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Mississippi Bucket List- Hills Region

Here is the final installment in the Mississippi Bucket List series. Our next Bucket List state will feature Tennessee.


  • Home Place Pastures: This is your chance to visit a working hog farm.
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Mississippi Bucket List- Delta Region

Phew! Things have been a bit of a whirlwind after learning that we will be moving to South Dakota this summer following Andrew’s Call Day placement ceremony at the end of April. 280 more words

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Hidden History: The Prehistoric American Civilizations Destroyed by European Settlers

America Before Columbus

Directed by Cristina Trebbi (2009)

Film Review

Although this documentary acknowledges the arrival of Europeans diminished the Native American population by 90%, it omits any mention of the massacres, enslavement or land expropriation that were the primary cause of their demise. 92 more words

Hidden History

Karma Chameleon - Culture Club

Aujourd’hui, je suis repartie dans les clips du passé avec le groupe Culture Club, et la chanson Karma Chamaleon.

Pourquoi ce clip ? 875 more words


Where to Get a Divorce...When you Cannot Get a Divorce in Mississippi.

It could be IMPOSSIBLE to get a divorce in Mississippi!

Mississippi is one of two States that requires either an Agreement to all issues to get a divorce or absent that complete agreement, requires corroborated proof of fault grounds against your spouse. 258 more words


Mississippi Bucket List- Pines Region

The third region of Mississippi that we will explore via Bucket List is the Pines Region.


  • Friends of Armory Museum Model Railroad Exhibit: I’ve always enjoyed seeing displays of model railroads so this should be neat to check out.
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Mississippi Bucket List- Capital/River Region

Here is a region of Mississippi that we actual visited about a year and a half ago, but I’m realizing as I write this list that there was so much in the area we still missed out on! 404 more words

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