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The South Korean boyband has made a comeback with their 2nd full album “Brother Act.” and its title song “Missing you”.

BTOB has to be one of the best Kpop bands creating ballads. 102 more words


Losing Faith

When you are growing up, finding faith in “God” is hard enough. Add some tragedy into that and then you feel like you lost it all. 230 more words


Missing you

I never want to stop making memories with u….

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I Still Wish He Was You

We were friends with restrained love for each other. And by restrained, I mean time-hindered. We were too young back then. But I know our love was so pure and real—something we could consider as forever. 641 more words

Evening Tales- Chapter Two

Nostalgia (12.17.16)

Remember this time? This was the time when we would simultaneously end our conversation in Messenger because you follow your specific routine.

I would laugh, thinking you were too methodical and focused, saying that you were unlike anyone I know, except for my father. 914 more words


Daze daydreams woke dreaming about you walking around like mindless fool

regardless sunshine, gray skies I hear someone singing blues

damn missed hanging out with you at midnight watching flicks on Hulu… 63 more words


As the song goes,

🎶So many things I’d say if only I were able🎶

Like, i miss you, i wish you were here and just… 😑😑😑 6 more words