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Another Stupa Pagoda

A stupa (literally meaning heap) is a mound-like or hemispherical structure containing relics, typically the remains of Buddhist monks, and is used as a place for meditation. 95 more words

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The Whole Mispocha

We are looking forward to the gathering of the clan. Bubs and Harry, their issue, their grandchildren, a couple of other guys and a new guy will all be in attendance at the cabin this summer. 137 more words

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Bridge Birthday Bash

Saturday night, we made it to the botanical gardens for the second iteration of the Chinese lantern festival. I liked these dandelion sculptures when I first saw them during the day, but they are positively glowing at night. 151 more words

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garden tikka masala

Tonight was magical: a live band playing a fusion of jazz and rock, people basking in the company of their friends, BYOB wine, and snacks. A lot of snacks. 458 more words


Giant Dandelions

Normally, on a Monday, I’m back at work by now, but what with this being Memorial Day weekend I’ll just have to soldier on. After the previous two days of bicycling, both Strife and I were ready for a little cross-training, anything to not get back on the bike again. 469 more words

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