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Part 2: Women as Art Objects


When I was about 17, I was really into making art of men with great bone structure. And please don’t say, “You were a teenage girl, of course you were fascinated by boys with good cheekbones,” because that would be patronizing, and need I remind you that Robert Mapplethorpe was gay. 829 more words

Male Feminists and the Safety Net of Cynicism

Like many women, as a teen I was internalised misogyny personified. I took great satisfaction in my guy friends telling me I “ like most girls”, that I was straightforward and low maintenance, that “most girls are just so much drama”. 1,287 more words


Brisbane Period Project

This pic raises 2 questions:

Q1: Why is my head so big?

A: ?????? I don’t know either

Q2: Why am I surrounded by pads? 503 more words

Social Justice

Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Where do I even start with this one? Okay so you are this Cheerleader in High school and you have to fight a bunch of zombies. 479 more words


Let Him Down Gently

Familiar phrases such as femme fatale or man-eater pop into my head when I think of how women are described if they have any bit of gumption in their bloodstream. 768 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Let's Stop Giving The Killing Joke More Credit Than It Deserves

Content warnings for references to sexual trauma (assault and torture) in the text and in linked posts, ableism, a brief mention of fandom racism (specifically antiblackness towards Luke Fox) and a mention of transmisogyny in… 2,456 more words

Comic Book

Who knitted Jeremy Corbyn's jumper?

My first full-time job was for a company that organised arms trade fairs. I didn’t know this when I applied to work for them. My own job was in a completely different division, editing school books. 991 more words