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PPV: WrestleMania XII Day 4 - Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (5/27/96)

United States Heavyweight Title Battle Royale
Bam Bam Bigelow, Terry Gordy, Steve Austin, Shane Douglas,
Harley Race, Jim Powers, Dusty Rhodes, Ice Train,
Ron Garvin, Kane, Black Reign… 581 more words

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PPV: WrestleMania XII Day 2 - Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA (5/25/96)

Survivor Series: MW Heels vs OV Faces
Ric Flair, Ice Train, Stan Hansen, Ian Richards & Don Muraco
Tupelo Magnum, Mr. Mississippi, Mike Graham, Deliverance & Axl Rotten… 1,024 more words

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The Origin of Life Just Became a Little Clearer

When worldbuilding for a fictional planet around another star, eventually, I have to get to how life arises and evolves on that planet. I will get to that in a future worldbuilding post. 152 more words


Races - Rafa - Part 2 (The Rimeborn Giants)

The Rimeborn

Troll, Choaster

Trolls, Sons of Earth
These giants come from an unknown source, speculated to be Shaitan involvement. What is known of their origin is that the vast majority are deep-inland, usually in mountains or caves, but are occasionally found on islands (or ships that have gone to those islands). 153 more words

Races Of Trimachae

Deep Sea Cousins - a poem by Kate Rauner

A mass of gel.
Has organelles.
There lives a form
Deep in the seas
That shares some genes
With both of these.
Say scientists who made the find… 227 more words


Who Are We (Becoming)?

Decades ago I heard a talk by Daniel C. Maguire that included a thought that deeply impressed me: that the missing link between apes and true humans is actually us! 647 more words