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Mission Mondays: Sacrificing Earl Grey Tea

Every Monday I hope to make this a regular slot where we can bring mission to the front of our minds.

To get us started here is a short article I was asked to write reflecting on some of the simple difficulties of cross cultural work which we saw in S.E.Asia. 583 more words


DayBreaks for 5/25/15 - They Watched Them Die

To access the web page version, click:

DayBreaks for 5/25/15: They Watched Them Die

“Many have been there.  Your grandfather, parents, perhaps aunts, uncles, cousins, sons and daughters – they were there.  507 more words


Four Broad Brushstrokes of Gospel Proclamation

Every summer hundreds of Christians, both young and old, from all over our

island head of on short-term mission/evangelism teams. These final few months, weeks and days before we embark on this experience can be unnerving, worrying and full of questions. 1,165 more words


Michael In Oklahoma - Week 52 - In Which He Wins Monopoly

We’re emailing at the library and only have about an hour, so this email will be shorter than usual.

Monday, we played Monopoly Empire with Boyd and Megan and their kids (I can’t wait until they’re married and I can just call them the Garricks). 1,225 more words

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

Sunday, May 24: The Mission and Presidio #SF

After a bit of a later start this morning (actually rolled outta bed around 9a), I decided it’s time to tackle The Mission.  Why’s everyone always talking about this area?   795 more words


All Together

Key Texts: Acts 2:1-2

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place.

And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 250 more words

Pentecost and Why it's Still Important

Almost every Christian knows the story of Pentecost.  The Apostles were hiding in the Upper Room (The Same one where the Last Supper took place) for fear of the Romans.   1,338 more words