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Giving Thanks

I didn’t realize it was Thanksgiving today until some of my Chinese students sent me text and chat messages with some lovely sentiments within. I decided not to remind them that I’m not American, and that while Canadians do celebrate Thanksgiving, we do it in October. 372 more words


Chicken Barn in Barbados

Naked, Chicken Barn at it again but this is inside trading now lol.  Wildey branch is the worst place to work if applying there.  The hungry, anorexic no class sour face manager Shernelle Lynch have so much issues and none being good,she s super unmannerly, very liared, overbearing, ill tempered, has the most annoying voice and thinks she s God s gift to Chicken Barn when all she is is a hindrance.   1,011 more words


Part of the Problem

I’m not quite sure how news really spreads, but this debacle with Scott Bergstrom, whose self-published YA novel The Cruelty has been optioned by Jerry Bruckheimer, has been on my mind. 1,617 more words


Genesis I

Although our goals may be similar, there are two significant differences between serious feminists and superheroines. First, feminists wear comfortable, woman-friendly clothes. And second, unlike superheroines, feminists don’t usually have a clear, specific origin story. 677 more words


Day 2: Less Than Stellar Resources

If you know anything about me, you know that while I support reconstruction of pre-Christian religions, such as Celtic Reconstruction, Heathenry, Hellenic Reconstruction, and yes, even PIE Reconstruction, I don’t participate in them. 1,319 more words


Hundreds Turn Out to Reclaim the Night in Glasgow

Scotland has a serious problem with attitudes towards violence against women. If that was ever in doubt, today saw the findings of the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey released, which… 276 more words


You are a respected, Walkley Award winning journalist.

You are held in such high esteem you are appointed Europe Bureau Chief by the ABC, based in London. 822 more words