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When convictions and culture clash

Chairs scrape on the floor as several men abruptly get up and leave the room, while others listen uncomfortably…

It’s a warm, dusky evening on a school campus in rural Zambia, and a small group of about thirty men and women are gathered in a simple whitewashed building. 1,058 more words


Why Missions Mobilization is Crucial to Bringing the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.

Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

We believe that missions mobilization is a crucial part of enabling the whole Church to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. 219 more words

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Missiology is a sort of forced word for the study of missions. The word started to come into use between 1920 and 1925. Combine its “forced” quality and the fairly recent appearance and you get a reason why I couldn’t find it on etymonline for this post. 505 more words


All Men are Equally Lost, but not all Men are Equally Needy.

“All men are equally lost but not all men are equally needy” – Dr. Ralph Winter. Missions mobilizers can affirm that all men are equally lost ( and equally loved by God) and yet continue advocating for those who are most needy in terms of access to the gospel. 6 more words

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Is it OK to Prioritize Reaching the Unreached?

Dr. Ralph Winter once said “All men are equally lost but not all men are equally needy” We affirm that all men are equally lost… and we would add that all men are equally loved by God. 109 more words

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A Life Overseas - "But they aren't as smart as I am"....

As a public health nurse working with underserved communities in Massachusetts in cancer prevention, I’ve been greatly challenged as we look at racism and inequality in communities that we serve. 635 more words

Third Culture Kid