in a world where you’re constantly reminded that your freedom is make believe, you learn to live with the invisible shackles that you’re bound with. 887 more words


An Artist and A Feminist

This Young Woman Walked Through Kabul Wearing Metal Armor To Protest Street Harassment
Artist-activist Kubra Khademi took to Kabul’s streets in a metal jacket in a defiant protest against sexual harassment. 206 more words
Rebel Posts

How to defeat evil females bearing fake positive pregnancy tests

So the fellas on the Men’s Rights subreddit have re-re-re-re-rediscovered the existence of  fake pregnancy tests that always have positive results.

Happily, some dude calling himself Stripes1974 has what appears to be… 637 more words


India's Daughter

The Delhi gang-rape shook India in 2012. It questioned the perception of women in society, it questioned the safety of women in society, it left all of us heartbroken. 689 more words

The Men's Rights infographic no feminist can rebut! (Because it's impossible to read.)

Is this the holy grail of MRA infographics?

Designed — if that’s the word for it — by an MRA and #GamerGater who calls himself BJSparky, this lovely “poster” offers up a 2000-word wall of text in such tiny type it’s impossible to read. 236 more words