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Little Rock Look Back: Miss America comes to Little Rock

Today, Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields comes to Little Rock as part of her official homecoming to Arkansas after winning the crown.  In honor of that, we take a look back to the first visit to Arkansas by Donna Axum, who was the first Miss Arkansas to win the title of Miss America. 189 more words


Social Media Takes the Spotlight

Social media is a critical part of pageantry. Whether it’s promoting your platform, showing your followers all the appearances you’re making in the community or sharing an article written about you in the local newspaper, there are so many ways to utilize social media to maximize your time as a titleholder at the local, state and national level. 1,244 more words

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Penalty Box with Todd Farnham: Sports Takes in 2-5 Minutes

 Listen Time: 4:23

Todd Farnham and I discuss how reasonable it is to interview athletes who get hit in the face for a living, only moments after a fight. 51 more words

Donald Trump Walked Through Dressing Rooms of Underage Miss Teen USA Contestants

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, numerous creepy moments from his past have come into the spotlight. The latest news? The reality TV host felt entitled to… 295 more words


Miss America vs. Miss USA: Know the Difference

Miss America and Miss USA sound interchangeable to most people, however, they could not be more different. Sure, both are pageants where young women compete for a crown and sash, but that is about where the similarities end. 685 more words

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AMERICA YES: America Chavez Slated for Solo Series

As someone who doesn’t get to read comics as often as I’d like, I learn about the coolest characters through my friends, and occasionally Tumblr. So while I’m not the go-to expert on Young Avenger America Chavez, I’m no less pumped today’s NYCC news. 93 more words


What You Don't See Watching Miss America on TV

Too often, someone will watch Miss America on TV and then think they are an expert on pageants. This type of person sees a girl mess up her on-stage question and wonder how in the world she ended up winning Miss America. 419 more words

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