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Misogyny: An Unending Reign of Prejudice by Madiha Musarrat, India


Madiha Musarrat is from New Delhi, India and is pursuing a bachelors in English Literature from Jamia Millia Islamia. She loves to interact with people and voice her opinions on modern events in the society. 1,289 more words


Jared and his "sadistic pleasure"

“Hitting the wall” by the way is Pick Up Artist jargon which refers to women who are aging. Which we all are, duh.

Jared chimes in on conversation with infamous PUA

Maybe he’ll be your friend, Jared! Oh, and Jared uses the c-word. Lovely.

Candidates targeted by sexist, revolting graffiti

As campaign posters go up, vandalism often follows. Most graffiti is benign: Mulcair sporting Sharpie sunglasses on a poster near Dominion Square or a photoshopped Liberal poster for a Klingon candidate in the fictitious riding of Qo’noS—Praxis— Verdun. 1,378 more words

Local News

Jared attempts humor

And responds to a parody Twitter account.