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'Ghostbusters' Was the Feminist Win We've All Been Waiting For

When this female-driven Ghostbusters was first announced and summoned in a Bropocalypse, I was among the lighter skeptics. I never wasted time bashing it online but I was a person in the New York Public Library just trying to read before a couple of guys walked in and brought out a ghost. 688 more words

Hillary Clinton - President or Runway Model? 

As you probably know, Hillary Clinton secured her spot as the Democratic presidential nominee on Tuesday night, putting “the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.” 659 more words

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My Cup Runneth Over: From Seneca Falls to Hillary Clinton

Almost eight years ago, Hillary Clinton conceded to Barack Obama, stating, “we weren’t able to shatter the highest, hardest glass ceiling.” In that moment, Hillary Clinton set America’s future before her pride and supported a man that would do much good for the United States in the following eight years. 568 more words

Hillary Clinton

Reclaim the Narrative

As we as a country collectively brace ourselves for the general election, we accept with it the internalized misogyny so commonplace.  We accept the upcoming attacks on Hillary Clinton as an inevitable byproduct of women’s excellence. 393 more words

Hillary Clinton

Without feminism, I would not be here

Almost any mtf transgender person who has ever looked in an internet comments’ section to content concerning transgender people knows how horrible some of the comments can be. 485 more words


The End of Roger Ailes and the Disturbing Freakiness Behind Fox News

Fox news has been in a lot of hot water as of late, particularly when it comes to head-hancho Roger Ailes. For those who don’t know what’s going on, Former Fox News anchor… 708 more words

for Paula

ah-ha-ha ashes are diamonds

and lace has no residence

between fingertips grazing

through fluorescence.

no shame in being female,

in being unabashedly alive.

Paula loves the novelties… 90 more words