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Why Repetition Matters

“Hasn’t it all been said before? I mean, we’ve heard all of this feminist crap before. It’s like a broken record…”

Okay, let me answer that initial question with a question (or five). 424 more words


MRA Peter Nolan: "Killing women is the only path to justice for men now."

Men’s Rights Activists love to “warn” women that they may soon face a day of reckoning if they don’t shape up and start acting the way MRAs think they should. 607 more words


All the Rage, by Courtney Summers

I didn’t want to read All the Rage. Or rather, I did, but I was afraid to. Everything I’d read about it said it was a difficult book, a painful book, but a necessary one. 479 more words

Ode to Idyllic Places

Why is it that idyllic places that are green everywhere the eye can see, with no glass monstrosities marring beauty, why is it that these places are also the most explicit in their misogyny? 449 more words


Fantasy vs Reality: Hell in a Cell

In Head IRL Making a joke – A sniper bullet deployed with a wry smile and impeccable timing.

– Everyone in vicinity laughing uproariously, and then taking to social media to quote me. 507 more words


In Defense of Exclusivity

Like many gender-critics, I have a serious problem with transwomen who demand access to female-only spaces. They’ll often use the following arguments:

“It’s transmisogynistic to exclude us from your feminist meeting!” 811 more words


Jameela Jamil criticised celebrity feminists, but is this discrimination in itself?

Now watch this interview that Jameela Jamil has with The Guardian online. Now whilst I understand the position that she is coming from and I very much represent a view contra to the idea of the stars she is speaking about it, but there are a couple of problems with the very academic reading of the problem. 1,010 more words