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5.14: Waking the Dragons

Hello there friends! I hope you’ve all been well since last we met. I just started my new semester and next week I’ll be super busy with recruitment all week so I thought I’d try to push out a chapter while I have some downtime. 2,056 more words

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#NaPoMo - C. Tracy Reads Ahead -

*written after Prince’s “Under the Cherry Moon”*

Question: Does I die in the end?
After I gave you the eyes and you waved me along… 233 more words


5.12: To Romance a Tart

Hey guys, new chapter time! In the last chapter, we recovered from our gift-giving party, baby Starmie was added to the family, the teens attended prom, and Arbok had a birthday. 2,202 more words

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5.11: Unproductive

Hey guys! Sorry for the Kanto spam but I’m super excited to get to the heir poll and I just really wanted to get this chapter written. 1,434 more words

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5.10: A Time of Getting

Hey guys, time for another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Apparently the last post I did was my 100th post and I didn’t even know…I don’t have anything special planned…sorry for being a lame Simmer XD… 2,059 more words

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5.9: Many Successes

Heya guys! Sorry I’ve been sort of absent lately. And even when I have been posting I haven’t been responding to comments. This semester’s been kind of a collection of mini-heart attacks but it’s over now and I have the whole summer to de-stress! 900 more words

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5.8: I Have Siblings?

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! But first, RIP superstar Prince. So many wonderful celebrities have passed this year already, it’s weird… 1,604 more words

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