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On your marks...

Hi Ladies of the College

Here are your blog grades, as promised.

If you commented on the blog, but used a code name, I wasn’t able to attribute that comment to you. 127 more words

English Language

And then the murders began.

Hi all!
And congratulations to President Tanatswa!

So, this was a little game we played in the other class, so I thought you might enjoy it too as we wind down to the end of our blogging for the term! 213 more words

English Language


Hi Class! At last we’re back in business with the blog!
I will be posting all the posts I was sent during our hiatus in one go. 431 more words


Show and (don't) Tell

Hello class!

I hope you all managed with the exercise in “Show, don’t tell” today! There are lots of resources on this topic and I encourage you to have a look around for articles and blogs for pointers on how to improve your writing using this tactic. 257 more words


"C'est Angleterre over there?"

Hi class!
(Easy opportunity for puns there! There’s a reward for anyone who can make the best one)

I hope you had an excellent weekend and found time to meditate on the next writing assignment “Ghost Town”. 644 more words

Miss Roberts