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Day 6

Dear Love,

My period is late. It was supposed to start this morning. I’m really hoping it doesn’t mean what I’m starting to worry it does. 157 more words



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Being me

What seems happiness for others
is nothing but a vision of fading memories for me
What seems love for others
is nothing but a book full of poems for me… 48 more words


can tell your

in today’s


in drops,
blur the

mend casualties
of time.

© Anthony Gorman 2017

Hands In The Garden

Day 5

Dear Love,

It’s 7:28pm as i’m writing this. On a normal weekday, it’d be just a few minutes before you came home from work. I’d have dinner ready and then we’d sit down, catch up on the day, and watch a movie or show. 149 more words


Waiting to Drown

The tea is cold. And there is noting worse than cold tea that was supposed to be hot, and sooth your voice and warm your chest.  46 more words


Day 4

Dear Love,

You called me yesterday. It was great to hear your voice and see your face. It’s felt like forever, but it had only been 5 days. 179 more words