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Alex Jones Is Totally Not Mad That Stephen Colbert Made Fun Of Him

On yesterday’s episode of The Alex Jones Show, Jones proved to the world how totally not mad he is at Stephen Colbert for making fun of him. 397 more words

Donald Trump

Air Conditioning Is Sexist! — Really? (Video)

By Sifu Crockett

Sometimes calling out stupid just ain’t necessary, especially when it does so itself. In this case, stupid gleefully bears the name Radhika Sanghani of The Telegraph. 296 more words

Sifu Crockett

Vanderbilt's Brandon Vandenburg Gang Rape Trial: Year Four: Brandon Banks

Mack Prioleau  – The most chilling part in the fourth Vanderbilt University football gang-rape trial, this one featuring defendant, Brandon Banks; was testimony from Mack Prioleau.  1,054 more words


Doing the Jobs We Won't Do

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between host and parasite and asked the question many years ago, “Does the parasite attach itself to the host or does the host attach itself to the parasite?” I don’t like victim mentality. 130 more words

Bread wars

She just wanted to live
A beautiful soul with nothing but love
Women strip for fame
But all she wanted was bread
A baby starved in a tin-roofed house… 122 more words


Alt-Righter Says Literal Angry White Men 'Will Give You Something To Fear'

Looks like I got another bit of fan mail from a white nationalist, this time from someone calling himself “coon the baboon.” 413 more words