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Review of The Escape Game Nashville

A super awesome attraction known as the Escape Game has come to Nashville and spread like wildfire. An Escape Game is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a one hour. 410 more words

A Trip to Mars

A while back I saw the movie The Martian in theaters. The movie was about a group of astronauts that go to Mars and when one is left behind, he is able to survive. 339 more words

Mission to Mars

Log Entry 1: Day 2

This is Captain William Marshall reporting from the first manned mission to Mars. My arrival on the red planet went as expected. 68 more words

Mission To Mars

Writing {Prompt} ~mission to mars~

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gents!!

Here’s a little bit about me. If you don’t know me, I have a child. Said child is currently 8 years old and his subject of choice is science. 55 more words


One institut recruts volunteers to simulate life on Mars!

institut recruts volonteers for a one year experiment in order to live as if you were on Mars. Fed up of your collegues and coworkers? TV? 131 more words

NASA’s Plans for Human Space Exploration (podcast)

In the 1960s, NASA had Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo to get humans to the moon.

Today, the agency has the Orion multipurpose crew capsule and the Space Launch System, which could potentially get humans to Mars. 60 more words


Mission To Mars (2000)

An interplanetary mission is launched to the red planet to discover the fate of a scientific team stationed there.

Directorial hack Brian DePalma once again cack-handedly fails to conjure any sense of wonder or tension in this half-arsed space adventure that’s all dry techno babble at the start, giving way to ludicrous alien encounters at the end. 98 more words