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Day 298: Lost Brothers (Manimaran)

You would have been fifty this year,
Blowing out candles on a giant cake,
Surrounded by all near and dear
Instead, this year’s gift is heartache. 232 more words


It's unfair 

Dear Carl

I’ve woken up this morning and again I’m missing you, it’s overwhelming. I hate mornings – they remind me I have another whole day to get through without you & I have no idea which memories will pop into my head to torment me. 503 more words


Losing you 💔

This is exactly how I feel.

It’s the most heartbreakingly real thing I’ve ever read. I love you x

I Will Always Think Of You When I Think Of New York

When I think of New York, I’ll think about the first weekend we spent there together. I’ll think of Central Park and I’ll remember the hours we spent exploring under the sun. 395 more words

Be back in my Life!

Pretty Girls, all around…

Do you know why I’m still alone?

I hope you know why I’m still alone!


Crushes, not just one…

I adored you more than anyone! 243 more words


I Feel You

I miss you
in my bones,
in my skin and blood.

I feel you
swimming through my body
even though we haven’t touched
in ages, 43 more words


Missing you...

Dear Carl

So yesterday I arranged with some help from a couple of your colleagues/mates your memorial service. It’s going to be as special as you were. 488 more words