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The Honk And No-Honk Zones

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia:  the same brands of cars, equipped in precisely the same way, are sold in both the Midwest and New York City.  473 more words


Finding my people

Apparently, people can tell a lot about me just by seeing me.

I admit that I was wearing my awesome “Black is the New Black” t-shirt today, but I still didn’t expect that to make people know I was crazy. 575 more words

Monday's Thought of the Day

“Charming villains have always had a decided social advantage over well-meaning people who chew with their mouths open.”

~ Miss Manners

Thought Of The Day

"Dear Miss Manners"

Feel the love:

Most of our friends and acquaintances, married or not, have now embarked on the task of producing children.

The complete letter (at the link) is a greatest-hits album.

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On the Development of Personality and Things Commonplace

Upon turning 30, whether by an unconscious trigger or a biological precedence that has unlocked from within me, I have discovered things that would have been fortunate to know in my 20s. 692 more words

10 Ways to Guarantee You'll Be the Least Popular Student in Your Online Class

Michael McDonald km1136co@metrostate.edu

Have you taken any online classes? Most Metropolitan State University students will have the pleasure of taking at least some of their degree’s coursework online. 800 more words

Metropolitan State


Dear Miss Manners:

I’m in my early 60s — am I too old-fashioned? I miss the days when women wore loose “maternity blouses.”

GENTLE READER: What Miss Manners misses are the days when no one would have thought of staring a lady — pregnant or not — in the belly button.

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