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Geek Girls Rule! #420 - I am Not Eve.

So a continuing theme in the continuing story of assholes getting called out for sexually harassing women, both in gaming and in the broader world, is that we have spent years, decades, centuries with women being roundly disbelieved any time we talked about being assaulted or raped. 681 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #418 - Two Kinds of Blogging While Angry and What Women Face When Making Harassment Accusations

Now, I am the last person to come out and tell you not to blog while angry.  I mean, I am not a giant hypocrite.  I blog angry all the time. 1,109 more words

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Theresa May allows ‘serial sex pests’ to serve in her cabinet | News | The Times & The Sunday Times

Theresa May was embroiled in the Westminster sexual harassment scandal last night as Downing Street officials revealed that the prime minister gets weekly updates about the sexual indiscretions of Conservative MPs — but has allowed ministers accused of wrongdoing to serve in her cabinet. 51 more words


Tory minister Mark Garnier admits making secretary buy sex toys and calling her 'sugar t*ts' - Mirror Online

One of Theresa May’s ministers last night admitted asking his secretary to buy a sex toys and calling her ‘sugar tits’.

Married father-of-three and International trade minister Mark Garnier, 53, reportedly told a Sunday newspaper: “I’m not going to deny it, because I’m not going to be dishonest. 25 more words


Social contracts and white knights an essay of sorts - Guest Post by MadJeffe

This is being posted here with the full knowledge and permission of MadJeffe.  

Today in my Circles a person wrote that a western civilization rape culture might exist in prisons and corporate culture in the US but it’s not that widespread. 946 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #415 - Why are Sexism and Harassment such a Big Deal?

Hi.  So, in light of the revelation of Frank Mentzer harassing women, I’m seeing a lot of conversations started by dudes about what dudes can do when harassment happens in front of them.   1,024 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #414 - Again? Really?

So, Jessica Price, with Paizo, spoke openly about being sexually harassed by Frank Mentzer of Red Box D&D fame.  She posted screen shots, showing that he had instigated the entire thing, and what was said.And… assholes still came crawling out of the woodwork to accuse Jessica of lying, call her names, everything that happens every gods damned time that a woman accuses a man of anything ever in the history of always. 923 more words

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