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Anyone else feel like they're missing something?

How are we all doing today?

The rain has finally taken a break where I live and the sun is shining through my bed room window as I write. 1,109 more words


Making an Impact at High-stakes conferences


You are at a conference with ~150 experts in your sub-discipline from all around the world. The purpose of the conference is to advance our understanding by fostering in depth group discussions after provocative talks. 670 more words


Commit to something without having the feeling of missing out?

It’s great and it’s a privilege to be able to travel, to see different countries and cultures and to have friends on all continents. But when will you be able to stay in one place, when will the urge of gaining new experiences become less strong? 215 more words


No one in Heaven envies anyone on earth

Who are the Luckiest People?

I was reading an article by Jon Bloom and he made this comment that just grabbed my attention.

“No one in heaven envies the rich of this world. 359 more words


The more I missed, the more I made


I am overcoming a lot of my fears by directly putting myself in positions where I have to talk about how hearing loss and being deaf has affected my life. 672 more words

Daily Grind

The Gospel of John: John 5

Sorry about the abrupt study last week. I felt that there was a lot in that chapter and I was getting way to easily distracting by going down rabbit holes. 1,014 more words

Bible Study

Someways with Somedays

I watched the neighbours across the street all leave for work today. Through the sheer curtain, I could see one vehicle ,strategically placed at the end of the driveway,  leave as my husband turned the news on the TV. 394 more words