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'Inclusive' is bullshit

Not often do I ‘go off’ at (het) women, but the one time that I do, is their insistence that everything be either male/M2T ‘inclusive’. They need to wake up and smell the patriarchy on this one. 1,494 more words


Freedman on Galloway, Boyden and Implicit Misogyny

In recent months, the Canadian literary and academic worlds have been rocked by sexual harassment allegations against former UBC Creative Writing Program Chair Steven Galloway. In brief, UBC fired Galloway, whereupon CanLit golden boy Joseph Boyden published an open letter to UBC  deploring what he saw as a breach of due process in the case. 124 more words

A Very Disturbing Court Case in Dublin - Blaming A Woman Called Bernadette Scully

A very disturbing court case that brings to the surface an Irish state system blindly pursuing a vendetta against a woman who could not beat insurmountable odds trying to care for her profoundly disabled daughter. 255 more words


The girl who wouldn't do math, part 2

MWs (math wizards):  Well!  It’s about time!  Do you have the answer yet?

G (girl):  Hold on there.  This is just an exercise, right?  You haven’t really put me in charge of this life-and-death decision, have you?  2,079 more words

Editorial: 27 years after Polytechnique, battle against misogyny continues

Every year we pause to reflect on the 14 female engineering students who were shot to death at École Polytechnique by a gunman with a vendetta against women. 569 more words


Remembering the Montreal Massacre

Today is the 27th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre, also known as the Montreal Massacre.  On this morning, 6 December, in 1989, an armed gunman walked into the École Polytechnique, separated the men from the women, and shot 28 people, executing 14 female students.  259 more words