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Memorial Day Weekend 2011: Griz's Death March Through Grayson Highlands

As we traveled north on Interstate 81 the Friday before Memorial Day weekend 2011, the clouds to the north looked fairly ominous.

The forecast called for storms in Southwest Virginia and it was looking like the prognosticators were right. 2,601 more words

Bear Creek Campground

10 Fun Facts About The Coelacanth

Wired reported -

THE COELACANTH (PRONOUNCED SEEL-uh-kanth) is an enormous, bottom-dwelling fish that is unlike other living fishes in a number of ways. They belong to an ancient lineage that has been around for more than 360 million years. 47 more words

Workplaces that will Blow your Mind

A lot can be said about one’s workplace when the highlight of the day is the drive home. Drab coloured office walls, bad coffee and the person in the adjacent cubicle chewing gravel, do little to improve this. 779 more words

South Africa

Bones Found In Africa Pre-Date Earliest Humans By 400,000 Years

A newly discovered fossil has shaken up science’s view of human evolution and could be the missing link between apes and humans: 400,000 years older than the oldest human bone found, the discovery could entirely rewrite our story. 764 more words

History Rewritten

For two decades, neighbors, businesses and trail users have worked together to complete the Burke-Gilman Trail through Ballard, filling in the final Missing Link of the trail. 64 more words

Burke-Gilman Trail