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Who really believes in a trickle down effect?

The trickle down theory, is the concept that if the wealthy are free to get wealthier then there will be a trickle down of that wealth to the middle and working classes so all benefit. 580 more words

Church Planting

How comfortable are you with change?

How comfortable are you with change? Change seems to be the most consistent “unchanging” reality of our lives. We are always experiencing change. Thankfully many (or even most) of the changes we experience are small or gradual – like the steady change in my hair colour to ever more grey! 476 more words


More on Hagar and Ishmael

When I was in my early 20s the incident with Sarai and Abram regarding Hagar and Ishmael in Genesis 16 was taught as a disaster. Sarai and Abram sinned by his going into Hagar. 410 more words

Biblical Theology

Why our discipleship efforts often fail - Logan Leadership

We want people to grow as disciples and make other disciples, yet we often never get discipleship efforts off the ground. Here are five key mistakes to avoid in your discipleship initiatives.

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The 3D Gospel! Good News for Fear, Shame and Guilt Worldviews

Don’t miss this great new video from Global Frontier Missions on the importance of communicating the Gospel in a manner that is truly good news to each of the three major worldview responses to fear, shame and guilt. 7 more words

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