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Banks more Predatory than Payday Loan Agencies?

I loved this wonderful blog post by Dr. Oliver-Snyder, Words and Creation. The focus of being quiet and mindful with one another in order to have understanding, peace and grace is wonderful and well put – along with the meditative picture that she created with the wonderful quote. 422 more words

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Two Questions Are All You Need to Start a Missional Community

I’m feeling the bug again…feeling the itch…feeling the call. I’m feeling like we need to do missional communities again in our setting. I’m not sure the time is now, but I feel it is coming. 181 more words

Missional Community

Lying Fallow

It has been about a year and a half since we had missional communities meeting regularly. It was a beautiful thing. We had people in community. 274 more words

Missional Community

Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary use words.

Supposedly Francis of Assisi said those famous words. Likely he didn’t, regardless, those word’s don’t mesh with Scripture’s understanding of BEING witnesses to the gospel. As Michael Gorman says: Witness-bearing calls for interpretation. 164 more words