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Keeping Score: A Three-Point Scorecard for Growth

One time during an intense all-night battle of real-estate prowess, my friends conspired to cheat against me in the game of Monopoly. Every time I turned my head, one of them took a hundred dollar bill or swiped a house off of Marvin Gardens or Atlantic Avenue. 619 more words

Army Of Hope

Feature Friday (11/17/17)

“We have to move.” I remember telling my wife this right after getting off the phone with our landlord. We had been renting this townhouse for the past year and now it was forced upon us to move out. 180 more words

Feature Friday

The Unified Mission, Devotion, and Power of the Church - Part 2

What is it that Empowers Believers?

After Jesus’ resurrection and before His ascension, He stayed with the disciples for 40 days comforting and teaching them more about the kingdom of God. 404 more words


5 Reasons To Remember World U.P. on #GivingTuesday

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, I want to share our “Top 5” reasons to support the important work that the World U.P. 530 more words


My 10,000 Peso Day

Blog written in September 2016

The local community here is under siege from nasty strain of influenza. It first attacked our family, and others around us more than 25 days ago, and as it has driven its way through the communities, few households have been spared. 1,099 more words

The Christian mission

Paul testified of the saving power of Christ,and how after he persecuted Jesus and the church he was given a mission.He was to return unto the Gentiles of whom he was delivered from to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness!(Acts 26:13-18). 441 more words


The Challenge of Change

At the end of May, I went back to Provost to visit my Mom for a couple of days. While I was there, I rode with one of my nephews as he was seeding canola with an air drill. 512 more words