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What do you do with youth and kids in a missional community?

I remember typing that into a search engine back when we started our pilot missional community two years ago. I was intrigued about the idea of families, including kids, being together in community to follow Jesus. 1,100 more words

How Another Church Understands Their Missional Communities

This is from Redemption Hill Community Church in Auburn, Maine. This was a new church plant, with Missional Communities build into its DNA. While I know that new church starts are challenging and, for all the success stories we read, there are stories of “plants” that never “grew.” Nevertheless, sometimes starting new can be easier than trying to revitalize old systems.   306 more words

Missional Community

Your Missional Community Needs a Vision

Last week I defined missional communities. I answered the question: What is a missional community at Redeemer? Our answer: a missional community is a family of servant missionaries committed to growing as disciples and making new disciples in all of life. 1,663 more words

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Bonhoeffer had “Street Cred" in the Neighborhood

Last Friday (April 9, 1945) was the 70th anniversary of the death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The German theologian and dissident, was hanged for opposing the Nazi regime. 286 more words

Recovering OIKOS

While I read Alex Absalom’s stuff, I have not spent much time considering what he has concerning OIKOS. However, I am swayed of it being a way to understand how it is the church in the first few centuries of its existence was able to spread. 254 more words


Clearly Defining a Missional Community

It seems that nearly everyday I have a conversation about missional communities. I am thrilled that the missional community conversation is continually getting turned up louder! 1,868 more words

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What Is A Fresh Expression?

Well, I’m not so sure what we have going on is a “missional community” as I’m not sure about the staying power of it. And, yet, I’m not sure we have the connection to those outside of the church that the following understanding of “Fresh Expression” provides. 144 more words