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No AG Module? The Aldrin Cycler, of Course!

Zero G Ruining Your Astronauts? No AG Module? The Aldrin Cycler, of Course! of COURSE!

After all my yammering about the importance of an Artificial Gravity (AG) Module en route to Mars (and beyond) ㅡ on Facebook and You Tube – why had no one among my aerospace-aficionado-friends reminded ㅡ or informed ㅡ me that the Aldrin Cycler could all but eliminate the need for an AG Module as it cuts the transit time to the Mars System to 5 months in the shortest windows? 184 more words

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San Diego Composites on a Mission to Mars

Regents Bank is pleased to have helped San Diego Composites, Inc. (SDC) secure new equipment to support its efforts to establish a new market position and outpace many competitors. 495 more words

Retro 51-Mission to Mars

Today I am delighted to announce the release of the latest Tornado Topper, the Limited Edition Retro 51 Mission to Mars. This pen is a tribute to space program and where we are headed in space exploration. 25 more words

Reversing the Paradigm - Water-Breathing Edition

Wondering what I’ve been doing in these last few months? Questions are coming in like feathers off a butterfly. What are you doing? Why haven’t you blogged? 719 more words

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As temperatures in the Middle East soar, the UAE and Boeing have further turned up the heat this week at the Dubai Airshow, courtesy of their…

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Space Research - India


The Indian Space programme began with the setting up of a sounding rocket launching facility at Thumba, near Thiruvanthapuram in 1963. The Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) served as the nucleus for the growth of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). 3,597 more words

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Retro Review: Mission to Mars (2000) @ Infinispace.net

Mission to Mars is a film worth renting for science fiction fans to either enjoy or mock . . . depending on your tastes. And for some of us it’s okay to do both. 20 more words

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