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Do you?

I wonder sometimes if you miss me as much as I do you



I’m sitting here, my soul bursting into tears. I miss you so much and I dont know why. You abandon me after hours of spilling our hearts and souls out to each other. 72 more words


I miss you

Waking without you was hard today.

If I’m honest it’s been hard, since you went away.

I know how that dog felt, the one that waited. 26 more words


~Happy Father's Day Dad~

I miss you so deeply~

I miss you so much~

The comfort of your Arms When I felt out of touch~

You Wanted a boy to carry our Name~ 104 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Feeling the Loss

I look for her
Around each corner
Listen for her
In the wind
Wait for her
In strands of sunlight
Call out to her
As darkness falls… 33 more words

Bipolar Disorder

We Were Never Together But I'll Always Think of You

It’s a haunting of the most arctic kind, but it’s the wildest type of fire. And it burns through everything. Right through logic, right through sanity, right through all the times you could have had me and through all the times you never picked me, right through all the times you took my body but didn’t keep me warm through the night, right through all the times you never stayed, right through all the time I wished you had. 599 more words

Every time I miss you, my heart cracks a little!! </3

Why is the “soul” the most sacred place of all?? Why is it that i wanna store you right in it (i.e. soul) for decades to come??? 595 more words