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wow factor

wow factor

(1980’s | journalese (film)? advertese? enginese? | “appeal,” “oomph,” “oohs and ahs,” “brilliance”)

Whereas “wow” and “factor” both have relatively long and complicated histories, perhaps we should begin there before considering their union. 835 more words


Quote: Good Table Manners

Good table manners are a courtesy to the people at the table…This is how you show respect to your family and your friends.

-Junior Girls Scout Handbook, 1963…

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Social Arts Atlanta

#MusicMonday: An Open Letter to Our Favorite Dance Floors & The People On Them

Hey everyone,

Tony and I have been talking about crowd control and the emergence of the bros (and girlbros) in the underground. We’re trying to figure out what changed in the last few months that has Output, Verboten, and the warehouses all oversold and sporting a crowd we could not possibly care for less. 530 more words



Try Being Humble.

“It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help”Judith Martin.

(Of course, you then have to depend on uninterested observers caring to notice)

Aiken Bloggers

The Honk And No-Honk Zones

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia:  the same brands of cars, equipped in precisely the same way, are sold in both the Midwest and New York City.  473 more words


Finding my people

Apparently, people can tell a lot about me just by seeing me.

I admit that I was wearing my awesome “Black is the New Black” t-shirt today, but I still didn’t expect that to make people know I was crazy. 575 more words

Monday's Thought of the Day

“Charming villains have always had a decided social advantage over well-meaning people who chew with their mouths open.”

~ Miss Manners

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