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Post Workout GRUB

You work out hard. You feel amazing. You kicked ass. And then you ruin everything you did by letting your adrenaline-high, this feeling of immortality, lead you into the arms of a high caloric, evil temptation. 126 more words


About a Tabby Kitten Who Remembered His Mission – PART ONE

I believe that we all have a purpose or a true calling, which is a reason why we are here.

Our animal companions are no different to us in that they are here on a mission, too. 1,033 more words


World of the Damned

Christ considered death on the Cross as His greatest victory.

Stop reading things like that as religious language with its own sacred meaning. Read that as you would any normal English communication. 360 more words


The Present Educational System


The government is the one most responsible in the formulation and development of an educational system which is not only academic but nationalistic and patriotic as well. 122 more words


A prayer from Calix

The Calix Society is an association of Catholic alcoholics who are maintaining their sobriety through affiliation with, and participation in, the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. 27 more words

Catholic Faith

Junking Individualism

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.