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Hi everybody! It has been 6months since our previous updates! And our 2012   Loveworkers are back from their Cambodia trip already! Hope we did not keep  anyone  in suspense! 735 more words

Mission Trip 2012

Cultivating Contentment in Uganda

It was Saturday, so Phiona and Robert loaded the children into the van and toaok thaem to the land we have bought nearby. There’s a man who lives in a small shack on this land, and earns a small salary to clear it, dig, plant and harvest for us. 954 more words

Christian Faith

The Obstacles in Helping orphaned children in Uganda

Sometimes in the middle of the night my mind opens up and I lie there awake. I remember it is morning for our children in Uganda. 1,338 more words

Christian Faith

I have enemies.

For so many years my Christian walk was so safe and protected within the walls of my home where as a stay at home mom of four boys I ministered primarily to my family. 785 more words

Christian Faith

I dont' want to chase the wind.

Ecclesiastes 8:15 So I commend the enjoyment of life, because nothing is better for a man under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad.  1,241 more words

Christian Faith

We are Home, and already missing Uganda.

After a month in Uganda I can’t think of a simpler pleasures that would give me more joy than seeing my husband and Jordan at the airport, sleeping in my own bed, or awaking to the sounds of home and my own strong rich coffee. 1,635 more words

Christian Faith

The end of our mission trip

I’ve slept in for the past two mornings and I’m feeling almost human again. I’m sitting outside as I write and listening to a symphony of bird song. 391 more words