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I Need Trigger Warnings: A Response to Skidmore News

Each day since the horrifying Skidmore News article was released deeming trigger warnings as unnecessary and “intellectually lazy,” I have sat down and attempted to write a response letter to the editorial board. 431 more words

Campus Rape

Gore Vidal: Pedo/Rape Apologist

Gore Vidal, according to Wikipedia, was “an American writer (of novels, essays, screenplays, and stage plays) and a public intellectual known for his patrician manner, epigrammatic wit, and polished style of writing.” A little further down, his “polished, erudite style” is noted. 415 more words

Saturday Night Live's Cold Open Sketch With 'Donald Trump'

Saturday Night Live

Here is Saturday Night Live’s “cold open” sketch from October 3rd, featuring Donald Trump (played by Taran Killam) and his wife, Melania (played by Cecily Strong). 11 more words

Donald Trump

'Boys get abused too!'

During the past twelve months in Australia over half a million women have reported sexual and domestic violence, just under twenty percent of these women have been abused since they were fifteen and it is most likely the perpetrators of this violence once slept  besides them, as a current or ex partner. 765 more words


Sexism, Misogyny And Gaming

In the past, gaming was seen as a subculture predominantly geared towards, and participated in by young males in a demographic ranging from around 12-24. It was with this in mind that female characters within the games were portrayed as. 675 more words


I'll be on The Majority Report podcast today; the show is live at noon ET

Just a note: I’ll be on The Majority Report with Sam Seder today, talking to Matt Binder about Men’s Rightsers and whatnot. The show is live at noon ET; my segment will start roughly half an hour in. 38 more words


Passing Privilege

CN: Rape Mention

For most trans women, “passing” refers to the ability to be perceived and treated by strangers as a cis woman. This can be determined by any number of things, including physical traits, gender expression, vocal pitch/tone, sexuality, and more. 2,521 more words