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2 Problems With Calling When Even Texting Is Old School – jamesedwardsharp

Why texting won’t cut it. Here are 2 major problems we face when discerning the call of God and some hints at what we can do about them. 12 more words


2 Problems With Calling When Even Texting Is Old School

Do you ever wonder why texting is so much more convenient and yet a far less reliable source of communication? Texting is the Trojan horse of information transfer. 619 more words

5 Revealing Questions For Work Talk

If we don’t regularly evaluate how we respond to conviction, we let repentance become lip service. Let’s look at 5 more questions that may help us navigate our water cooler conversations. 289 more words

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5 Questions To Maximize Your Water Cooler Conversations

It’s time to talk about our speech again. Our interactions as Sent Ones should have a drastically different flavor. And this difference should increase as we progress into the light of the Gospel. 309 more words

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4 Bible Participations You May Reclaim

Here are 4 ways to participate in the Gospel. In Philippians 1, the imprisoned Paul and Timothy felt so connected with the Philippians, as if they were one body. 690 more words

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3 Ways Of Engaging Without Enraging Co-workers

Last week I wrote about Christians as party-ers and how the church has a real reason to celebrate. We discussed a few ideas of how to speak of our exploits of faith. 544 more words

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Total Redemption of Resolutions

If we did a word association exercise with “Total” especially after “Resolutions” the results would be quite misleading. For many of you, it probably conjures up images of Christian success gurus. 503 more words

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