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A Response to "The Most Beautiful Vagina in the World" Contest

On July 30th, Mic published an article titled “Meet the Woman With the Most Beautiful Vagina in the World.” Initially I was grossed out. Just another Helen of Twat story with men spearheading (pun intended) the rhetoric, with the end result of an empty Trojan horse left on the beach, and Helen in the hands of another man because how else is she relevant? 819 more words

In The Beginning

Are dead prostitutes the ultimate tourist attraction?

I remember hearing, a while back, about a museum being planned in East London that would chronicle the history of women in that area. I always love super-local history – a museum of women from one particular area is bound to uncover lesser-known, idiosyncratic stories, and it’s always cool to learn about stuff in the place where it actually happened. 821 more words

Men's Rights Redditors Are Tired of Masculinity Being 'Femsplained' to Them

Part of what makes the Men’s Rights crowd so amusing — aside from the endless whining over increasingly petty issues like, say, toilet paper commercials… 1,329 more words


I bin on holiday,

So goes the old joke,  man wants to get rid of some rubbish, asks a friend where his wheely bin is, where you bin, man replies on holiday, first guy says no where you wheely bin, other guy says well I bin to jail but I tell everyone I bin on holiday.   687 more words


The Misogyny of Monogyny

Misogynists believe that women are inferior to men. Monogynists believe that they’re also inferior to one perfect woman. They’re the most common sub-species of misogynist, because most misogynists aren’t stumbling around the subway screaming about b-words and c-words. 946 more words


Letter to My Unborn Daughter

I was sitting there today, in Whole Foods, eating my sandwich and watching the crowds.  I felt you move against my abdomen wall as my sandwich became food for you and me.   1,133 more words