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Forbidden Archaeology

In 1996, a book was released that posed serious questions about the history of the human race. The book was called Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race and was written by Michael Cremo and Dr. 213 more words

Nick Murphy - Missing Link

Interesting change of pace for him. Really different from his Chet Faker stuff. I still want to see where he goes from here. 7/10.


Legacy or Living the Moment – What is your choice?

What controls outcomes in our life. Is it us? Or is it the Principles that we follow in our lives?

When that question is asked, many would say that outcome is always in their control. 569 more words

Kirukkal Arun

Option-null Love


the tranquillity of heart’s wanderlust,


the natural essence of living deeds


the only mystery to all rationales,


the only fiction for all facts. 186 more words

Kirukkal Arun

Introduction of Rs. 200 notes for ease of transactions.

Reserve Bank of India has issued press release number 2017-2018/528 dated 24th August, 2017 mentioning that introduction of Rs. 200 notes will facilitate ease of transactions. 230 more words


The Missing Link...

Once Palaeontologists get their heads down to  revise classification things start to be seen with different eyes  and everything changes. There’s almost a full acceptance now on the newest reclassification of dinosaurs, that managed to challenge the traditional dinosaur evolutionary tree… we were used to see Dinosaurs as  “Ornithischians” and “Saurischians”. 300 more words

The Missing Link - Introduction

The Missing Link

Chapter 1 Introduction

One always dream about real things like marrying a particular girl, getting a particular career etc. Thus, One and One’s dreams are present entities. 183 more words

Living Life