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Who isn't missional?

Fifty years ago people were saying things like “The church is missionary by its very nature”. Now they are saying things like “The church is missional by its very nature”, as if they are saying something new. 717 more words


Learning from mistakes

Which we do learn more from? Successes or failures? We can learn from either. I found one particular failed churchplanting attempt instructive.

I was not a participant but I knew those who were. 857 more words

Old SAMS web pages

Zuze Banda, of the Missiology Department at the University of  South Africa, asked me what had happened to the old web pages of the Southern African Missiological Society (SAMS), as he wanted to use some of their resources. 222 more words


Ascension (s) in Luke 24 and Acts 1

There is some level of debate over whether Luke 24 records The Ascension of Jesus to the right hand of the Father (as in Acts 1) or whether Luke 24 records a pre-figuring of The Ascension in Acts 1. 120 more words


Vanishing articles

The following missiological articles will be disappearing from the web on 26th October 2009. Read them while you have the chance.

Most of them were originally published in… 304 more words


Missiological Musings on "Missio Dei"

The Role of General Revelation in the missio dei

General revelation (G.R.) is the idea that God has made Himself known through the created order and through human conscience. 690 more words


Missiology discussion forum

There is a new missiological discussion forum, which is actually a revival of a very old one. It is a discussion list for teachers, practitioners, and students of missiology from all Christian perspectives. 372 more words