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TGIF!! Oh no, wait...

My brain is clearly addled.  This afternoon I was starting to get a little excited at the prospect that today was Friday and the weekend was here.   161 more words


Miss B and the King

So, His Majesty looks a lot more orange than I wanted him to. That can and will be remedied, and I think is not ultimately bad as a first coat. 264 more words

Miss B plus..

I have not updated this blog in forever because plague came to our home in a running cycle that isn’t quite over yet, but it’s over enough to plow forwards. 506 more words


Miss B.

Miss B is a friend of mine, and also a painter. She was kind enough to back the kickstarter, and we had a long discussion about this figure, and what the character it represents means to her.  280 more words

Birthday presence

I’ve noticed lately, especially when I’ve got a jam packed day ahead, that when I’m in the midst of doing one thing, I’m always thinking ahead to what is coming up (and usually when and what I have to do to prepare) on the schedule.   879 more words


A Day of Celebrations

Today is a day of celebrations. The minuscule ones include breaking open my yoga mat and DVD for the first time as well as purchasing a new book to read. 399 more words


2014 Round Up

On the whole 2014 has been a great year for my little family but first let’s get the not so great stuff out of the way. 683 more words