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Sarah Silverman Hurts Folks' Man Feelings With Humorous "Rape Prevention Tips"

The always hilarious comedienne Sarah Silverman is back in the news, this time for hurting the precious feelings of anti-feminist men. Silverman’s crime was sharing a list… 606 more words


Misogyny in México

Good Night!!!

I am actually typing this in a rush, it is 2 am in the morning, I was saying `good night´ to my mobile phone and suddenly I saw this video in facebook: 295 more words


Death Rate of Women a PR Disaster; Experts Agree

The death of another woman bringing the rate up to just under 2 a week this year has been a public relations disaster for men everywhere, experts agree. 247 more words

This is why we can't have nice stuff—Ashley Judd edition

I recently participated in a Twitter exchange around Ashley Judd’s response to the abuse she has been receiving on Twitter. It was one of those Twitter convos that becomes increasingly difficult to follow and, as positions get more complex and nuanced, increasingly incompatible with Twitter as a communications medium. 1,308 more words


The good wizard vs. the dark wizards

My daddy has six fingers and six toes and some of them are joined, cohered to one another, this is called Polydactyly. It is caused by a mutation in the genes and is hereditary, so my sister had it too, before my parents got it surgically removed. 2,036 more words


The Enchantment Model Of Addiction

I stopped in at a Al-Anon meeting at Thanksgiving, hoping it would help to listen to other people talk about their family pain, but first thing they hit me with the proselytization and the disease model. 887 more words

Spiritual Transformation

Wellwishing, of a Sort

If only I could explain why “Wishing Well” is echoing around my skull … well, right. If I say it has something to do with… 8 more words