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When You Left, You Took It All With You

On the day you left me, you filled up boxes and bags with your belongings and said goodbye to our home. When I came back that day, I was not greeted by your normal presence, but instead met with an unmissable absence. 759 more words

"Can you just shut up and kiss me?"

I miss you dearly R. Why am I not better yet? I am starting to get frustrated with myself. During the day I am fine, I found myself again I feel. 468 more words

To miss a thing you may have lost. 

Rocking. Forward, backward. Forward again. Back again. Hair flows onto my face, brushing my check. And I rock. Forward. Backward. It’s rhythmic. But I am not soothed. 95 more words


You Can't Just Randomly Show Back Up In My Life And Expect Everything To Be Okay

You didn’t knock at my door or call me to talk over the phone after all these months of silence. Instead I got a notification from you. 597 more words

All These Years

Thou art gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream. And I seek thee in vain by the meadow and stream.
– George Linley

What if, years from now, I run into you?

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Your Arms Again

Still I lay on my
Side like that night, hoping to
Feel your arms again.


Mothering When Yours Is Gone

This past week I had a visit with an old friend.  We had a conversation about the difficulty of life after losing a parent.  What it’s like to go on having experiences and major life moments with them not being there and able to share them with you.   758 more words

Fun Being You