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How to Behave with a Romantic Partner


Now you may well turn out to be a lesbian, bi or whatever wonderfulness occurs, in which case you must seek help elsewhere for your schooling. 2,402 more words

Right On Time

Months after our wedding, I received an anonymous envelope with a newspaper clipping from the Miss Manners column titled, “Thank-you notes way, way overdue.” While reading the words on the page, my eyes skipped to the underlined portion which read, “They would like to know that you received what they sent you, and that they succeeded in pleasing you. 768 more words

Day To Day

The Diva Edicts - How to Live in Harmony with Your Many Selves, Other Selves, and the Universe without being a Troll

) Good intentions will not suffice. Act properly or stay home.

) Everything requires effort. Some stupid people understand this as “everything costs money.” Don’t think like that. 3,880 more words

Restaurant Birthday Etiquette

I read with some surprise recently a Miss Manners entitled: “I can’t believe they did this on my birthday.” The person who wrote into the syndicated columnist was “appalled” by the restaurant offering him a “large dessert of the restaurant’s choosing with a showy sparkler stuck into it.” 413 more words

Birthday Gifts

When Gift Recipients Show Dissatisfaction

from Miss Manners:

“I’m so sorry you were disappointed. I will not be running the risk of disappointing you again.”

Miss Manners

Old School Obsessions: Etiquette

I’m not sure when exactly I got obsessed with reading etiquette guides. I think it was during my semester off when I was reading voraciously, and found a deeply disposable British Chick Lit series about an etiquette expert who becomes a kind of sort of escort? 445 more words