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TGIT! Yes, Thursday! Not quite the same ring as TGIF but for me, it’s same same but different!  I work my full time hours over a  four day week so as far as I’m concerned it’s the weekend!   382 more words


It just keeps getting better

This evening, we started up the War of the bedtime resistant toddler again. You may recall me having written about it before about six months ago.   562 more words


Just hanging with my girls

Friday is the best day of the week! After what is always a busy week working my full time hours from Monday to Thursday, I love Fridays for a whole range of reasons.   194 more words


Moving right along...

Media for this; Crossing Lines on Netflix.

Look who’s done!!! There was a small accident, so paint in a couple of areas need a touch up. 73 more words


Miss B: Finishing Touches

Media: Bunch of random stuff all squished together.

So, I was laid up on crutches and on so many painkillers my brain was awhirl and I couldn’t string two sentences together. 199 more words

TGIF!! Oh no, wait...

My brain is clearly addled.  This afternoon I was starting to get a little excited at the prospect that today was Friday and the weekend was here.   161 more words


Miss B and the King

So, His Majesty looks a lot more orange than I wanted him to. That can and will be remedied, and I think is not ultimately bad as a first coat. 264 more words