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When You Can’t Help Missing Him (But You Hate Yourself For It)

He’s your kryptonite, your weakness and your biggest downfall. You knew he wasn’t good for you from the start, but you couldn’t resist him. He became your realm; he had you from hello. 623 more words

To have and to hold

I am one of those people who aren’t good with sharing details. I know my friends wonder how I manage with babe not being here, but they won’t ask me directly. 189 more words


Missing You

Photo Credit: Johanna Jlungblom

Off kilter days,
two steps behind.
Hazy, out of synch,
since you left my side.



It’s so sad when someone turns all the butterflies in your gut into a wild zoo and can’t even catch a single of them. Sh… 381 more words

My Home Sky

Watching the Sky (Written March 7, 2016)

I have not sat and enjoyed the wind in many a long busy day
I’ve hardly sat and watched the sunset as it turned from red to gold to gray… 210 more words


i am restless
i can’t sleep
images of u fill my mind
soundtracks of ur voice
countinually blare in my head
i can’t sit; i can’t lay… 114 more words


8 Wonderful Things About Long Distance Relationships Far Apart Couples Should Always Remember

I was always against long distance relationships. Being the affectionate, cuddle-craving, flesh-to-flesh-demanding girl I am, I always believed that I could never actually love a person who lived miles and miles away from me. 979 more words