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Deep Sea Cousins - a poem by Kate Rauner

A mass of gel.
Has organelles.
There lives a form
Deep in the seas
That shares some genes
With both of these.
Say scientists who made the find… 227 more words


Who Are We (Becoming)?

Decades ago I heard a talk by Daniel C. Maguire that included a thought that deeply impressed me: that the missing link between apes and true humans is actually us! 647 more words


Welcome to Twilight Calzone!

The Twilight Calzone website has gone through a few phases since its inception in early 2011. At first, it began as an ambitious outlet for me to write analytic essays and articles on various topics. 203 more words


Sasquatch For President Hooded Sweatshirt

Enjoy this hooded sweatshirt of a whimsical graphic design featuring presidential candidate, Bigfoot, with his campaign slogan: “I promise to do BIG things, one FOOT at a time”.


MISSING LINK: Sebuah Perenungan Tentang Sisi Lain Negara Maju

(*Ini adalah tulisan seorang ibu yang mencoba mengemukakan pandangannya terhadap dunia luar dari jendela rumahnya yang kecil, dengan penglihatan dan pemikiran yang terbatas. Seorang ibu yang tidak ingin anak-anaknya kelak terjebak dalam ikon semu kemajuan jaman, sehingga terseret jauh dari jati dirinya, dan akhirnya mengalami kekosongan jiwa.) 1,484 more words

Mutiara Embun Di Rerumputan

Memorial Day Weekend 2011: Griz's Death March Through Grayson Highlands

As we traveled north on Interstate 81 the Friday before Memorial Day weekend 2011, the clouds to the north looked fairly ominous.

The forecast called for storms in Southwest Virginia and it was looking like the prognosticators were right. 2,601 more words

Bear Creek Campground