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Rude Feminist

I’m getting the message loud and clear from men in my life that I am in fact being a rude feminist these days. Gasp! They say this to me with very serious, pointed faces–like they expect me to do something about it. 1,178 more words


Collard Greens and Civic Outrage

Yesterday I spent most of the day at home. One task on my list was to look up ways to cook collard greens which my husband brought home by mistake. 413 more words

Empowering Girls and Women Solves Problems

By empowering women we can solve a large number of problems.

Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems. It is causing the destruction of the planet. 95 more words


Written From the Court-Specified Distance

I hear you all, calling me a creep!

Just because I’m hiding in the bushes…

Well, that is no reason to be rude!

Just ’cause you spotted my binoculars… 69 more words

My Poetry

Yes, All Men...Until You Prove Differently

I recently had a paradigm shift. I have decided to limit my collaborations with men. All men – unless they are going to fight for my visibility and recognition. 1,013 more words


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Dealing with the harassment-revelations fallout

Today we’re getting serious, folks. The #MeToo campaign is still in full swing, now joined by the TIMESUP campaign started by women in Hollywood. A lot has been written on the topic and I hope this is a subject that will continue to generate enlightening discussions. 1,271 more words

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