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"Be the Church"

Today was a great example of how amazing “the church” is. Flashback to 2008-2010 when we were first here in Uganda and I was seeking so much to find connection with fellow Christians. 584 more words


February Is Heart Havens Month!

What makes your life full and rich? Is it your involvement in church? Your job? Is it the
friends you go to the movies with, or the buddies who come over to watch the football… 234 more words

Upcoming Event

Book Review: No Silver Bullets

Everyone is looking for the easy answer. Whether it’s in losing weight, fixing relationships, building a résumé, or leading a church the easiest thing to do is find the fix it quick scheme. 479 more words


The Journey thus far

Our journey through fostering and adoption is reflectively not that long in the grand scheme of things. However, it has been a slow, painful, frustrating, heartbreaking, challenging, new, happy and learning experience. 826 more words


St. Croix - Hurricane Help

Hurricane Maria swept through the US Virgin Islands in late September leaving a trail of destruction in its path. I remember vacillating between praying for our friends and the people on the islands, and anxiously reading the latest news reports for a glimpse of what was happening thousands of miles away. 1,052 more words

Baptizing Barbarians

My people were barbarians, just plain dangerous, before Jesus rescued them and saved them from sin. You have to go back a few years because the gospel came to my people a long time ago. 720 more words