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Everyone focuses on the wrong word...

4:34 Surah An-Nisa
But those from whom you fear arrogance – advise them; , forsake them in bed; and , strike them.- Sahih International Version… 166 more words


I feel it’s a pleasure to share my thoughts, which presently is going “Men are fucking morons”. I may not be wrong but I haven’t taken into account about all the situations that make our gender superior, may be because there aren’t any. 1,373 more words


Women Rising

“A Woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt… 1,204 more words

Equality in Conversation

A lot of my arguments nowadays tend to be centered around the effects of the benefits of living in a group on human behaviour. A rather complex topic, admittedly, and one in which it would be particularly naive to explain from merely ethological and ecological perspectives. 486 more words


A slightly off-topic rant about casual misogyny

The other day, a regular patron came up to me at the desk.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Let me see that smile.”

I get this line from this man a lot, and sometimes I’ll laugh it off, but today I just wasn’t feeling it. 528 more words


Not All Women

Not all men are made out of sex and bourbon, but most of you are. Not all men are delicious, but you’re still my favourite breed of human. 371 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

Rape Culture in High School

(After a few months, I’m back writing. No More Distractions.)

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rape cul·ture


noun: rape culture

  1. a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.

  2. 560 more words