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Another Round of Prickly Politics

Good evening folks, if you are joining us here late at CNN’s Political Sports Center, tonight’s big game of political football is already underway. The Republican presidential field just took the field here in Simi Valley Stadium, promising to, “Win one for the Gipper.” In early action, the Washington Hopefuls won the coin toss and elected to receive. 498 more words

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The Butterfly Effect

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause an earthquake halfway around the world.

We had an earthquake last Saturday evening around 5:30. 427 more words

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Mosaic Plant

I love the pattern that this plant’s leaves make. It really lives up to its name.

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Dick to Dick

Did I really see what I thought I saw? That was Anne’s thought when we drove by the pictured billboard at Newstead and I-64 last weekend. 294 more words

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Are You A Turtle?

“You bet your sweet ass I am”, is the correct response to this question. The origin of this Q&A dates back to WW II where some unnamed American pilots formed a drinking club called the Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, self-described as “an honorable drinking fraternity composed of ladies and gentlemen of the highest morals and good character, who are never vulgar.” Members could depose each other with this question and upon not receiving the correct response expect a drink. 547 more words

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A Prickly Matter

For about a week now, it has been unseasonably cool in Saint Louis and this being the back-half of August that is a good thing. At night, we don’t have to run the AC and can open the windows. 516 more words

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