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The Oppression of Women Under Three Religions

Author: Ishita Reddy

Note: Ishita is a first year undergraduate student at FLAME University, Pune. 

For centuries women have been coming forward to fight against their oppression – to fight against sexual violence both inside and outside the family, rape, unequal wages, difficulty in access to jobs, bride-burning, dowry and other such hardships faced by them. 2,531 more words

Exploring the Suppression of Female Sexuality through the Practice of FGM/C

Author: Nazia Munaquib

Note: Nazia Munaquib is a second-year undergraduate student from FLAME University, Pune. This paper was written for a course on “Research Methods in the Humanities” 3,406 more words

Towards A Survivor-Centric View of Rape: Part 2

For part 1, see Towards A Survivor-Centric View of Rape: Part 1

“But if women know they’ll be believed automatically, then all men will live in constant fear of being accused of rape, even if they didn’t actually rape anyone!” 418 more words


Mandela’s (real) 1994 inauguration address

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday in doing some research on Marianne Williamson’s “Our deepest fear….” quote, I looked up Nelson Mandela’s 1994 inauguration address. I already knew he hadn’t used the quote, but I was wondering why the misattribution occurred. 395 more words


Gender Fascism And The Elderly Female Artist

Yesterday there was a “networking event’ at the School of Art and Art History at UIOWA, where I am currently attending classes. I chose not to attend because of an experience I’d had the evening before. 636 more words