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Saturday Smile: Trim it Short Around the Ears, Marshall Dillon

In a most loving, pleasant way, I have been nagging — er, suggesting to Bill that he should get his hair cut. He finally did yesterday, going to a barber not too far from our house. 144 more words


10 Things I Learned About the Old West from Gunsmoke

For the last few months, I’ve been watching a lot of Gunsmoke.

It’s on in the afternoons, and as things begin to wind down, I find myself relaxing in the company of Marshall Matt Dillon, Miss Kitty and Festus. 1,080 more words

The Girl With The Inner Purple Hair

Not with a bang....

This is the way the world ends… this is the way the world will ends. Not with a bang…. but with Miss Kitty Fantastico devouring the earth’s resources. 311 more words


Soiled Doves

In my new book, The Adventures of Dixie Dandelion, due to be released November 2nd from The Wild Rose Press, Dixie’s best friends are Soiled Doves. 422 more words

Ruth Burkett Weeks

Sweet Peas Are Starting to Bloom!!

I am so excited!! My Sweet Peas (Lathyrus odoratus) are blooming. What fragrance!

These blooms are from the Winter Elegance Mix. This variety does well early and late. 22 more words


June Cleaver and Miss Kitty Walk into a Bar

Have you ever wondered what would happen if June Cleaver walked into the Long Branch Saloon?  Miss Kitty might eye her up and down to see if Cleaver is trouble, or she might say, “What’ll ya have?” to which Cleaver would probably say, “Tea, dear.” 480 more words