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Craigslist Missed Connection Personal Ad [NSFW]

We were in the checkout lane at Burlington, Melbourne, FL, around 2 p.m., February 15th, 2018.


Me: Tall, lanky, Caucasian male of ambiguous European descent, kind of mutty and shaggy looking, choppy beard, borderline anorexic, stringy and somewhat long brownish blonde hair parted, wearing a short-sleeve shirt that said “whatever” on the front, age anywhere from 22 to 29 years old. 952 more words

To Joseph

Hi, I’m restarting this blog in earnest (and making it public!). I’ve been writing on Tumblr a couple times this year but it just wasn’t the same. 786 more words


Craigslist Missed Connection

It was one of those moments out of a movie.  You know the one.  Stunning girl floats past enamored individuals, heads turning to watch her walk, fittingly dramatic backing track matches the rhythm of her pace, she holds her head high and her back straight, seemingly unaware of her effortless beauty.  127 more words


So this is my sad, sad story: it was a Thursday evening and I was trying to get home from work. I walked to the train station as usual to catch the train to get to the express bus. 1,100 more words


There She Was

You know those moments when the frayed edges of life seem to unfold symphonically, joining together in concert? No? Me either. So, needless to say, I was stunned when I ventured into New Earth market the other day to sign some paperwork regarding the sale of my postcard and I saw her. 107 more words

Jelly Bean Sunday

Dear Jason Wu,

There are far too many Jason Wus in the world, so I hope that this letter will someday be read by the Jason Wu that I’m seeking. 1,524 more words

Creative Writing

Happily Missed Connections

He saw her on the Belmont platform.

The ad said he loved her long blond hair,

Her peaks and valleys, and wanted a chance…

To reach up under her short red skirt. 118 more words

Modern Life