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Yesterday, Nink dropped from the sky, but you need not worry, because the cloud ceiling was so low that she didn’t have to fall very far. 208 more words

Saint Louis

Home Sweet Home

Before our local TV news finished for the night, they ran a fluff piece describing the local connections to a recent national list of the best places to live. 297 more words

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Vegan Vampires

We were not awakened by a Kelly robo-call, unlike the day before. A call that asked Anne to report to school two-minutes ago. Beam me up Scotty, I’m late for school! 249 more words

Saint Louis

Flight of the Blue Morpho

There’s nothing like a tropical vacation. Needing a little heat and humidity, I dashed off to west St. Louis County on  Saturday–two grandchildren in tow–to take in the fluttering wonder of the Blue Morpho butterfly in the tropical environs of the… 170 more words


Dinner for Two

This year, Anne and I celebrated Valentine’s Day, big time! I had made us table  reservations for dinner at Acero, a nice Italian restaurant in Maplewood. 245 more words

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What Not to Give Your Valentine

Your one phone call — I was on my way to pick up Anne, after school. She was at ECC (Early Childhood Center) also-known-as the home of Egregious Child Crud. 221 more words