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Jesus Meets Zacchaeus

<p><a href=” Meets Zacchaeus: A Preview of The Gospel Project for Kids</a> from <a href=” Gospel Project | LifeWay</a> on <a href=”;.</p>


Perspectives 2017

Nick and I are privileged with many opportunities to be involved in global missions. One of the richly rewarding things we’re doing┬áthis year is hosting… 116 more words


It's was a heart breaking privilege.

Apparently around May it’s a Mother’s Day extravaganza in Mexico. There’s Mexican Mothers Day, which was the 10th of May, but it’s the 24th of May and it still isn’t over guys! 564 more words


Meredith is going to Honduras

One of the great joys of raising our daughter, Meredith, is watching the social-justice vein within her grow. Ever since she was very young, she has been concerned with and tested many venues for helping the disadvantaged. 851 more words


Shaken To My Core

The best way to express what saw and felt is to simply write it. Twenty-four hours ago I stood in midst of 25 beautiful orphaned infants and toddlers. 589 more words

Abba' S Love

Upcoming Events for Laurel Hill UMC

You are invited to come join us every week for worship and Sunday School at 1919 New Market Rd in Varina, VA. Our early service starts at 8:45 AM. 406 more words

Upcoming Event

Guinea Trip

So much has happened in the last few weeks, a wedding, we moved out of our rental house and Cameron took a trip to Guinea, a country just south of Senegal. 148 more words