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You Fucked Up, Remember That When You Try To Crawl Back Into My Life

I hope you miss me – I hope it haunts you how much you miss me. I hope you feel the a fraction of the suffering and pain you put me through. 637 more words

Your Memory Is My Favorite Lullaby

I miss you mostly at night – I miss sleeping in your arms and feeling your hands grip into mine as if they were made for each other. 540 more words

This Is How It Feels To Miss You

Alone in this house again tonight. Wondering how life has been without you. There are pictures of you scattered in my room and I pick them up, one by one, until I stop at the last one. 445 more words

Painted Pictures

Why do people sell your roll in their lives as a negative one, when you know it was anything but? They paint pictures of you as a negative, bothersome, emotion draining, pion. 850 more words



I crashed into sleep last night,
tumbling down a nightmare of
a rabbit hole, where love was
obsolete and solace was sought
after like a sacred form of drug, 59 more words


Even Though You're Gone

In many ways, you’re still with me. In everything that I do that makes me think of you, you’re still with me. I still tell you about things, if only in my mind. 290 more words

For Jay