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Led by the Spirit. John 16:12-15

Do you know what I mean if I talk about Thy Kingdom Come? From Ascension Day to Pentecost, Christians across Britain, and now throughout the world, have been meeting together to pray that God’s Kingdom will come. 1,774 more words


You might have thought that an Archdeacon would be confident stepping into an unknown church. Surely by now a new building and fresh faces would hold no fear? 1,233 more words

Be on the guard against scams

For The Little Book of Big Scams, published by West Midlands Police, click here.

St Nicholas Boldmere

Poetry in Mission

As a United Methodist pastor I go to our annual business meeting and celebration of life together, every year in June. For my “Conference” we are about 800 churches in Eastern, NC, meeting in Greenville. 1,224 more words

MCM 2019: Chapeau

Part of my running gear is a fluorescent white polyester running ball cap made by UnderArmour. I use it as a sun visor, a sweat guard, and to keep biters and stingers from the top of my skull. 235 more words


The Guardian

The Guardian Tree stood his post on the edge of the wood.  Oh, how he had envied so many of the other saplings when he was in his youth.  266 more words



This video is to show you all that impossible is nothing. From heavy back stiffness and problem in lower spine to this dedication.

Pushing to the limits and testing capabilities. 89 more words