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Who is this clown called Roosh V?

Daryush Valizadeh aka Roosh V. So that boy calls himself a pick-up artist? Let’s please have a moment of silence for this poor guy feeling immensely discriminated by women so that he needs to call on other men to support his ridiculous meninism. 320 more words


Stop your discussion and tell me I'm special: derailing

It’s a moment many of us involved in speaking out against oppression have felt. Say, you’ve been sexually harassed at work. Your colleague decided it was his prerogative to smack your behind as you got out of the lift and then smirked at you when you looked back in shock, and you’re talking to your friend about how “men disgust me with their sense of entitlement to women’s bodies”. 954 more words

"When they take of their glasses and put down their hair": Defogging the Glasses Girl Stereotypes

Part 1

Things He Says:

Are you the geeky type or the sexy librarian type?

Thing She Says:

I wear glasses. Not for fashion. Not to attract suitors. 545 more words


On Roosh and PR

Before it fades to the usual background, I have some thoughts about Roosh. Roosh wasn’t new to me, nor was the Manosphere. I’ve been aware of it since the middle-80s when “Father’s Rights” started becoming a thing.¹ In the intervening years I spent some time in the bowels of the internet, bearding some of these idiots in their dens. 1,343 more words


"You Are Perpetuating Cycles of Violence By Writing in a Misogynistic Way."

My job is exciting and full of fun. Mostly because it consists of a bed and a laptop and no supervision – I work from home. 800 more words


Ignoring calls for Muslim reform, Obama embraces misogynist mosque establishment run by America’s Islamists

Listening to the Right Muslims
by Tarek Fatah
February 8, 2016

As President Barack Obama’s presidential motorcade turned towards the Baltimore Islamic Centre mosque, he could not have missed seeing three Muslim women holding signs protesting his visit. 91 more words


Marie Kondo and Miranda Priestly

I’m still working my way through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. It’s a super-quick read; the slow bit is actually putting Marie Kondo’s suggestions into practice. 984 more words