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PMS: Pretty Manly Stuff?

By: Meg Grant, Age 21

In the past year or so, I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon: Men have PMS. Now before you get all tweaked out: I’m not saying that men actually get full-blown periods. 520 more words

Second ‘Sultan’ Teaser Shows Heroines Aren’t Always Just Pretty Faces in Salman Khan Movies

A strong female character in a Salman Khan movie?

Considering his real AND reel-life treatment of leading ladies, something must be amiss right?

Some have… 253 more words

Entertainment News

Alex Jones and Anti-Gay Pastor Speculate as to Whether Obama is 'the Antichrist'

Several days ago, race-baiting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones interviewed Harlem-based pastor James David Manning. Manning, who runs the church/hate group Atlah Worldwide, is a virulent homophobe who claimed Jesus would… 632 more words


Sold a Kindle Edition

Unbeknownst to me, I sold a Kindle edition of IN THE SEVENTH DAY on April 14th. I have no idea who bought it, but I am grateful. 25 more words

"Misogyny" Causes The Ghostbusters To Become The Most Hated Trailer of All-Time

It’s only been two months since the first trailer for the Ghostbusters remake was released. Feels like it’s been much longer than that, but sure enough, March 3rd it came out. 938 more words


He tells me.

Silly girl,
I catch my breath and stop
the words I might have said
so as not to pollute the air
with my moth eaten thoughts; 108 more words


Guest Posts for The Month of May

For the month of May, I’d like to do guest posts from people who identify as LGBTTQ. I know that sounds like a large group, and while I have a reasonable amount of followers (to which I am grateful for every single one), I don’t have enough to reasonably separate everyone (however, if I receive a large influx of those wanting to write a guest post, I will expand the guest post section into June). 82 more words