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Bible Study and the Missional Community

A common question raised by people unfamiliar with missional community living is, So, when do you guys do Bible study?

An MC gathering may consist of a meal and conversation around the table, sharing life stories, praying for one another, a kids movie night, serving in the neighborhood, and yes, studying the Bible. 587 more words

Missional Community: A Case Study

Missional community is a buzz word right now.

The phrase was meant to describe a Christian group who were not just committed to each other, but to Jesus and the lost. 948 more words


Missional: What It Is and What It Ain't

If you’ve read any of my blog, you’ve encountered the word missional.

I admit, I’ve been writing under the assumption that most of you are familiar with the term, so I’ve not invested many sentences in defining or describing it. 911 more words

Building Community on Wyoming Street

“We now understand with the deep weight of our planted souls that community is not a drift. It is purposeful and it is sought after.” 402 more words

Keeping Church Members Happy

Pastor, stop trying to please all the Christians in your church.

Some of you are losing your minds trying to keep church members happy. You love what you do, but at times, it’s more stressful than you suspect it should be. 755 more words

Consistent And Flexible

Over the years, our house churches have sought to live out the mission of Jesus. Living out this mission has not always been easy.  One of the realities that we’ve learned over the years is that there are two important qualities in someone wanting to truly live out mission: They need to be simultaneously consistent and flexible. 440 more words


Life in the Kingdom

I hate to be late to the movies.

If I’m late I’ll miss one of my favorite parts of the movie-going experience: the trailers of upcoming films. 717 more words