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Dealing with long distance relationships for work purposes?

How do you deal with long distance relationships just for work purposes? 

So my boyfriend, someday husband I hope is working currently in Texas for a while. 416 more words


Missing the courage

Did you know that the most amazing thing you can do for someone is to let them miss you? The strength it takes to literally ignore human nature of wanting to be with the one you love is outrageous.  149 more words

तुम्हारे इंतज़ार में.....

गलत और सही की सरहद  के पार ,

दुनिया के उस छोर पर, जहाँ आसमां  जमीं को चूमता है ,

जहाँ  वक़्त पार  है  दिन और रात के ,



Windshield wipers, delay
Screeching sounds
Watching rain pour
On a chalkboard
Rain, rain, go away
Life was sunshine
Shimmered on freckled skin
Accepted and forgiven…
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I Don't Only Miss You.. I Miss Me

Boy I miss you, said I really do, boy I miss you
Now I understand that we’re better together

I miss him. We don’t go to the same school anymore. 308 more words

Missing You Pal!

I wonder how you doin’ these days
It’s been awhile since we parted ways
To be with your company I missed
Days with you are reminisced
128 more words