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The Lesser of Misogynistic Evils: Sexual Discrimination

When stories started surfacing in Hollywood about Harvey Weinstein and his predatory behavior, I was immediately reminded of when I was denied a promotion simply because I was a woman. 1,468 more words

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WATCH: Slowcoaches - 'Complex'

Whilst it’s easy (and natural) to agonise about the harassment and adversity that female musicians face in the industry, it’s even more important to organise and shout back against the injustice of it all; and that’s exactly what  341 more words

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Blade Runner 2049: the depiction of women

Objectively, Sci-Fi has long been co-opted by the patriarchy. The genre has, almost since its incarnation and increasingly so, been primarily seen as a genre that is designed for and appeals to, exclusively men. 600 more words


Casual Predation

This essay was originally published on LadyBits on Medium. While I unfortunately can’t say that the conclusion of this essay is true for me anymore, I thought it timely to revisit this piece in light of the recent mass-exposure of the predators among us in the media industry, brought forth by so may brave women. 1,568 more words


Hugh Hefner

Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine died recently of antibiotic-resistant e. coli. Is that right? Can that be right? Anyway, he was not exactly a hero of mine. 71 more words


I Don't Know How to Talk

CW: Sexual assault, racism, misogyny.

(the pic is of a tattoo I got 2 years ago to remind myself that my words have power)

I don’t know how to talk. 1,740 more words

I'm Sorry--No, No, This Time I'm Not

I haven’t done anything to harm anyone.

I participated in the #WomenProtestTwitter  “walkout” Friday even though I didn’t think it would accomplish much but bring out people to mock a silent protest. 412 more words