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Monday's Thought of the Day

“It is, indeed, a trial to maintain the virtue of humility when one can’t help being right.”

~ Miss Manners

Thought Of The Day


A young woman asks Miss Manners what to say when people tell her she isn’t Latina enough (??):

GENTLE READER: You might try the boomerang comeback.

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"[S]uper busy year"


We have a super busy year with a wedding and grad party, but my daughter doesn’t really want to waste the time with a grad party because all of our family has to travel, and we want to focus the traveling on the wedding.

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Ask Miss Mariners

If a mermaid asks to visit
How long should you let her? Is it
Still three days, like fish and guests,
Or half that, since she’s aced both tests?


Opinions are like a--holes, everybody has one.

Yesterday, on a Facebook page devoted to traditional custom cars (we know it’s traditional because they spell it with. “K”), someone posted some photos of several vintage Cadillac customs. 305 more words

Hot Rod

Dear Miss Manners

Dear Miss Manners:

At a friend’s party, the disposable glasses he took out for us had our names written on them, though there were just 10 of us.

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Washington Post

The Turning 60 Blues! Or the Best and Brightest Blue Ever!

January 23 was not a date I was looking forward to reaching. I usually love to celebrate, and I love my birthday. But this year was different. 1,167 more words