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The Mark Drama: Andrew Page

A short interview with Andrew Page, creator of The Mark Drama. The Mark Drama is an innovative way of experiencing the Gospel of Mark and communicating it to others, performed as theatre-in-the-round. Find out more here themarkdrama.com/


Coming Out - One Post to Find Them All

I wanted to put all of my “Coming Out” posts in one place for easy sharing. Feel free to pass along to friends who are asking questions or friends who are certain they already have all the answers. 123 more words


Planetary Traits of Starseeds


Pleiadian starseed are the most sensitive and emotional individuals. Pleiadians are associated with arts and healing works.

Pleiadians starseeds can incarnate into any human body, although they will feel connections to European cultures for the fact that Pleiadians brought their arts to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. 1,871 more words


What a shocker!

Have you ever heard of ‘culture shock’?

Google defines it as

“the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.”

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[UPCOMING EVENT] How Well Do You Express Vision & Mission?

How Well Do You Express

Vision & Mission

as a Small Business Leader?

Part of the Lead Like A Queen Complimentary Seminar Series

If you are not sure how to clearly express your vision and mission as a small business leader, plant seed for your transformation by learning more and improving your leadership so you’re able to Lead Like A Queen and see more business growth. 262 more words


What is a Life-Long Learner?

Administrators and central office staff love to use phrases such as ‘be a lifelong learner’. However, that is not often defined or explained. This last Sunday, I was reminded of what this means. 268 more words


Live Your Highest Vision Now!

For about a decade now, my mantra and call for action for working with people (colleagues, partners and clients) has been – Live Your Highest Vision Now! 201 more words