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I’m still confused about pretty much everything. It’s still so overwhelming and defeating.

It sometimes feels like we never existed, but then these emotions, they flood me. 48 more words


another quietude hour

And again,

it was your sweetest memory
that swiftly drags me down
into the darkest realm of 2AM


Hearts And Tears

Dear Dallas,

Today is 6 months (184 days) since you went to sleep and woke up with God. Thank you so much for letting me know that. The peace that gives me is unmeasurable. 514 more words

Don’t Say You Miss Me When You Don’t

When I say “I miss you,” you don’t need to answer, “I miss you too” because it wasn’t a question that you needed to answer. It was a declaration of my fragile heart that I miss you so badly right now. 515 more words

Sometimes When I Think About You, I Think About All The Words I Should Have Said

Sometimes I wonder what you think about when you think about me. Sometimes I wonder if you flip back through the movie reel of your life, replaying our memories, replaying our laughs, replaying all the silly things we used to do as kids, and how easy the world was back then. 662 more words

I Am An Independent Woman, But I Still Miss My Ex-Boyfriend

I’m the independent girl, the one who’s just fine being on her own. I don’t need a boyfriend to hold me together — I can support myself just fine. 388 more words

I Don't Want To Feel So Lonely

As the sun sets, I start to follow my shadow on the pavement,
Everything is quiet for a minute and then the noise hits my ear, 291 more words