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5.8: I Have Siblings?

Hey guys! Time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! But first, RIP superstar Prince. So many wonderful celebrities have passed this year already, it’s weird… 1,604 more words

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The MissingNo glitch; why I got interested ib software engineering

Finally my first post about game engineering, I looked forward to it :) Since I posted reviews 3 times in a row, I will try to post about engineering a bit more often the coming posts (I have other ideas), but just be aware that from now on, the contents are going to be new and not pasted from my old one.  2,108 more words

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Opinion Piece: MissingNo. (and Other Glitches)

First off, I would like to apologize for the recent lack of activity. First I was on Spring Break and unable to write, and the past week or so I have been extremely busy with school. 366 more words


Episode 52 Review

Yeah. That’s right. I went there. I canonized MissingNo. I feel it was something that’s just bound to happen, I mean MissingNo. has pretty much become a Pokémon of its own. 187 more words

Ash Ketchum


Classification: ???
Type: Bird/Normal
Does not Evolve

Alternate Forms:

Trivia: This Pokémon is the stuff of nightmares. However, it is impossible to find unless one looks for it.Trainers are warned against catching this Pokémon because there are many known side-effects, including memory loss. 91 more words

Pokédex Entry

Episode 52: The Missing Number

The epic 52nd episode is out now. Read it here.

It all started when Ash talked to an old man. Then his life became a nightmare. 92 more words

Ash Ketchum

5.7: Chess or Die: Vol. 2

Hey everybody! Happy Easter! It’s time for another chapter of the Kanto Legacy! At the pace I’m going, we might be done with this generation by retirement! 1,834 more words

Sims 3