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Geek Girls Rule! #387 - "Not All Men"

So, I’ve waffled about this for a bit, because the example I’m going to give is new and still fresh in my mind and possibly in the mind of the person with whom it happened, but I’m going to strip as many identifiers from it as I can so as to preserve their anonymity. 715 more words

Geek Girls Rule! #384 - I Got Plans...

I have mixed feelings about promoting GGR and growing it bigger.  At its former peak right around the Dickwolves bullshit, it had a relatively active commentariat, hundreds of hits a week and the podcast was doing just as well.   691 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #382 - This is My Home

This should have gone live yesterday, but holiday…

The other night, my therapist made me fight my way down to why I want to grow GGR, and why harassment won’t stop me. 489 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #379 - Why Wonder Woman is a Big Deal

I was born in 1971.  I’ll let you all do the math there and tell me how fucking old I am.

I grew up with Princess Leia and Wonder Woman, as pretty much my only options for female heroes.   451 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #368 - Representation Matters

I may have used a similar title before, but this is something I really want to talk about again.

So, I read a lot of YA fiction right now.   650 more words

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Geek Girls Rule! #330 - Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

Ok, so I’ve heard a few people talk about being bored or just not thinking Ghostbusters was funny.


So, when did you have your soul surgically removed? 711 more words

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