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Missed Connections...the Game!

Hello friends!

This is the first of a chain of interactive fiction I plan to make. It’s called “Missed Connections”.

We’ve all had those moments when we see someone from high school in Wal-Mart but we’re completely unsure how to handle ourselves. 80 more words


My Love

… Should have been a sunbeam tickling a sneeze
But it was a bitter cold

… Should have been a light cool breeze whiffing away a strand of hair… 58 more words

Missed Connection

There’s a whole section on Craigslist called missed connections. In them, people share stories about connections that could have been, but didn’t come to pass; one time opportunities to connect with a person unknown, unfilled. 90 more words


To The One Who Got Away

I have a freakishly good memory.  I don’t believe anything in life is truly random and everything has some kind of meaning.  Which helps me remember even the most minute detail.  468 more words


Just A Reminder: You Will Survive This Missed Flight

Recently, I got cocky. During bus strike season. In France.

The results were as expected, I missed a flight.

There are quite a few resources outlining resources available if you miss a flight, which I will cover briefly in this post. 1,584 more words


poem- missed

Your eyes glow

when you see me across the room.

It’s been a long time.

You’re still wearing your heart

on your arm.

Once again, 30 more words


How Oblivious It Is

How oblivious it is
The stark isolation
Sitting in the train car
So close we are
To knowing one another
We are lost
In suspension
Robbed of compassion
Can there be human contact
Under blighted emotions
Cheery dreamers
Look out marked windows
Between momentous skies
And contrasting architechtural lines
My hungry phantom eyes
Crave your empathic glance
Deriving a subtle pleasure
Known only to us
A felt smile is hidden
For you touched my heart
In passing
But you shall not know
There are no more greeks
In Greektown
Our past has fled us
Only you know too well