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Misty Memories

“Memory — fragile, hazy-bright, miraculous, was to them the spark of life itself, and nearly every sentence of theirs began with some appeal to it . 857 more words

Love And Loss

"Dear Miss Manners"

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Whether dining out with friends and their families, or joining in a congregational dinner where you might be dining with folks you are just meeting, many parents allow their children to be on their hand-held devices during the entire dinner, while my grade-school son tries to make conversation with the kids β€” to his credit, but mostly to no avail.

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the Symbolism of Clothing

The language of clothing is high symbolism and we all, in moments where we need to know this, realize it.
Judith Martin

Deborah Makarios

Timely Thanks

Thank-you notes are due right after presents are received. Ten minutes after would be a good time, but the absolute maximum, barring severe illness, divorce or absence from the planet, is two weeks.

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"[U]nified spaghetti policy"


Please advise me on the proper way to eat spaghetti when a family of little kids and adults are informally around the dinner table.

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Monday's Thought of the Day

β€œIt is, indeed, a trial to maintain the virtue of humility when one can’t help being right.”

~ Miss Manners

Thought Of The Day


A young woman asks Miss Manners what to say when people tell her she isn’t Latina enough (??):

GENTLE READER: You might try the boomerang comeback.

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