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Tim Tebow has that kneeling thing going on that became something of a cultural fad for a brief moment in sports world fandom and now it’s the Trump curtsy. 312 more words

Miss Manners, you're our only hope

Before we start tossing around words like “bunker mentality,” let’s review some recent encounters with my fellow homo sapiens.

Last Thursday, crawling out of my rural farmhouse for supplies, I must have driven over a nest of pick up trucks, the kind with gun racks mounted over the back window and bumper stickers extolling the benefits of motor oil and large breasted women instead of peaceful co-existence and “eat more veggies.” These types of encounters, albeit infrequent, are part of life in the exoskeleton of the tri-city area. 1,015 more words


I Miss "Miss Manners"

Lately, my husband and I have been wondering, “Was he/she raised in a barn?” This week, I was particularly reminded that manners in general are going to hell in a hand basket. 585 more words

Are You Polite?

Have you heard the phrase “polite society”? What does it mean to you? No really. What do YOU think it means?

It’s an important question to answer. 380 more words


Storytime: You Can't Buy Manners

I’ve always been interested in all things etiquette and manners because I think its becoming a lost art in our world. I don’t consider myself a snob about it and I understand that a lot of people don’t find it important enough to understand the value of a handwritten thank you note, know which direction to pass the bread, or if its appropriate to use your cell phone at the table. 1,014 more words


September 13, 1938: Would You Be So Kind

Judith Martin, born September 13, 1938, was a journalist, covering social events at the White House and embassies, before becoming a theater and film critic. In 1978, she changed direction and began writing on the… 506 more words

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