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5 Survival Tips For Men Who Believe Feminism Has Gone Too Far

Let’s start off by talking a little bit about you. You are probably a man. You absolutely believe in equality; I mean, you have a mother! 703 more words


#MeToo and why sex is in no danger

The status quo is beginning to regroup after the initial onslaught of the #MeToo movement. Of course, it’s more effective to have women to make its case. 1,392 more words

Women's Rights

Male, Female and Monstrosity in Aristotle

Aristotle, Generation of Animals Book 2, 737a

“That substance, even though it possesses all segments of the body in potential, actually exhibits none of them. For it contains those kinds of elements in potential by which the female is distinguished from the male. 486 more words


Misogyny in Hip Hop

A lotta my girls come up to me sayin’ “Oh I just like the beats. I don’t listen to what they sayin”

Them beats open you up and you just let everything seep in.

443 more words

This Week in Doonesbury: A Missed Opportunity.

On 14 January, Garry Trudeau addressed the single most important social, cultural, and political issue of our time: the movement by women to raise awareness of, and fight back against, systematic sexual abuse by men in a number of fields, including politics, the entertainment industry, the news media, sports, and the tech world. 867 more words


In First Person: The "Why Didn't She Leave" Argument

I didn’t think I would write a post like this, not because I don’t think this topic is revelant, but because I wasn’t not sure I’d be able to bring anything new to the discussion. 1,667 more words


Fridged out of shame and projection

Like I said, I think avoidant attachment among male superhero writers explains a lot better about why misogyny’s a thing in superhero comics. Avoidant attachment involves considerable hostility towards everybody else but most especially and ironically towards the very people they claim to love. 311 more words