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"The Normalization Of Trump": The Big, Big Problem With How The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Is Being Covered

By now it should not be surprising that the latest development in the Clinton email “scandal,” a critical report from the State Department inspector general that adds little to what we know, was greeted with shouts from some people and yawns from others. 686 more words


"It’s Time For You To Speak Out Against Trump": How You’ll Feel If Trump Is Elected And You Did Nothing To Stop Him

Earlier this week, a friend of many years signed on to Facebook and surprised me — and surely many others who know her — by writing a short but powerful post about politics. 769 more words

Donald Trump

"Nude Selfies Forever"

Why do we hate Kim Kardashian?

Shelley Cheng, 29 May 2016

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian became widely known after her sex-tape with Ray J was  1,158 more words


Gavin McInnes Accuses 'the Far Left' of Plotting 'Genocide' Against Conservatives

In a video uploaded to Alex Jones’s YouTube channel on May 26, 2016, Jones sat down with hipsterdom’s patient zero, Gavin McInnes, to talk about — what else? 616 more words


UK Sharia courts face government inquiry over “discriminatory” treatment of women

The Government is to launch an investigation into whether sharia courts operating in the UK discriminate against women – legitimising forced marriages and issuing unfair divorce settlements. 101 more words



Yes, I realize that in transitioning I have become, perhaps one of the more deplorable figures in current society, the perceived straight, white male. *Stares blankly in the mirror* Damn! 361 more words

Up with this I will not putt

It was hugely disappointing last week to read reports of the decision of the Muirfield Golf Club to continue to exclude women members from joining their ironically named ‘Honourable Company’. 328 more words