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I am a Remnant because I recognize that I am a descendant of a particular people. 
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I Love What I Do

Don’t allow busyness or tiredness to make you forget the love for your work. I’m not talking about the 9-5 that you hate. I am talking about  191 more words


My Sick Trip 

Friday night my brother and I took an 8-hour bus ride to Quito from Guayaquil to visit missionary friends and attend the inauguration of an orphanage opening up in Cayambe where many of our beloved brothers and sisters both Ecuadorian and American have diligently been working towards. 254 more words


Another Mantra 

Don’t stop dreaming because your vision is coming to life. What happens when God does what he says he would do? What happens after all the hard work pays off? 109 more words


Reflection Time


What a week!

As I reflect on my journey, I remember dreaming of holding children’s hands. Literally. But not just any children, children here in Ecuador. 145 more words


Post-workout thoughts 

I believe in a God that does not work in borders, limitations, or human expectations.

My poetry, creativity, and dreams are not put on hold because I choose to serve God in Ecuador. 98 more words


When I Look at Their Faces..

… the beautiful children, I wonder ‘how can you not love these faces’. I cried after the elections because I thought of the beautiful children who are shamed for who they are in a country that millions go to, leaving everything they know, their families, their culture to pursue a life that promises better opportunities and safety for their children. 294 more words