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Community Part Three: Three Distinctive Traits of Christian Community

Welcome to Our Third Exploration of the Idea of Community from the Christian perspective!

If you’ve been tracking along with me, you will remember that in… 715 more words


Farewell Colorado!

God has a new assignment for us….in WASHINGTON STATE.

After 2 years in Colorado Springs, Cailey and I will be moving to WA to lead the development of an existing  357 more words


Building a Missional Framework for Your Church

What is the basic organizing factor of your church? What is the framework on which you build your identity and function as a church?

If you examined everything you do as a church—every event, program, ministry, and activity—what would those things point to as your “main thing?” 718 more words


Turn Your Sunday School Class into a Missional Community

What if your church has the traditional Sunday School and you’d like to transition to Missional Communities?

What if you don’t have to scrap what you’re currently doing in order to begin something new? 1,006 more words

Bible Study and the Missional Community

A common question raised by people unfamiliar with missional community living is, So, when do you guys do Bible study?

An MC gathering may consist of a meal and conversation around the table, sharing life stories, praying for one another, a kids movie night, serving in the neighborhood, and yes, studying the Bible. 587 more words

Missional Community: A Case Study

Missional community is a buzz word right now.

The phrase was meant to describe a Christian group who were not just committed to each other, but to Jesus and the lost. 948 more words


Missional: What It Is and What It Ain't

If you’ve read any of my blog, you’ve encountered the word missional.

I admit, I’ve been writing under the assumption that most of you are familiar with the term, so I’ve not invested many sentences in defining or describing it. 911 more words