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One institut recruts volunteers to simulate life on Mars!

institut recruts volonteers for a one year experiment in order to live as if you were on Mars. Fed up of your collegues and coworkers? TV? 131 more words

NASA’s Plans for Human Space Exploration (podcast)

In the 1960s, NASA had Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo to get humans to the moon.

Today, the agency has the Orion multipurpose crew capsule and the Space Launch System, which could potentially get humans to Mars. 60 more words


Mission To Mars (2000)

An interplanetary mission is launched to the red planet to discover the fate of a scientific team stationed there.

Directorial hack Brian DePalma once again cack-handedly fails to conjure any sense of wonder or tension in this half-arsed space adventure that’s all dry techno babble at the start, giving way to ludicrous alien encounters at the end. 98 more words


Quote of the Week #80: Brian De Palma

In anticipation of the upcoming US release of the documentary film De Palma detailing the life of the famous director, we’ve pulled together a few quotes from some of his more famous movies (all quotes pulled from IMDB): 462 more words

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Character Interview: Leka Melo's Ashley

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Ashley was written by Leka Melo.)

Ashley was definitely not happy. The Captain had come in with instructions that she was to wait at the camp for a visitor from The Writer’s world, who was supposed to conduct an interview with her. 3,338 more words


APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN (2016): New Trailer Starring Mark Strong, Sanaa Lathan & Luke Wilson

Starring Mark Strong, Luke Wilson and Sanaa Lathan, Approaching The Unknown is a new movie about a mission to Mars not quite going to plan… 65 more words


Apollo 11: the men and the moon

“It’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” These words still give people goosebumps when they hear them, such is the impact that Neil Armstrong stepping out onto the surface of the moon had on the hearts and minds of millions. 1,057 more words