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Any farmer will tell you that preparing a new field for planting is hard work. The same is true when planting the seed of the gospel in an un-reached people group. 333 more words


Transparency Ain't Easy

It’s easy to write your heart out when everyone seems to be on your side, rooting for you, believing in you, holding you down. I noticed the transparency I preached so often about started getting watered down when I expressed a family issue on my newsletter that I genuinely needed support with. 379 more words


Happy New Year from the City on a Hill (Hooggelegen Village, Worcester, RSA)

Hi! Happy New Year to you, dear reader.

Tony and I have now been in South Africa for two months. While it’s been very cold in Canada, it’s been hot and dry in the Western Cape – with severe water restrictions in Cape Town. 1,802 more words

South Africa

'What Is It Like?' Part 1.

Everyone wants to know what it is like on a day to day basis? What does a missionary do every day? 663 more words



For over a year, my dear friend Melaynie has announced her wedding with her sweatheart Sam. I remember being in her midst at Monroe College as she giggled her day away reading his text messages, and they were just friends. 543 more words


Women for Women: Mind, Body, Spirit.

I was away from La Costa for twelve days! I missed the heat, but no cold weather could keep me away from the medical caravan my sister-friends in Quito were putting together. 315 more words


After 9.5 months in Ecuador, Brooklyn felt my soles on it’s ground. In Bushwick, where I used to play at the pump and stay at my cousin’s home for the summer, memories of my younger days brought me a smile.

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