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Phantom trains in Italy

If you ever need to take the train from San Martino Buon Albergo to Verona, or really from any town to a city nearby, double check where you’ll be catching the train. 306 more words



For all I know, you could be waiting for me, to make the first move, and meet you at the scene. To sit, exchange wit, and sip wine in between bouts of laughter. 147 more words


Strobe Lights

It was cool.  Because I was doing my thing and you were doing yours.  I saw you.  But I’m the type to stand back.  Observe.  Gather.  237 more words

To Joseph

Hi, I’m restarting this blog in earnest (and making it public!). I’ve been writing on Tumblr a couple times this year but it just wasn’t the same. 786 more words


Craigslist Missed Connection

It was one of those moments out of a movie.  You know the one.  Stunning girl floats past enamored individuals, heads turning to watch her walk, fittingly dramatic backing track matches the rhythm of her pace, she holds her head high and her back straight, seemingly unaware of her effortless beauty.  127 more words


So this is my sad, sad story: it was a Thursday evening and I was trying to get home from work. I walked to the train station as usual to catch the train to get to the express bus. 1,100 more words


There She Was

You know those moments when the frayed edges of life seem to unfold symphonically, joining together in concert? No? Me either. So, needless to say, I was stunned when I ventured into New Earth market the other day to sign some paperwork regarding the sale of my postcard and I saw her. 107 more words